Freedom Codes


Collapse out the chains of Slave Consciousness, Consciousness Traps, and whatever else holds you in bondage and lockdown at its source point through this powerful teaching and healing tool.

The Freedom Codes are a living multidimensional codes sourcing from the Primal Light and Sound Fields of Holy Mother/Father.

As we work with them and entrain them within our Lightbody Field, we find accelerated Liberation from the Slave Consciousness that binds us to the Matrix Realities, Consciousness Traps, and other tethering mechanisms that hold us hostage on inorganic timelines. This is a replay of a 75 minute call and activation I did around Independence Day 2022, but the Freedom Codes are very much available to us as a powerful tool to access and utilize year round, as they unravel energetic lockdown at its source origin, where we will often find what is really at the root, is completely different than what we thought was. You can use this tool for yourself, or for clients (for those who do client or grid work). Note: This call and replay is absolutely free with Patreon Membership.