Weeding Out Root Fears Program


Don’t just choose love, not fear, but EMBODY LOVE, not fear by collapsing core fears out at the root!


To anchor onto the Organic Ascension timelines, it is crucial that we face, transmute, and override our fears.

This is easier said than done sometimes, since many of the fears we have can be sourced and traced back to¬† ancient timeline trigger events, epigenerational encodements, subconscious programming that we weren’t even aware of, and karmic residuals from other lifetimes.

Weeding out our Root Fears is so crucial because fears create backdoors in our lightbody and timelines, where it is easy for us to be triggered, manipulated, and re-directed by other agendas, choices that are not aligned with our Highest Good, or “selling out” by making decisions designed to stave off our fears (which often has hyperdimensional manipulation at the core).

Fear clouds our judgement, keeps us locked down in the lower chakra ranges, and makes us easy to control.

If we are to move into personal sovereignty it is a MUST that we, not so much get rid of our fears, but move into Zero Point where they don’t hinder us, control us, or loom larger than life and push us into discouragment and inertia.

Weeding Out Fear Program is a powerful process that works over a period of time, by providing you with a specialized Light Chamber emitting High Dimensional Codes with the purpose of assisting you in embodying the level of neutrality, healing, and release from your core fears, and in doing so, begin to be able to overcome them with grace and ease!

Includes a PDF instructional for using the program.