Rose Heart Blooming Activation with Bonus Water Charge Transmission


Turn on your Heart Light and deepen into New Earth Living through the Heart Matrix in this deep heart clearing and recalibration.


Our Heart Chakra is one of the most important portals within our Lightbody.

Just look at all the things going on there!

  • It is a sending and receiving station for Love
  • It is the bridge into our Higher Chakra and multidimensional ranges.
  • It corresponds with our Astral Body of our Bioenergetic field
  • It is where we generate and feel joy
  • It is the first strata layer of our Soul Matrix, or the seat of holding and broadcasting our Soul Stream
  • We house our Inner Child Architecture here.
  • It has a special relationship with our Sacral Chakra, as the Sacral houses denser emotional energies, and the Heart houses the Higher Emotional spectrum ( and as a result, an overloaded Pain Body/Sacral center will prevent the organic spiral through the Heart Bridge and into our Higher Intelligence

It is no wonder that Embodying the Heart and keeping this portal open and expansive is paramount to the New Earth Energies, not to mention its job of regulating the heart, lungs, and (for women) the breasts, where we nourish new life (as above, so below as we nourish our new creations from a heart full of love and joy for what we create).

Maintenance of the Heart Portal is so important in our current climate as fear, uncertainty, and separation consciousness seeks to seep into the collective, keeping the soul of humanity dimmed.

It is for this reason we have incarnated to go out into the world with our Heart Lights on full blast!

In this activation we will:

  • Release the “cement” that holds heart walls together, namely the “Terrible 4”: betrayal, rejection, unworthiness, and disappointment.
  • Collapse epigenerational encodements, karmic entanglements, and heart cords to past lovers in other time space continuums that are no longer appropriate.
  • Recalibrate and cleanse the astral body.
  • Recalibrate and cleanse the heart chakra with healing frequencies of white rose, pink rose, yellow rose, emerald, rose quartz and solar Christos Light.
  • Allow our Heart to “bloom” for higher states of Love and Joy and Inner Child release!

Also, with Blooming the Rose Heart, you will receive a bonus activation to charge water with the same healing frequencies from the activation that you can use with drinking water or bathwater to create your very own love elixir to raise your vibration, and Self Care of the Highest Vibrational Kind!

Makes a wonderful companion clearing to Evicting the Spirit of Betrayal, and Holy Mother’s Healing Waters for Emotional?Pain Body Release Activations!