Transmuting Obstacles with Andarian Solar Fire


Transmute obstacles and/or connect to the highest possible perspective of your obstacles utilizing Andarian Solar Fire as a catalyzing agent for resolution and transformation.


The Andarian Crystals are a consciousness field of Krystic Elders within the 9th Dimension.  Many Ascending Souls have had the incredible experience of working with these physical emanations of the Andaras in the form of crystals.  As we shift into the Higher Dimensional States, we can connect to this healing medicine without the need for the actual Krystal.

Andarian Solar Fire is an emanataion of the Andarian Consciousness Collective whose primary medicine is transmuting and removing obstacles and this is the nature of this activation.

Most obstacles have 3 primary purposes/causes (of course there are others, but these are most common):

1. God/Source Ordained, in which case we need to be able to see that we are forcing a direction that is not in alignment or that we are not quite ready for yet.

2. Being held in place through our own dissonant programs and blocks, in which case what we are seeing is a sabatoge loop manifesting as an obstacle (because we are “let off the hook” from comfort zone expansion that we fear)

3. It isn’t really even an obstacle, it is just the way we are looking at it, and a change of perspective will see it as it really is, or other solutions that we did not see.

In this transmission, I take you through rounds of healing with the Andarian Solar Fire to unlock and undo, whichever of the above 3 are playing out, and connect you to the frequencies needed to transcend the obstacle, collapse the obstacle, or see the situation through your Avatar Station of identity, depending on what is most needed by you.