What is the Solar Feminine Christ?

It is the Higher Codex of the Sacred Feminine Principle, the cosmic key holder to unlock access to the God Worlds!

The Solar Feminine Christ is the consciousness of the risen Christ and her Sacred Womb allows access to eternal Wisdom, and to Higher Timeline information streams.

She is YOU and within you, even if just as unmanifested potential.

Unfortunately, we have been disconnected from this innate power of our Risen Feminine through Anti- Feminine harvesting and mind control systems perpetrated through the Lunar Matrix, and the Lilith Reversals, which hinder us from being able activate our Empress Codes.

Through the reincarnational mindwipe, we have also been unable to access memories related to specific timeline trigger events of lifetimes having our womb energy harvested, targeted and co-opted with cording, tags, implants and Draconian DNA, and the punishment of our Sophianic Key Codes through the Yaweh Matrix, as an extension of the removal and/or distortion of the Feminine Christ through patriarchal religious texts

As we reclaim our connection to the Living Christos, and expand more into our organic DNA template, these dynamics are coming up for review, witness and release to make space for our activation of our own Electric Masculine Rod architecture, in addition to corrections to our Staff Architecure that have created Union distortion and polarity feedback loops, stifled Creativity, and ability to manifest abundance, and resonating and magnetizing the Uninitiated Masculine Archetype who cannot hold the Christed template of Devotion and/or keeps bumping up against his own Inverted Masculine programming, regardless of how spiritual or “nice” he seems to be.

As we shift into embodiment as a prerequisite to the congealing into 3D as part of the forward movement into building the New Earth, it is essential that we return to the Throne through understanding what and who has kept us off of it!

In Sacred Feminine Rising Webinar, I will be unpacking this and much more in this 3 day healing event that will be taking place on Saturdays, Feb 4 and 11, at 4PM.

Topics covered (but not limited to):

  • What is the Lunar Matrix and how the Divine Feminine has been duped through False Light new age teachings to identify with the very force that is harvesting our energy and keeping us from truly connecting to our power through inversion.
  • Discover the Yahweh (False Alien God of the Old Testament) Matrix’s targeting and punishment of Sophia/the Sophianic Essence through Patriarchal Religion and clearing this through the Holy Father’s Magenta Grids and contract revocation.
  • Recode the fields to override the Lunar Matrix to source from the Solar Feminine Christ Consciousness.
  • Learn why and how the Sacral/Womb Space has been the most targeted aspect of the Lightbody and conduct in a deep womb detox.
  • Discover what the Rod principal is and how Merging with Christ and the Higher Masculine Principle is key to our own Inner and Outer Union.
  • Return our Rod Principal to our Lightbody as a Union Primer to receive this from the Masculine in our lives (or not yet in our lives)
  • Deepen into the Devotion, provision and protection of the Divine Masculine as an upgrade into the Union template!

We will do this, and much more through power-packed teachings and group field work activations.

Investment for Solar Feminine Rising is $197 for new subs for a limited time only! or you can take advantage of the 2 installment payment plan for budgeting

The codes in this program serve as a powerful quantum leap in your Union, whether you are in a relationship now, or Union has eluded you even though you know it is meant for you in your time line!

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