This 60-90 minute session collapses timelines that have been created by emotional trauma in the past using a multi-step process that I facilitate.

By revisiting the “timestamp” where the initial trauma took place and working multidimensionally with your Christ Avatar and God Consciousness, we imprint the body and cellular memory with new codes and emotional energy to remove the noncoherent fields that are at the source of the inorganic timeline.

Repairing your timeline enables you to create from an entirely new frequency band, rather than manifest from past pain and trauma and anchor a new timeline.

Rate for 60-90 QTR Session: $242

If you need a payment plan, I can break the rate down into two payments of $121. However, I do require that you are paid in full by your appointment date. If you need this option, please email me first before booking.

This session also features a free gift, the Quantum Meditation (which we do in the session as well) to support you in your expansion, and immersion in the Quantum Fields of God Consciousness. This will be emailed to you shortly after your session.

This session is also available specifically for those who are seeking to recover from Narcissistic Abuse and trauma.

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Testimonials for Quantum Timeline Repair:

“It’s been just over a week since I was lucky enough to receive a one on one Quantum Timeline Repair healing with Sonja. What an experience. Working on my biggest block (me) I was transported back through the ages to a previous lifetime, during the Crusades. Sonja held space for me throughout and I felt completely safe and at ease. The healing had an immediate effect and was emotional, vivid and uplifting and completely wiped me out for a couple of days. (All good, I just slept so much which just further confirmed that a HUGE energetic block had been addressed).
Thank you so much Sonja. Your presence, warmth, love, calm and knowledge brought me peace, confidence and clarity. I’m actually still a bit blown away and have felt a peace and knowing on a deeper level ever since – with a few aha moments thrown in too 🙂
I am someone who has literally tried so many modalities on the path to self healing (!) Like so many others out there, experiences and patterns have followed me through this life (and other lifetimes) and despite the healing work, some areas still remain/ed – the areas that you can’t quite put your finger on but you know they are there, if that makes sense. Genuinely, this healing and Sonja’s knowledge brought me a clarity and resonated on a deeper/higher energetic soul level that other healings have just not touched. Something fundamental clicked into place for me with this healing. Once again, thank you. Big gratitude to you and the work you do helping others. You truly are a gift ” -Tanya, UK

“Working with Sonja on my quantum timeline repair was very deep and life-changing experience. I felt like a different person afterwards. The amount of gentleness, love and acceptance I have for myself now is off the charts, I always struggled to feel those emotions towards myself. In says following the treatment I had couple of big energy clear outs where deep old wounds resurfaced and I was able to spot them and let them go. Since then I feel like I’m shiny, glowing and as of a stronger stream of energy is going through me. I recommend this treatment to everyone. It’s truly life changing.”- Nikola