Holy Mother’s Healing Waters for Emotional/Pain Body Release


Lighten the load of the Pain Body with the assistance of the Divine Mother for a complete reset of the emotional body!


Our Emotional Body emanates from the Sacral Chakra/Orange Ray of our Lightbody.

It is also referred to as the Pain Body and it stores our denser and more “negative emotions”.

When it becomes congested through repeated trauma, self-avoidant numbing behaviors (like addictions), New Age Spiritual By-passing (which doesn’t allow us to actually process anything, simply distract ourselves with beliefs, meme’s and mantras meant to sweep everything under the rug), the emotional body becomes overloaded, which in turn shuts down the Higher Heart Centers.

When this happens, we feel numb, unable to love or trust anything or anyone, unable (or afraid) to connect to how we truly feel, prone to addictive and distracting behaviors, and perpetual feedback loops where we are forced into situations and relationships that trigger the emotion in question as a form of Divine Grace, giving us repeated opportunities to acknowledge it and release.

Few people realize the connection between the Sacral and Heart Chakra’s, and when there is too much stored up in the Pain Body, it takes our ability to move up into and live from the Higher Centers, as our energy may begin to spiral upward, but just gets pulled back down into the PB and unresolved negative emotions.

It is one of the many reasons why we feel we hit a glass ceiling on the spiritual journey, particularly if we are unwilling to look into the depths of the core wounds we carry!

In this audio, I bring in transmissions in the form of Plasma and Frequency Waves, Gentle Misting, and Waterfalls from the Aqualine, and other emanations of the Divine Mother, to flush out the Pain Body, and bring deep emotions to the surface for final witness and resolution.

As a result, pathways are cleared for you to release the need to pull in healing mirrors in your relationships, expansion and ascension of consciousness into the Soul Matrix (chakras 4-6) and beyond, dismantle and decrease of emotional trigger response, and collapsing out timelines created with specific emotional signatures.

Not to mention the gracious assistance in frequency recalibration and ascension.

This audio activation is also especially helpful for empaths who take in a lot of emotional energy from other people, such as healers and those in the helping professions.