As women, the Sacred Womb is the sanctuary through which we bring our creations into full manifestation through giving birth.

This is not just limited to the actual process of childbirth (though it includes that) but the Sacred Womb is an actual energetic space where we gestate our dreams, Unions, visions, and missions and bring them to full term . It is connected to our Organic Blueprint Architecture.

This architecture can become damaged through miscarriage and abortion, not to mention the loss, guilt and shame that becomes imprinted there through these experiences that compromise the receptivity of our Sacred Feminine.

Additionally, when we are sexually active with a man, not only are we corded to him, but we become imprinted with his karma, his entities (if he has them), his emotional energy and his DNA profile, in addition to the karma, entities, emotions, or anyone he has been intimate with.

If you have been with a man who sleeps around, or you have, this can be quite damaging to the lightbody, and to your organic vibrational resonance.

In fact, often times, in cases like this, we are processing patterns and emotional energies that are not even ours, and in fact can originate from someone we have not even met!

If we have ever been raped or sexually abused, not only does it also imprint us with great shame, and feeling damaged, but it also creates reversal currents in our Sophianic essence that feed Dark and Inverted Anti-Sophia/Christ grids, and can trap fragments of our energy in trauma fields on past timelines, so we are never fully embodied or operating from the fullness of our Potential.

If we are seeking Union, or open to Union, a blank sexual slate is essential for the merging that occurs through Sexual Alchemy. If we are seeking to create and there are reversal currents in the womb space architecture or guilt/shame/grief imprints it can hold all of our good at arms length.

It is also essential to us for anchoring on the True Organic Timeline to free any and all aspects of our energy that have been fragmented and trapped in trauma timelines through the invasion of our Sophianic Essence through rape, sexual abuse and exploitation

The Womb Healing/Sexual Reset is a 30-45 minute session designed to heal your Feminine architecture and emotional body from these types of quantum entanglements and infections, and release suppressed negative emotions in the fields from abortions, miscarriages to return you Zero Point, resetting the womb space so that true alchemy and creation can occur with “clean slate energy”.

In this session, the first 20 minutes will be spent sharing about your experiences or concerns and receiving intuitive counsel and compassionate listening, and the remaining 20 minutes will be spent in the fields providing clearing and recoding based on your individual needs.

Rate: $122

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