Throat Chakra Portal Rematrixing Activation


Seal your personal container and embodiment, expression and communication of your Truth through the deep clearing of the Throat Chakra.


As we embody our soul truth at the heart center, that energy spirals upward to activate the throat to express our truth, assert ourselves, tell others what we want, need, and how we feel and communicate authentically.

Unfortunately, for many of us on the Ascension Path, we were raised in households where we learned to shut down this ability as a learned behavior so that we could remain safe and survive, only now it works against.

Perhaps communicating feelings and desires were not welcome. Or only certain ones were welcome, forcing us to learn how to stuff down our truth in order to exist until it becomes an autopilot reaction.

For others still, we still hold etheric scarring and past life trauma fields, where expressing our Truth landed us in big trouble, perhaps even dead!

When we say no when we mean yes (or vice versa), say what we think will earn us the most approval or brownie points with others, engage in passive aggressive behaviors because we don’t know how to directly express our feelings, or avoid sharing our truth because we fear conflict, our Lightbody becomes a leaky container, and we cannot anchor onto our Organic Timelines, because our Organic Timelines require we embody our Soul Essence, which is Our Truth.

In other words, there must be integrity and congruence in what we do, what we believe, and what we feel, and what we SAY.

Not only that but as the Throat Portal also corresponds with the 5th Dimensional bandwidths and our multidimensional aspects stationed there. To whatever extent we are shut down in the Throat, also creates inability to access these Light Fields.

In this transmission, I facilitate rounds of Light Language, Kathara Reiki transmissions, and working with the 9th Dimensional Andara Crystal Consciousness to:

  • Delete subconscious tapes and files built on thought constructs from Childhood such as “We don’t talk about that here” or “I sound dumb/No one cares what I have to say” or “Don’t you dare tell anyone” while purging trapped corresponding shame and grief.
  • Collapse trauma fields from past life persecution and execution around sharing ones truth.
  • Deactivate passive aggressive communication styles that hinder true intimacy and assertion of ones true needs at their source point.
  • Release past life vows and oaths of secrecy and curse matrices on the throat portal.
  • Collapse past, present. and future timelines being magnetized by energetic signatures of throat portal distortions.
  • Expands connection with 5D self and much more!