Turn On Your Heart Light

Revelations on the Preparation Phase That is a Crucial Component to the Universal 6 Year

Many of my downloads and insights are inspired from passages and stories from the Bible. Because of my Christian background, and because there is so much Truth in the Bible (especially the New Testament), my Higher Self often uses those parables and verses to bring in revelations, as Truth can be found anywhere if we are open to receiving it.

Recently a parable came to mind that brought a strong message for those on the Christos Mission about the urgency of “getting our heart house in order”.

In fact, the current Venus Retrograde in Capricorn was supporting us in this process (among other things) as the Capricorn energy took on the role of the strict, no-nonsense school teacher. Venus, as our Heart Energy, in the presence of the strict no-nonsense school teacher has created this demand that we “re-check our work.”

The re-checking of our work has manifested as many tests, initiations, and re-visting of old wounds around love, money, our values, our self worth to make sure we really got the memo about the distortion, beliefs, and programs that were manifesting as limitation, disempowerment and struggle around these areas that has been quite intense since Venus Retrograde began back in late 2021.

It also required of us to explore any limitations and restrictions on our heart energy, which is a powerful gift entering into 2022 because the Universal 6 Year is all about Embodying the Heart on many levels.

So recently, what came into my heart from Spirit was a parable from Matthew 25 about the Wise and Foolish virgins. I was all too familiar with this parable from my Christian days, but Spirit used it to show me a powerful truth about 2022.

If you are not familiar, in this parable there were 10 virgins preparing for the return of the Bridegroom. The five wise ones had oil in their lamps, and the five foolish ones had no oil in theirs.

When the Bridegroom showed up, they all went out to meet the him, the five who didn’t have any oil in their lamps were disregarded and the five who did were rewarded.

In Christian religion, this parable is taught to be an allegory for the return of Christ, but I was given a very different understanding about this message in the context of the times we are in, not just in the Universal 6 energies but within the New Earth Timeline itself.

The overall theme about this parable is one of preparedness.

And what was revealed to me is that in 2022 there is a bus of enormous magnitude coming…and we are being called to not miss that bus.

And what this bus is is The Light of the Christos to take us into entirely different timelines, into Unions, into scenarios that are much more aligned with our True Soul Frequency which in turn bring Joy, with expanded mission templates that support what we are truly here to be, do, and build.

After all, the Planetary node shift into the Taurus/Scorpio Axis have opened up new possibilites around wanting and having. And how much we want change depends on the level of consciousness and actions we take to make way for those changes so that we can have them.

The Bridegroom also in many ways represents the Divine Masculine, who is the Truth of God/Source and with the Revelation of Truth, there is great freedom.

I also feel it represents the literal Divine Masculine in the form of the Sacred Unions that many have been open to magnetizing, but for so long these efforts and relationships were either being sabotaged by anti-hierogammical hyperdimensional forces that were either decimating true Unions, or creating harmful thoughtforms manifesting as the very insidious Twin Flame Program, among other things.

All of this said, there is an urgency I am feeling in the fields around the need to be in a state of preparation because the Bridegroom is on his way, however, many of us are in the camp of the wise virgin, and others in that of the foolish.

An interesting note to bring up is that the word wise or wisdom in the Ancient Greek is translated as Sophia (can’t make this stuff up) which is Gnosis or knowledge, more specifically Knowledge of the Divine, and so embodying gnosis and strengthening our God/Source connection plays a huge role in getting to this bus on time.

On the flip side of this, being foolish, as it was shown to me, is not so much as foolish as in idiotic as much as it is being unprepared, or the opposite of wisdom that comes from not having that connection with the Divine that creates an environment for gnosis to thrive.

The Foolish/Unprepared are those of us who run a great risk of “missing the bus” because our Lamp is out.

And the lamp is the Heart…or what I sometimes refer to as the Heart Light.

So many of us have had our “lamp snuffed out” through repeated cycles of discouragement, False Twin Flame disappointment, struggle, rejection, disillusionment and repeated running after what we thought was “real” only to find ourselves running into a mirage so many times, that have conditioned us in ways that we cannot connect to our power, our true identity, our birthright.

If you notice, the imagery here is one of virgins, which signifies innocence and purity, and this is us at our Zero Point State, our true essence before we were programmed with the illusions about who we are.

The wise ones with the Gnosis laid hold of this, the foolish ones without this gnosis did not

And so, with the snuffing out of the Lamp, we have bought into our smallness, our unworthiness, our programs or current station of identity as the end all be all of our experience. We have manifested personal realities based on have to’s and should’s regardless of how joyless it truly is.

We have called someone showing no interest in us whatsoever a Sacred Partner and are satisfied with occasional crumbs of affection rather than someone sincerely showing up for us.

We have outsourced all of our information and guidance, because we believe we cannot connect to it ourselves. We have magnetized realities and relationships that reinforce our perceived limitations and explained it away as “just the way it is”.

We have put the dreams and ideas that truly inspire us because they are wired into our Blueprint on the backburner to “make a living” and be controlled by our survival programming.

So many ways our Empress Template (Divine Feminine/Sophianic Essence) Template has been inverted, and, as a result, snuffed out the Lamp of Our Soul.

In this state we are not truly able to truly receive from God Source, who is within us, which in turn makes it very difficult for us to sometimes fathom that these incredible dreams and visions we have are potential timelines waiting for us to show up on them and breathe life into them!

The Lamp signifies the openness and receptivity of the heart portal to truly be love and seen and bloom within the energy of Devotion. Devotion is fertile soil for security, particularly when the source of the Devotion is truly for us and Loves without condition. This Devotion in this pristine state comes from God/Source and calls for us to embody.

If we return to the archetype of the Bridegroom, when you think about this in a 3D kind of way, a Bridegroom is someone who has committed to us completely and fully.

They are prepared with rings, which are symbols of promise, of commitment.

The energy of Devotion is there.

The Heart Lamp being open and lit denotes the receptivity to that Devotion through and open heart portal.

If we have been beat down by promises being broken, commitments to us being sometime-y (or non-existent), the heaviness of the Pain Body works as a damper, snuffing out or Heart Light.

And not only that, but it is the Heart Intelligence that enables us to navigate fully in alignment with our Organic Soul Blueprint and timelines. It is utilizing this GPS system that enables us to anchor those higher timelines both personally and collectively.

Or in other words, find our way to the bus on time.

This is why it is of the essence for us as we enter into 2022 to re-ignite our Lamps, re-check our work through all of this retrograde energy to make sure we are truly paying attention to the feedback in the mirrors of our lives about our ability to receive and give Love and let go of the past as a point of reference about what it possible for us.

In fact, the download I was given for 2022 was the year of embodying the heart, for this is what Universal 6 energy calls us to do, because getting on the bus is merely a byproduct of living within our Heart Intelligence.

And just what is Heart Intelligence?

Heart Intelligence involves being connected to and living from the Heart Portal in such a way, that we allow it to guide us like a GPS system that allows us to navigate our timelines as embody our core essence there.

If you think of your organic timeline as your True North, the Heart is the Compass.

And like any compass, if it is not correctly aligned with the True North, then the result is…well, getting lost.

Or what I refer to as the Labyrinth, which is when we live our lives in a constant state of wandering around, never really being certain about anything, circling around in the same ol’ same ol, always hoping this is the way out, only to hit another dead end.

And because all of this emanates from the heart, it is more important than ever for us to make sure there is oil in the lamp, so that we don’t walk right by the Doorways to our Highest Possible Timelines because we are looking through the eyes of our woundedness, lack programming, past hurts, and childhood traumas as all of these are stored in the lower chakra ranges and keep our organic upward spiral into Higher Timelines from truly expanding.

The Heart is the portal where we hold our Soul Matrix, and when our lives are aligned with the frequency of the soul, everything flows to and from you so naturally, effortlessly.


It is the Flow State.

I feel one of the most important things we can do for ourselves at this juncture is sincerely ask God/Source and our Christ Avatar(Higher Self) 3 questions:

Given my Organic Timeline potentials for 2022, what do I need to do to prepare?

How can I show up on time and get on my bus?”

And “How can I keep my heart light lit?”

And be very mindful about what and who shows up, what and who begins to leave, and revelations of beliefs and distractions that draw your energy away from what is truly important for you at this time.

And trust what you are being shown to do (because Trust is also a byproduct of living from the Heart)

Can you feel something huge in the air? Like something major coming?

This is the frequency of what is on the way, the Bridegroom, if you will.

Are you ready?

Don’t miss the bus.