Divine Feminine…it is time to return our Crown!

We are in an new phase of the New Earth Timeline where we are recoding to the Higher Christos Frequencies.

Including in this recode is the activating of our Staff Architecture, deepening of our embodiment of Sacred Marriage, and decoding and collapsing out Anti-Hieros Gamos programming.

This is the key code to call in your Union and alignment to the Higher Masculine Timelines?

In addition to the recode, is the decode.

It is here that we delve deep into the ancient traumas, programs, and inversions that have fractured and reversed the Sacred Feminine that are now coming to the surface for compassionate witness and release?

It is also here that we embody our Empress energy and broadcast from that frequency set.

Your throne is waiting for you!!

The Solar Feminine Christ Coaching program is an ongoing support system consisting of weekly field updates, a monthly healing call, and a Facebook Group designed to assist the Feminine Ascending Collective in truly reclaiming her Throne Power!

An array of topics are discussed and unpacked to support the Divine Feminine holistically.

This support runs the gamut from deep diving into ancient trauma fields caused by Sophianic Targeting to Self Esteem and Self Worth Issues and a little bit of everything in between, as it shows up as distortion in the fields and in our realities.

I also bring in Hieros Gammos Codes to support the merge with the Christ Masculine within the fields, which often is the precursor to true organic Union (not the new age twin flame crazy-go-round that involves fixation on a wishy washy or uninterested person)

Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to Monthly Live Calls around various topics affecting the Divine Feminine, Ascension Mechanics, Emotional Healing, Divine Masculine and Union Codex with Q & A
  • Weekly Energetic Reading/Forecast specifically for the frequency profile of the group. These are either written via email or live videos.
  • Facebook Page Access for ongoing support and networking. I often post exclusive videos and activations to the Facebook group.
  • 25% Discount off all future programs, classes, and webinars.
  • Access to call archives so you can listen to past transmissions.

Recoding your Sophianic templates to align with the High Masculine/Christ Frequency is a monumental part of the current ascension timelines and the phase we are entering.

Not to mention a powerful precursor to Union, deactivating Poverty Imprints, and Powering Up Your Mission Blueprints and congealing those into palpable reality!

In fact, my life went through a complete shapeshift within a month or so after putting these downloads into practice (including being back in Union after a nearly 3 year semi-separation) and now I am sharing all of transmissions that helped me to turn everything around!

Here’s what to do next:

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I’m really looking forward to working with you and handing over some powerful key codes!