Why 2022 is Such a Big Year for Union

Ever wonder why everyone has believed to have met their Divine Counterpart, but so few ever achieved Union? 

In fact, if anything, what they perceived to be their Beloved ended up being nothing more than merely a torturous tryst of toxicity, heartbreak, and estrangement. 

Maybe this has been YOUR story? 

What many do not realize is that up until quite recently, there has been a lot of interference and reversals running on various grid lines, particularly the Michael/Mary grid which was being riddled with Anti-Krystic and Anti-Hieros Gammos technologies that holding Union in suspended animation and working against Divine Partnerships and were instead creating loosh producing circuses of defeat, despair, rejection and heartbreak.

This has included keeping true Divine Partners at odds with one another, sending the Inverted Masculine or Feminine archetype into the life of your Beloved to play “keep away” and create triangulation, or (quite common)mental body manipulation to keep one fixated on someone obsessively and mistakenly believing that cruel, indifferent, degrading, and unloving behavior is all good and is a normal part of the Twin Flame process.

Additionally, so much attack against the Masculine designed to keep him asleep and out of his heart space and locked down in the lower chakra ranges, chasing the things of the world (money, sex, work, porn addiction, inverted feminine archetypes, power), rather than embracing fully his Inner Feminine which connects him to his vulnerability, emotions and Heart Space and the ability to have true intimacy. 

Not to mention we ascend through the heart portal, which is why there is so much manipulation, gender splitting, and sexual misery programming designed to keep the heart shut down through heart break, betrayal, rejection, and other emotional energies that seem to dominate the love stories of so many!

(This has actually been turning around for the Masculine since last year. You can hear more this shift in a webinar I did last year on the Resurrection of the Divine Masculine)

It has affected the Feminine by amputating her from her Inner Masculine, which holds the codes of Truth, and Protection. This resulted in her of incapable of setting boundaries and empowered, asserting herself, taking authentic action. It also created the absence of truth, since Masculine energy IS Truth which subjected her to rampant self deception, being unable to access or even see the Truth.

It also was a breeding ground for astral manipulation, being a doormat, and accepting all kinds of unsavory behavior (from the alleged Twin and others).

Well, the tables are about to turn… 

2022 is a Universal 6 year.  

Numerologically, 6 relates to The Lovers card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot…The Lovers IS the Union Card, and it is also one of balance. 

This balance is taking place within both the Masculine and Feminine, and it is also taking place outside the Self, as the Union templates that were not able to anchor fully previously are now healing to allow the space within the collective for TRUE Union to occur. 

And this doesn’t necessarily mean the person you believe/d to be your Twin Flame (though it can), but it simply means a partner who is your true compliment and is truly ready to build and serve with you, whatever that ultimately means to and for you. 

How exciting is that? 

If you know in your heart that Divine Union is part of your organic timeline, and you cannot help but feel that “something” is on the horizon with this (regardless of what your previous love story has been), then this is an optimal time to take advantage of the remaining weeks of 2021, the Universal year of change and freedom to receive a jumpstart on true vibrational alignment with true Union that doesn’t require chasing down someone who is indifferent, not on the same page as you, or otherwise breaking your heart. 

The Sacred Union Template Alchemy Program contains key codes to unlock you from the consciousness trap of the old Twin Flame paradigm, and primes the field for a True Divine Partner. 

And because the hierogammical fusion of Sacred Feminine and Masculine is THE hallmark energy of 2022, this program is being offered for 1/2 price, through December 31, 2021

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The Collective is finally ready for these Sacred Partnerships! 

Are you?