Personalized Andarian Transmission for Ascension and Frequency Maintenance


Activate, Accelerate, Recalibrate as YOU personally need in this Quantum Broadcast from the Andarian Crystaline Family!


What are Andarian Crystals?


Originally found in the mid 90’s in the High Sierra Mountains, by a local Medicine Woman, they are a glass-like mineral complex from naturally occurring mineral deposits high in monatomic minerals.

But that’s not all they are…

Andarian Crystals correspond to a Higher Dimensional STO consciosness field of Elders, in fact based on the downloads I have received, they are physical manifestations of these consciousness fields that were seeded here for this ascension cycle.  They are very different from normal crystals, and have a high spin point ratio, making them very high vibrational.

The energies of the Andaras interact electomagnetically with the individual receiving their medicine, restoring energetic and Lightbody homeostatis.

They accelerate your awakening process through subtle recalibration, heal and activate your DNA, among many other things including, but not limited to:

  • naturally expanding One’s state of awareness
  • opening to Universal wisdom and knowledge
  • accelerate spiritual awakening and development based on what is needed most by you at this time
  • creating a bridge between the Quantum Field and Matter Realms, to increase manifesting abilities
  • balance and healing the Lightbody
  • Raising of ones frequency
  • Activate radical empowerment.

The wonderful thing is, the actual Andara Crystal is not necessary to connect to the Andarian Collective, or receive the healing transmission. They can be channelled through from the Quantum Field to stream as a broadcast.

In this service, I will tune into your field or situation to bring forth a personalized Andara Transmission that will best support you at this time, including Chakra repair, Lightbody Clearing, and levels of your multidimensional field that might need recalibrating, and DNA Repair, as guided.

Within the transmission I will also bring in intuitive information about anything that your Higher Self is revealing as most up for clearing,

The audio activation is approximately 20-30 minutes long and turnover is between 3-7 days.

If you would like to email me about a particular situation that you would like support in clearing or being empowered in, you can do so, but it is not necessary.  In fact, Andaras tend to go right to what you truly need rather than what you think you need, so it might be best to just keep it there.