Pillars of Light Oracle Self Study Course


Step into the fullness of your power, sovereignty, and Mission Codes with this activation and teaching packed self study course!


In order to build the New Earth, you will need New Earth Tools.

As the ascension timeline accelerates those of us who are Starseeds, Indigos, and Lightworkers are being commissioned to take our respective places within the Christos Mission as empowered, sovereign workers of miracles, spiritual leaders, and next level healers.

Our many challenges the past decade or so were preparing us for a time such as this, and as we pass the initiations, we are being called forth now to be conduits for the Living Light Code to serve as spiritual midwives for those who are awakening now, restore the planetary grid system, and to hold space as emissaries, oracles, and acceleration agents.

This requires that we are operating in the fullness of our power, with full awareness of the Galactic History and planetary situation, and with an arsenal of Higher Dimensional tools and vision to fully come online and into mission for this to be most effectively executed.

In short….to remember what it is we already know.

The Pillars of Light Oracle Training is definitely not your grandmothers Lightworker class!

It is specially coded information for Starseeds, High Angelics, Indigos and Planetary Servers who know in their heart that it is time to leave limitation and smallness behind to connect to the Truth of their Sacred Purpose and how to make that real and palpable on the Planetary Stage through understanding the scope of the planetary situation, past, present, and future, embodiment of the Law of One, and access to your organic Multidimenstional Being to navigate the Quantum Field.

Recently held as an 8 week live course earlier in 2021, I am now pleased to be offering POL for you to integrate and study at your own leisure.  Please note, unlike the live course, Quantum Field Work Certification, and access to the Facebook Group is absent from the Study Course.

However, you will have access to 8 2-3 hour teachings and High Level Activations that delve into topics such as:

  • Understanding The Planetary Situation and How We Got Here
  • The False Ascension Matrix/False Light
  • Activating Light Language
  • Navigating the Quantum Field and Zero Point Energy for Healing
  • Lightbody Reversals, what these are, and how to correct them.
  • Hyperdimensional Manipulation and Interference
  • The Christos Mission
  • Diamond Sun DNA and the 12 Chakra System
  • Working with Oracle Tools like Color Codex, Plasma Harmonic Fields, Accessing Quantum Fields for Frequency Downloads
  • Understanding Multidimensionality
  • Implant and Entity Removal
  • Activating Oracle Vision
  • Much much more!

I will also be bringing in some very next level activations and transmissions on most of the calls to activate your gifts, and anchor you onto your Organic Ascension Timeline, and expand you into the limitless possibilities of multidimensionality!

Whether you are just looking to accelerate your own spiritual growth and expansion, or you are already a seasoned healer seeking new understanding and tools to make your existing practice even juicier, POL is like rocket fuel for the ascending soul!


Upon registration, I will email you directly with a Password for the download page.  Please allow up to a few hours for me to email that out to you.