We all reach a point on our journey where uncertainty, confusion, and making choices aligned with our Blueprint becomes muddied and hazy. regardless of the reason.

Validation, confirmation, and a sense of direction is sometimes the difference between alignment and defaulting into old defunct realities.

And while the answers exist within each and everyone of us, there comes time when we must seek outside of ourselves because our level of access has either not come on line, or is compromised for what ever reason.

It is here that I offer my services as an Oracle to tap into your timeline using tools to provide direction and guidance that can bring the peace that comes in from having information channelled right from your personal soul blueprint.

Video Intuitive Readings feature a video recording of the cards coming up for you with downloads about your situation as it comes up. Reading length can be anywhere from 30-45 minutes, depending on what comes up. Turnaround time is between 3-10 days and is delivered to your inbox in mp4 format.

Before you book, please read the following so as not to waste your time or mine:

  1. Upon receiving your payment, please send an email to sonja@sophiareturns.com providing a paragraph or two of your situation and what you need guidance on. Please put Video Reading in the subject line.
  2. Please refrain from asking yes/no questions. To receive the best guidance, please use wording such as “What do I most need to know to navigate this situation to manifest my highest good”, or some other open ended format to receive guidance in a truly helpful way.
  3. Remember, turnaround for your reading, depending on how many I have at a given time can be anywhere between 3-10 days upon receipt of payment. Video will be sent to the email you used to pay for your reading.
  4. A good intuitive reading will uncover what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know. My readings are designed to empower you to confirm what you already know or illuminate what is hidden that you may not be accessing or seeing, but it always comes with confirmation. It is not designed to take the place of developing your own organic source connection, or taking responsibility for having one. If you habitually give away your power to readers to “tell you what to do” we are not a good match because my MO is to empower you, not lead you by the hand. Understanding this is extremely important.
  5. Please note that nothing is ever etched in stone. Timelines are infinite, and are largely dependent on what you choose to do. If you are looking to see what the ultimate outcome is in a given situation, I can only provide insight into what is unfolding based on the current alignment at the time of the reading, including (and especially) what you most need to do, know or understand in order to do your part to bring it into manfestation. In this way, this is not “fortune telling” based on outcomes you want to see, but is a map of the plots around you and your role in them to align with and manifest your highest good.
  6. All readings are delivered to the email you use to pay in mp4 format and can run in timing from 30-60 minutes depending on how complex your situation and how much comes through.
  7. There are no refunds on any reading, but if you are not completely satisfied, I would be willing to redo.
  8. I do not tell you whether or not a love interest is your Twin Flame or “the one”. Please do not ask me this or I will refund you immediately.
  9. Please do not ask me to extensively tap into the fields of others involved with the situation, or to perform readings to determine if someone is interested in you or how they feel. This is psychic intrusion into the energies of someone who has not asked for it, and I do not violate others energies in this way. If there is stuff going on with others involved, that will come through organically but I do not connect to anyone’s higher self to channel messages from them to you.
  10. If you have an aversion or fear of multidimensional or Dark attacks, black magic and manipulation, we are not a good match because I will tell you if this is at play in your situation and will provide pointers on what to do to empower and shield yourself if this seems to be part of your issue.

Investment: $177