This session is ideal for those who are experiencing psychic attack, extreme energy drain, inability to connect to ones Higher Guidance and God/Source, or highly suspect they have entities and inorganic structures in their fields, causing blockages and energy siphoning.

It serves to remove entities, tags, implants, parasites from you and/or your home. I will also repair any damage to your Lightbody, recalibrate and recode your field with the Living Light of God and Christos Plasma Light to buffer your fields.

Upon booking your session, I will perform your clearing remotely within 72 hours upon receipt of payment. I will email you with what was done, what I saw, and what was cleared. I will also provide you with tips on keeping yourself shielded, including a shielding activation that you can do on your own.

This session also includes a complimentary rescan and clearing 2 weeks after the clearing, to ensure you have not become reinfected.

Rate: $155

Before booking this session, please fill out the application which you will find here. After you have filled that out, please return to this page to proceed with the booking.

Please click here to book. Please keep in mind that the booking page says 15 minutes, but this is just to get you on the calendar.. The actual clearing, when I go in will take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Please note: There are occasionally instances when your situation may be beyond my skill set, or my Higher Self will otherwise advise me not to take on for various reasons. If I discover this is the case, I will refund you completely and give you referrals to other trusted healers I know of comparable fee ranges, that specialize in extreme cases.