Mental Body Recoding Activation


Redesign your reality through the revision of your perceptions and thoughts with this potent Mental Body upgrade!

  • Chronic confusion, difficulty making decisions
  • Never knowing what you want.
  • Not liking the feedback you see about your reality, but powerless feeling powerless to change it
  • Frequent “assault” with negative thoughts about yourself and your life.
  • Have held the same spiritual beliefs for years, with no palpable change in life or consciousness.
  • Obsessive thoughts and/or a “cluttered thought life” that is difficult to turn off.
  • Dogmatic, rigid thinking that disallows and growth and expansion (including the lack of realization this is even happening)
  • Inability to control one’s thoughts
  • Difficulty determining when thoughts are yours and when they are not (and when they are not, where they are sourcing from).
  • Feeling constantly disempowered

What do all of the above have in common?

They are signs of compromise, hijack, or blocks at the level of the Mental Body.

The Mental Body comprises the 3rd layer of our Lightbody, and the 3rd Dimension of our Multidimensionality.

Emanating from the Solar Plexus Portal, it is responsible for our Conscious Thought Processes, which in turn shapes our perceptions, which in turn shapes our Reality.

In fact, it is the building block of our reality because everything we create starts with a thought.

It also holds the templates of what we believe, which also is huge in shaping our perceptions and creating our reality!

When our Mental Body is being fed from Information Fields that are inorganic to our Unique Soul Blueprint,  is being hijacked, when we have not developed our Mental Body enough to determine what thoughts are ours and what isn’t  or when we are enmeshed with beliefs that are limiting (whether we are aware they are limiting or not), we can experience limitations that run the gamut from never moving past certain thresh holds, to allowing our behavior to be heavily influenced by beings that do not have our best interest at heart.

A healthy vibrant clear Mental Body is fundamental to personal sovereignty and empowerment!

In Mental Body Recoding, I transmit Language of Light and other Krystic Frequencies that:

  • Vaporize Negative Thoughtforms and AI Field Entrainment
  • Close portals and access points to the Mental Body (primary way we become hijacked)
  • Clear Confusion by deactivating Mental Body Scramblers and Splitter Technology
  • Collapse out Mental Body harnesses, cages and boxes
  • Uninstall Labyrinth instruction sets, which is actual Mental Body Malware that keeps you lost in Mental Looping
  • Assists you in overriding Matrix Mind, Family Belief fields, and purging of non-beneficial beliefs through discovery of what those are
  • Re-encrypt the 3rd Axitonal Line within the Lightbody
  • Much much more!

We will also download New Templates with the codex of your Organic Blueprint, repurpose the Mental Body, and move more in alignment with God-Mind and personal Sovereignty!