New Years Call: Universal 7 Year: Full Steam Ahead


Discover what the Universal 7 Year brings for you and the ascending collective, including a transmission to support you with maximum alignment!  Call is January 1, 2023 at 4:00PM EST with replay available with registration!

In Numerology, 7 signifies Spiritual Wisdom and Enlightenment.  The embodies the energy of the Seeker, which ultimately gives way to becoming the Finder.

It is the heralds the Path of the Hero’s Journey, where the lessons associated with the journey become clear, giving way to expansion and lessons learned and integrated.  It expands the Spirit brings us into deeper Union with the Cosmic Christ, and our own Avatar Mind, which enables us to see from the Highest Perspectives.

2023 as a Universal 7 Year where the Spiritual Seeker is activated collectively, creating a wave of awakening which will bring many of us into Spiritual Service and Mission Template Activation.

It also brings with it a strong energy of deep and at times unsettling change, as inorganic programming and templates are dismantled multidimensionally, demolishing everything that was built on foundations that were not coded from our Soul Blueprint Mapping, and move of the Divine to take us into our New Earth roles in ways that we previously could not allow, receive, or accept.

2022 sought to create the Inner Union as the true Creation Code, as well as the Fall of Dark Systems within the fields to make way for the push past the tipping point and into the timelines where it all comes together powerfully!

But what does this mean to and for you personally!  What does it mean for the collective?

I will be delving into this and so much more on my New Years Call:  The Universal 7 Year: Full Steam Ahead. This call is being held on January 1, 2023 at 4PM EST.  Replay is available if you cannot make it live.

On this special call I will:

  • Explore the Universal 7 Year and what that means to and for us as an ascending collective.
  • Explain how and why the previous year, 2026 (Universal 6) with all of its tests, trials, and challenges provided a bridge into this energy to enable you to put last year personally and collectively into perspective. (What did the year of change TRULY serve to change, and how does that bring us to where we are now)
  • Assist you in calculating your Personal Year (it is different for everyone) and how that will influence and shape your experience for 2023.
  • Bring in powerful intuitive and prophetic messages for the group, as well as a group activation to align you with your most powerful 7 timeline, and get that ticket in your hand so you don’t “miss the train”.

Registration gives you endless access to the replay, in the event that you cannot make the call live!

Beginning the year with full understanding of its potentials, opportunities, and challenges is one of the most empowering states to be in to usher in something NEW and quantum leap onto your most benevolent timeline.

Please join me as I share with you on how to accomplish that for and beyond 2023!