What is Your Organic Timeline? (and how do you know if your on it?)

A large part of my support as a Healer and Oracle is helping people collapse out inorganic timelines, and anchor onto their organic timeline.

But exactly what is an organic timeline?

Well, let’s begin by breaking down both terms to better grasp what it is that I mean.

A timeline, in its most simplest of definitions, is a trajectory of your life path.

It is simply a storyline of your life that you are creating by way of your frequency, choices, and decisions. It is a sequential series of events that make up the flow of your life over a period of time.

And while we would like to think our lives are static, there are actually infinite numbers of timelines that exist in the quantum field as unmanifested reality.

For example, when deciding what to have for dinner that evening, you go to look in the fridge, and you see ingredients to make salad, and you also see ingredients to make pasta. Because making pasta is too much work and you are feeling lazy, you decide to make salad, and so that is the timeline you choose, although there is an unmanifested timeline in which you are making pasta instead.

In this example, the timeline of having salad for dinner was influenced by your emotional state (feeling lazy and wanting something easy) and the choices and actions you made as a result.

This is why it is somewhat futile to solicit a psychic to read your future, because the future is quite malleable, and is dependent upon our frequency and/or emotional state, our choices and our decisions.

The information the psychic gives you about your future is a probable outcome, at best, which depends on many other factors that may (or may not) be beyond your control. Timelines are always changing, so therefore a psychic can only give you a probable future based on the current alignment, at best.

What does organic mean?

Well, if you use the example given from agriculture, such as organic produce, it indicates something that has grown without pesiticdes, chemicals, additives, antibiotics or stimulants.

Or in other words, there are no unnatural or foreign agents added to the growth process. It is grown and cultivated in its purest state.

So when I mention organic timeline, what I mean is the trajectory of your life storyline in its purest form, without anything synthetic added that is not part of your Personal Blueprint.

It is the unfolding of the “instruction set” that you came into the planet encoded with that holds the codex for what you are here to do, what you are here to learn, what you are here to accomplish, and how and why you have this blueprint to accomplish these things.

This typically becomes our point of focus once we begin to become activated, and begin awakening. It is as though these codes begin to come online and we begin to seek out how to release the toxins, in the form of our conditioning, programming and overlays, so that we can begin to conduct our lives in accordance to the Divine Plan, which is our True Divine Blueprint.

Within this template, or blueprint, is our true Mission codes, our gifts, our Union codes, our true Abundance codes, and everything we need to be, do, and have everything that we have come here to be do and have.

The problem that arises for so many of us is that we have spent years, if not lifetimes, being programmed with corrupted files about who we are, what we are, what this journey is truly all about, and what this life is truly all about.

So much so, that connecting to the interface that contains the blueprint of our Truest Timeline becomes a challenge due to the veil of forgetfulness that descends upon us when we enter the earth plane at birth.

And it is from this amnesiac state that we begin to co-create our lives, and sometimes become so entrenched in the storyline that coming out of these timelines is no easy feat!

Our timelines are many, yet there is one that is the strongest match to our Unique Energetic Signature, and once we have purified ourselves to connect to who we are at a soul level and surrender to the Divine Will, we begin to find that we are able to anchor onto that one with grace and ease.

When we accomplish this, we are then on our organic timeline.

Do we see the end of challenges, and attack, and lessons, and problems on our organic timeline?

Absolutely not.

Our organic timeline is not necessarily the one where we are breezing through life without a problem. There is a part of us in our humanity that doesn’t want to suffer or go through trials and tribulations. And that’s completely understandable.

I mean, who in their right mind wants to suffer?

However, we all must experience hardships of some sort because it is within these challenges that we learn valuable soul lessons, or are presented with the opportunity to shed more of the inorganic structures and templates that have prevented us from truly showing up in our lives in our full sovereignty and empowerment.

How many of you would never have known how to operate from full discernment, if you never went through a situation of being deceived?

Or learned boundaries from being in a relationship where your boundaries were being bulldozed?

Adversity often shows up to assist us in building up some Divine Virtue or another, much like weight and pressure must be used to build up physical muscle when weight training.

How you determine that you are on your organic timeline is by first being honest with yourself about your life and asking: Does this feel right?

There is something synthetic and off about how we feel in our lives when we are not on our organic timeline.

Our relationships don’t really feel like “us”. Where we live doesn’t feel like “us”, and there is an over all feeling that you are a round peg in a square hole in just about everything you do.

You constantly feel like there is somewhere you need to be, and where you are “ain’t it”.

Things tend to not flow when we are not on our organic timeline, but even if they do, it still doesn’t feel “right” and you are not accomplishing, doing, or being anything that you are meant to do or be.

There is this overshadowing feeling of being a supporting actor in someone else’s movie, whether you can identify who the “someone else” is or not.

How can you begin to anchor on your organic timeline?

The first step would be surrender to Divine Will.

For many of us this can be scary, because deep down we think the Divine Will is going to be less than what we are hoping to create for ourselves, and we refuse to give up the driver’s seat when in all honesty the opposite is usually true.

What we envision for ourselves and what God/Source actually has for us is typically night and day, and since we live in a free will Universe, we are free to “have it our way”, often times to our detriment.

Misalignment happens when we attempt to “micromanage” God/Source by imposing our will, which is what we want, how we think it happen, and when it should come into play.

I recall a story that a woman shared with me some time ago about how in love she was with a young man whom she believed whole heartedly to be her Twin Flame.

For a couple of years they shared an on and off relationship, where he would vanish into thin air on her, leaving her heartbroken and devastated, yet she would continue to chase him, and reel him back into the relationship, only for it to happen again.

They went on like this for a year or two, then finally they experienced a shift and moved in together and became engaged. She was ecstatic to be “in Union” and finally things seemed to be going her way.

Then all of a sudden after a few months, he told her he could do it, and this didn’t feel right to him, and he broke things off with her and moved out. And disappeared again.

She cried out to God, asking “How could you do this to me? How could you give me what I want then allow it to be snatched from under me?”

God spoke to her heart and said, “Beloved, I tried to take this man out of your life several times, and each time you willed him back in.

I share this story to highlight how we can definitely have it our way, and disregard the strong signs we are given that we are going the wrong way, becoming blinded by unmet needs that emanate from our Pain Body and what we think it is that we need.

We are free to do that.

We are also free to surrender to the Divine Will that is the GPS of our Divine Blueprint, and organic timeline and bypass a lot of needless bullshit.

The choice is always ours, but do know when things are in alignment for us, we typically do not have to struggle, push, and force to make them happen. If we are doing this, chances are we are not on our organic timeline, and are chasing after something that is not on our organic timeline either.

The second way to anchor onto our organic timeline is to become truly focused on our mission. We are not necessarily here on the planet at this time to live a posh and comfortable lifestyle full of stuff that we cannot take with us. We are here with a very detailed contribution to make. When we prioritize this contribution, or mission, we are often graced with all the other things as a by product.

Or as Yeshua once said, ” Seek first the kingdom, and everything else will be added unto you as well.”

As lightworkers, starseeds, and ascending humans, our primary job description is building the New Earth Kingdom in some way. When we make that our highest priority, abundance, soul tribe, and the like usually find us effortlessly, and organically (naturally).

If you have no idea what that mission is, being a channel for Love and Truth and other Divine Virtues right where you are now is always a good starting point.

The third way we can anchor on to our organic timeline is to diligently work on releasing our programming and other inorganic structures that are nothing more than extraneous and detrimental inserts into our Blueprint Templates, much like removing malware from a computer.

This is something you can work out on your own, or enlist the support of a trusted and ethical healer or Lightworker. For most, it usually involves a combination of both at various junctures of your journey.

This one is truly essential because many of us are operating from frequency broadcasts that are not a vibrational match to our Soul Essence, and this is running all the way back to childhood, and in some cases, for lifetimes, or is the direct or indirect result of multidimensional negative interference.

When we are printed vibrationally in this way, we create and resonate with realities that hold corresponding energies, and as a result manifest timelines with a certain tone, which is the tone of the imprint, and not our Blueprint Template.

Diligently working on clearing these out and creating a sealed container within our lightbody enables us to maintain an alignment with our Truth, and essentially this is that our Organic Timeline truly is. The story unfolding from our Truth.

Finally, we can ask God/Source directly to anchor us on our True Organic Timeline.

Remember the old adage, “Ask and you shall receive” ?

If we ask with a sincere heart and affirm daily that we are on our organic timeline, we will find changes in what we are guided to do, what collapses from our lives, and changes we are guided to make begin to also flow within our awareness, sculpting the landscape of our lives.

So what do you think? Do you feel you are on your organic timeline? Or do you feel like you are living a lie or a half truth?

If not, take heart. Timelines are malleable, and being on your inorganic one is not a sentence.

True empowerment begins by realizing that you can create change at any time, and there are always doorways off of non beneficial timelines that we can access at anytime, and experience True Transformation.