Liberation from Limerent Love Templates


Heal, purge and reset your Union Template through the healing of childhood trauma-based love styles that keep us stuck, lonely, and forever searching but never having real partnership.


What is Limerence?

Limerence is a relationship distortion program that has its roots in Childhood Emotional Neglect, and learned behavior that was once a survival mechanism, but now creates the feedback loop that sabatoges our relationship and repels true Union with a real and present partner.

It creates perception distortions, where we see an idealized version of love, a Twin Flame, or a romantic entanglement but typically there is really no relationship, and neither is that person even available or interested, much less holding the codes to build The New Earth with us.

We become in love with being in love, without ever really having it because we have the belief that love ignores us running along with auto-gaslighting ourselves that this is not truly working for us and we are seeing Love where there is actually an illusion of something that has no basis in reality.

As we move as an ascending collective toward new timeline realities and trajectories that were previously not available as we move into higher band widths, many of us are being gifted with alignments with Divine Pairings.

Limerent Love Templatesset us up to be funneled into consciousness traps, most notably the Inverted Twin Flame Teachings permeating the internet that validate that being ghosted, devalued, ignored, and pining away for crumbs is actually a series in a progression of Divinely Orchestrated steps toward Sacred Partnership and should not only be accepted as a normal part of the process, but a necessary part of the process.

Bringing this program into awareness through neutral witness, and unpacking the programming driving it with its roots in Childhood Emotional Neglect and its coping mechanisms is the first step in not just dismantling it, but is also a powerful key in unlocking timelines of the Organic Union Template, rather than the Inversion that a desireable partnership is one in which the majority of the actual relationship is happening in your mind, fueled by the inner child’s desperation to be loved, important, worthy, validated, and seen, yet will never truly allow it, because that is what is normal.

Liberation from Limerent Love Templates is a replay of a live event I conducted in 2022 that features a deep dive into the dynamics that create it, including an activation to begin to collapse this out of the personal fields,

We Will:

  • Explore what Limerence is and the family archetype that sets this up.
  • Recognize the signs of Limerence and trauma based responses that fuel it.
  • Delve deep into the consciousness traps and loops associated with Limerence and how these serve to keep us locked into it.
  • Intergrate the Fragmented Soul Energy and original trauma wounds that is that Limerent Archetype running our relationship templates and return authority to our Higher Self.
  • Remove the blinders it creates (particularly the veil it casts over red flags).
  • Deep emotional body, inner child, and pain body purification and collapse of limerent based timeline codes in your blueprints.
  • Deepen receptivity of devotion from the Christos to activate Higher Dimensional Union Templates!

This is a healing call on deep levels for those who know Union is a calling or even a deep desire in their blue print, but maybe have shut down to the idea of it and/or have been so taken for a ride by twin flame limerent fallout that “you just want to do you now” but you cannot shake the inner knowing that Sacred Partnership is a God-given desire in this life time.

It is also for those still struggling on some level with C-PTSD and Childhood Emotional Neglect.

(Please note that on the original call, I was bumped off before the activation so the call is sent with 2 links.  Please be sure to do the teaching link first)