In this session, I provide compassionate witness, grounded advice and intuitive counsel to assist you in navigating and Twin Flame Challenge. Occasionally, and as guided I may use tools in the form of oracle cards to really pinpoint what is coming in from God/Source, your Higher Self and Your Teams. I do this from a space of neutral observer to provide guidance and clarity about how to navigate a Twin Flame situation/relationship and to process the emotional triggers and challenges that arise.

Session Cost:

1 hr: $ 222

Bundle of 3 Sessions: $597

**Important**When booking please be advised:

  1. I do not tell you if the person in question is your Twin Flame or not, so please do not book hoping to obtain the answer to that. However, what I will do is unpack any distortions I pick up within the situation and empower you to put the pieces together so that the situation either comes into alignment or you release it altogether. R
  2. I do not tell you whether or not you are going to be with this person in a romantic relationship. In other words, this is not an intuitve reading designed to address specific outcomes that you want to see happen, even if it may not be in alignment for it to happen. Remember you have free will, and so does the other party, so to be able to see an outcome within this dynamic is difficult because there are so many variables. That said, please do not book with a list of questions about future events, as I can only tune into the timeline the way it is currently structured, while providing guidance about what is on your end to do to align with the Highest Outcome. I cannot predict what another person is going to choose to do, neither can any psychic/intuitive.
  3. I do not “connect with your Twin Flames Higher Self” to channel messages. I personally feel this is psychic intrusion to hack into another’s field without their permission and consent, and find this approach to be somewhat unreliable for the most part because if an individual is not connecting to their Higher Self, or have the capacity at the crown chakra to do so, whatever their Higher Self is saying is not important because chances are they are in disconnect from that guidance anyway. Along the same lines, I do not perform field work on behalf of your Twin Flame or anyone else involved with the situation.
  4. Please do not email me with pictures of your Twin Flame, their wife/husband or anything of this nature to read their energy. This violates my personal ethic as a Lightworker to intrude into someone’s energetic space without their permission.
  5. Please be prepared to hear the truth as I am getting it. I am commissioned to tell the Truth, which may not be what you want to hear, but what you need to hear at this time. I encourage you come to the space open to the guidance that is most needed to map out the situation.
  6. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of negative entities, tags, implants, and hyperdimensional manipulation, please do not book this session because if I am shown that there is an issue with this in your situation, I am going to tell you and empower you to overcome it and/or recommend activations to support you with it (free of charge)
  7. I do not do energy work in this session. If you are in need of or want to receive Lightbody clearing, please book the Personal Alchemy Session.
  8. Upon booking, you will receive an invoice for the session within a few hours. Payment of your invoice confirms your booking. If you do not pay the invoice within 24 hours, your booking will be cancelled, no exceptions, unless you email me to make another arrangement. That said, if you are in a challenging situation financially and really need the session, I am willing to set up a payment plan of 2 payments, one due within 24 hours of the booking, and the other due before within 24 hours of your appointment date. If you need this option, please let me know on the booking form.
  9. You have the option of meeting via Zoom or Phone. Please note that recordings are not available for the latter, so please keep that in mind when you book your Appointment.
  10. Please be sure of your commitment to the session work, as I do not offer refunds on sessions, unless they are made 48 hours or before your appointment date.

If all of this sounds good and you still want to move forward, please use the link below to book.

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