In this 45-60 minute session, I will assist you in through a process to repairing “fallen feminine codes” and wounding and damage to our Sophianic essence through a powerful multi-step process that prints the 7 laws of the Sacred Feminine throughout your Lightbody Portals (or chakras) and allows for you to be crowned by Divine Mother/Father.

Fallen Feminine are the result of trauma to the Feminine aspect in this (or other lifetimes and realities) and manifest as “fallen creations” such as issues with abundance, “rescue me” Princess Programming, attracting fallen masculine archetypes, difficulty receiving, weak boundaries and leaky energy, relationship martyrdom, and challenges in living in sovereignty.

These sacred laws will re-code and activate you where you have fallen out of balance in your feminine energies due to trauma and wounding.

The re-coding will restore you into alignment with the sacred Law of your being and anchor you into your Royal Queen Power…and that is where the magic begins!

Rate:: $177 for the session

**This is an ideal session if you have ever been in an abusive relationship, raped, enmeshed with a Narc, or “left for dead bleeding” after a False Twin Flame experience.

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