In this 45-90 minute session, we will collapse stubborn timeline loops that source from a past traumatic timestamp frequency broadcast was first introduced to your Emotional Body.

In the process, we will overwrite faulty Pain Body instruction sets that serve as tethers to false timelines, diffusing the corrupted emotional body codes.

We will also recode the fields to begin to activate a frequency reset and grounding into your Highest Timeline.

In this process, there is a specific protocol used that works much like a version of a shamanic retrieval, with the recode delivered from God/Source and your Christ Avatar.

You also will receive a free copy of my Timeline Jumping activation to support you in maintaining the frequency resonance to truly begin anchoring new identity matrices, and frequency infrastructures to open up new options as you hold the frequency set within your Lightbody.

You will also receive an mp4 recording of your session.

Please be advised that this session can vary in time, depending on the complexity of your situation, but runs on average anywhere from 45-90 minutes. The rate is the same regardless.

**Timeline Jumping Activation mp3 will be sent along with the replay of your session.**

Session Cost: $222 $162.50 through December 31, 2023

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