Unlocking Consciousness Traps

You may have heard it said many times in the spiritual community that our thoughts create our reality.

This is a bit of an oversimplification, because if you notice, not everything that you think necessarily happens.

In fact I have had many occasions when I have had a particular thought that did not manifest, and many times the complete opposite happened! I am sure you have too.

I have found that it is not so much our thoughts create our reality, but it is much more accurate to say that our beliefs shape our reality because our beliefs then become the lens through which we view our entire world.

Someone who believes the world is a horrible and unsafe place will live their lives in fear and apprehension, and see that reflected back to them, unlike someone who knows they are truly Divinely Supported and guided in all things.

This is not to dismiss the importance of our thoughts in this process because thoughts are like the seedlings of our beliefs.

Thoughts are a neutral information packet that we bring to life through our agreement that they are true.

When we give our agreement away in this way, it gives birth to a belief, which over time becomes a template, which in turn (depending upon the nature of the belief) can become a consciousness trap.

A consciousness trap is simply a belief that we hold to as the truth, even though doing so is working against us (whether this is readily apparent or not), moving us out of alignment, or otherwise not truly working for us.

This is why if we are to truly anchor Spiritual Sovereignty, Empowerment and Freedom, we cannot do so unless we are willing to reassess our beliefs, keep our mind open, and allow for organic expansion into new and higher levels of truth.

As you may have heard me say many times, anything that is alive is growing, and one of the most fundamental signs of growth is change.

When we are 4 years old, we might believe that the water in our tea party set teapot is truly tea, but at 8 years old we no longer believe that because we know better.

As you reflect, I am sure you will find that what you believed a decade about yourself and life and what you believe now are like night and day, as your perspective changed through life experience and inner growth.

Imagine how bizarre it would be at 44 years old holding a tea party with stuffed animals and pouring imaginary tea and believing it is real!

And in a similar way, what may have supported us, been helpful, or true at one point in our spiritual journey may keep us locked into a vibrational bandwidth that keeps us spiritually stuck and stunted, if we are not willing to explore what it is we believe and why, or open up to additional layers of truth.

This is essential, because as we accelerate into and onto the New Earth Timeline and the frequencies update themselves, many things that we may have learned even a few years ago may be obsolete, or the trajectory may have shifted and that information is no longer relevant.

Even second hand information is becoming obsolete, for as we ascend the guru/devotee relationship is collapsing as individuals are empowered into their own vertical connection to Source and Light information, instead of outsourcing their information to someone else who “has all the answers”, when in truth, no one has YOUR answers but you.

This is also the primary way in which we become stuck in consciousness traps, by delegating another outside of ourselves to do all of our spiritual “thinking” for us and we just go along with the ride because it “resonates” (more on that in a minute), and in doing do we give our Power away.

Giving our power away is the very antithesis to Sovereign, Empowered, Free living and being.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are always going to be times when we need information, teachings, and the codes of another to support us in our journey, no matter how far we feel we have come along. Expansion never ends, and it is the downloads and gifts of another that may be key to supporting us into Higher States of Understanding.

Interdependence is part of the magic of this journey, after all.

But Consciousness Traps begin to stifle our growth when we refuse to question what we believe, why we believe it, and if it is in fact is truly serving us and working for us.

Many times, it is information (which basically consist of the thoughts of another) that we have give our spoken or unspoken agreement to as being truth for us…and then we stay there because it is what we are “supposed to believe” and then we become enmeshed with its templating and all that goes along with it, many times to our emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical detriment.

A good example of a consciousness trap is the popular new age belief that emotions such as anger, and sadness lower your vibration so you should only focus on what is positive.

What this belief does is it hinders us from the fullness of the experience of being human and causes us to gaslight ourselves by invalidating our true feelings and stuff them down.

(On a side note, how much does this truly differ from the external gaslighting we received around how we truly feel and what we truly need in our toxic and dysfunctional family dynamics growing up?)

In this act of “auto-gaslighting”, we are disempowered from receiving the true healing that we need. Our feelings are our internal alarm system that something is wrong, and any time that we are being taught that there are certain ones that we need to ignore for any reason, then we do ourselves a huge disservice as we stuff those emotions down “somewhere” (where they will reappear elsewhere at some point, often in the physical body as dis-ease)

One of my beloved Ascension Mentors once said that ascension is 90% emotional healing.

How can we heal something if we won’t even look at it, acknowledge it, or write it off as something low-vibrating?

And since I mentioned anger, can I just say that anger is one of the biggest signs that our boundaries and personal sovereignty has been breeched. Anger can be the catalyst for change and transmutation, hence why anger is often symbolized by fire.

The element of fire is an alchemizing agent, which breaks down complex forms into something simple, much like it will burn a log down into pure carbon.

It works in a similar way in our lives, depending on how we channel it.

Another one that you have heard me talk about in my work with Twin Flames is the belief that the Twin Flame relationship includes a dynamic called running and chasing.

The popularly held belief is that running and chasing is a normal natural process of Sacred Partnership. Or in other words, it is somehow a blessed and sacred thing, for your partner to reject you and ignore you and you continue to pursue them and pine away for them, even if they show no signs of reciprocation, because it is part of the process.

In my many years of supporting Twin Flames, I have seen many set themselves up for tormenting cycles of Narcissistic Abuse-related devalue and discard, throw away many years of their lives waiting and waiting, and become held hostage in inorganic timelines set in motion by the False Twin Flame Program Interface, and block out a partner that actually wants to be present and available in their life through this belief system.

And they unknowingly do this through this Running and Chasing Consciousness trap, without exploring this matter further, or even asking: Does it make sense that Infinitely Loving God/Source demand I suffer excruciating rejection and heartbreak just to be in a relationship as some sort of requirement or rite of passage to Union?

The truth of it is, God/Source wouldn’t “do” this.

Who actually would is an entirely different matter, but I will say that deeming rejection and desertion as Divine Sacred Love is an Inversion, and there are malevolent beings who work entirely on pumping inversions into the grids of the collective, but that is the subject matter of an entirely different article.

We will save that one for some other time.

And while we are on the topic of consciousness traps, I want to talk a little bit about the danger of the statement “take what resonates and leave the rest.” or tendency in spiritual circles to only agree to what makes us “warm and fuzzy inside.”.

The reason why this can be detrimental is that when we are stuck in a consciousness trap and we are unaware or vehemetly consciously or unconsciously clinging to a belief system, we develop a bit of confirmation bias.

This simply means when we come across information that confirms what we already believe (again, without exploring the implications of believing it), we feel good about it.

But if something challenges that belief and we don’t like it or fear it on some level, we say it doesn’t resonate.

What we often are actually doing when we say something does not resonate is shutting down because it has triggered us in some way.

I will be the first to say that some of by biggest shifts in consciousness have come by way of information that has deeply triggered me that I immediately shut down, but the more I committed to my Organic Ascension Timeline and expansion, the more additional confirmation, downloads, and understanding that came in, and I was able to change my beliefs and experience even more shifts.

Being triggered doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the information you have come across.

It could very well mean that there is a part of you that is resisting change and because the information could bring about change, that part of you immediately dismisses it as “not resonating”.

If we are truly surrendered to our Organic Ascension Timeline and Spiritual Growth, the wisest thing we can do when something doesn’t resonate is sit with the information for a while and ask ourselves if it is a knee-jerk reaction to our own cognitive dissonance and the discomfort that creates, or is this truly not for us.

If we can do that with an open heart and open mind and ask God/Source and our Higher Selves for more clarification we might find a new door opening for us.

Consciousness traps are comfort zones constructs for the mind.

They serve as reality bubbles that the Lower Mind sometimes guards ferociously to maintain its position., but what it really does is continue to enslave you and lock you down in timelines and in patterns that keep you stuck.

We unlock these traps through the Sword of Truth, which largely comes in from our Inner Masculine.

Our Inner Christos, or Masculine holds the template of Truth, and utilizes this Sword to protect us by popping these reality bubbles when they are not aligned with our Individual Blueprint, or when they have served their purpose and are now way beyond the expiration date.

The truth sets you free but sometimes pisses you off a little….(or a lot) at first.

In closing, Consciousness Traps can lock us down in ignorance , which by definition means the state of being unaware, or lacking knowledge and information.

One of the most powerful quotes I have ever heard about ignorance was made by Ameen Rahini, Lebanese-American Poet and Activist:

” Ignorance and fear are twins whose mother is slavery and whose father is oppression…”

And while the terms slavery and oppression may come off as a bit extreme, especially in the context of this blog post, what is slavery but the complete polar opposite of Freedom?

If the reality we are creating by consciousness traps keep us from experiencing the fullness of our Divinity, Personal Empowerment, and the next level of Embodiment of our Own Multidimensional Avatar Self, then we must break free.

If we are stuck in a timeline that is inorganic, we much break free.

If we are not thriving and feeling good about where we are, we much break free.

The prerequisitie to breaking free is to first determine what we are in bondage to.

What do our mental confinements consist of?

This requires humility, honesty, a willingness to grow, and expand into higher levels of spiritual mastery and enlightenment.

Anything that is growing is changing. This includes us.

This includes what we believe.