Evicting the Spirit of Betrayal


Release betrayal from the soul records and lightbody and reprint with the energy of Devotion and Loyalty to upgrade your relationship with God, and others!


Betrayal is a root or core wound that shuts down the heart complex.

The primary cause of betrayal is inverted energy of deception when someone we loved or trusted violates us, mistreats us, or hurts us in some way,.  It is built within the Lightbody through events that hold the signature of deception, or love and trust given to a person or situation that turns on us.

I call it a root or core wound, because many of us believe we have abandonment issues or rejection issues, when these are merely the effects of betrayal.

Many of us hold betrayal in our fields as an ancient wound, going all the way back to the Lyran Wars and Lemurian Holocaust and other Galactic and Planetary Timeline trigger events when civilizations were taken advantage of by beings with service to self agendas that lead our ancient homes into destruction and chaos.

Or maybe it was first installed by a first love that cheated on us with our best friend, or a wife/husband that left us for another woman, or a best friend in Middle School that started a nasty rumor about us.

For others still it is a signature that is handed down ancestrally, or takes up residence in our field as a result of emotional/physical/sexual abuse of parents and other caregivers whom we looked to for Unconditional Love, acceptance, and Sustenance.

And then there are traumas so deep, that we feel betrayed by God.

What ever the cause, the effect is a range of repeating patterns and the manifestations including:

  • Fear of getting too close to others for fear of getting hurt (whether this is conscious or not)
  • Lack of trust in God/Source
  • Attracting people who repeatedly betray you and screw you over, creating increased hypervigilence around this.
  • Quick to leave relationships (“I will opt out before they hurt me”)
  • Feelings of numbness, particularly when it comes to other people.
  • Unidentified feelings of not being safe in ones life and timeline.
  • Being a loner (especially if you pride yourself on it, but inside you are truly saddened by the lack of meaningful connection in your life).
  • Afraid of being seen, so you put on a persona with others, but no one knows the real you.
  • Tend not to share intimate things about yourself with others and keep conversations superficial
  • Constantly waiting for the shoe to drop when you meet great people.(“This is too good to be true”)
  • Many superficial relationships, but lack of deep meaningful intimacy
  • Constant suspicion of the motives and agendas of others.
  • Fierce independence disguised as “I don’t need anyone but God” sort of thinking
  • Fixation on unavailable people and commitment phobes
  • Crave true emotional intimacy (even if you have tons of people around you and in your life)
  • Blaming yourself when others do deceitful and horrible things to you instead of directing your anger and upset where it belongs.

The problem with the Spirit of Betrayal and Deception is that the New Earth is about Unity Consciousness, and the Spirit of Betrayal separates us from others and creates division.

It alienates us from truly nourishing relationships, and can ultimately cause us to reject our True Union Partner and Soul Tribe if it is not evicted and cleared out at the original entry point.

It also runs Victim/Victimizer Software where we are constantly victimized by people with ill motives and agendas, and seem to always magically “select” these Archetypes (or, conversely, project it onto trustworthy people and push them away or remain suspicious and guarded)

It can also cause us to remain locked down on an inorganic timeline due to disconnect from God/Source due to a complete lack of trust in God/Source. Since it originates from Deception, Betrayal erodes trust.  As a result some of the most betrayed individuals are also the least trusting of anyone or anything.

In this audio transmission, we will “evict” the Spirit of Betrayal from the soul records, and break down protective structures built around the heart that shut out True Union, Love, and Unity.  Most importantly, we print the Lightbody with DEVOTION, the energy that cancels out betrayal.  We also build up our discernment through upgrading our vision portals to sniff out deception working through others and situations so as not to become re-traumatized.