Collapsing Money Siphoning Systems


Transform the flow of money energy into your life (and pockets!) multidimensionally, by dismantling the structures, overlays, and leaks that perpetuate money struggles!

Money is energy, which is evidenced in the words we use to describe it (IE: current and currency).

And just like any flow of energy, it can become backed up through a block within the conduit, or be reduced through a leak or a breech.

For a long time now, Lightworkers, and Ascending beings have struggled with making or keeping money, and as a result have so much of their time and attention tied up in survival mode, financial hardship, and debt and for the most part.

Most support for the Awakened with money related issues has been oversimplified into the Law of Attraction, or other manifesting skills that have not explored nor addressed the root of the problem.

There are energetic structures, Money Matrix interfacing systems, Pre-incarnational agreements (that often are superimposed over us), and descending reversals that become integrated in the Lightbody, resulting in manipulations, black hole vortices, and other dynamics that redirect the flow of Money out of our lives and keep us locked in financial struggle.

Additionally, ancestral curses, past life vows, and Core Wound related unworthiness, shame and guilt can also deflect this energy so that we have a hard time either creating or keeping money.

In this audio activation, I utilize light language, and Christos Gold Plasma to vaporize these mechanisms from the Lightbody, align you with your personal Divine Blueprint and download new abundance templates.

You will also connect to money energy that you have not been able to access and begin to create channels for that to begin to flow to you!