Collapsing Codependency Templates


Release childhood wounding and imprinting, and generational morphic fields that result in unfulfilling relationship patterns such as unhealthy boundaries, rescuing others, needing to be needed, inability to say “no”, attracting abuse and narcissists, low self worth, guilt and shame and much much more from the original entry point.


Codependency is a behavioral pattern rooted in templating that we pick up from childhoods spent in dysfunctional families where there is abuse, upheaval, emotional neglect, addiction, and mental and emotional illness.

These patterns can manifest in our relationships as attempting to fix and rescue others (becoming the “parent” or “caretaker” rather than the Beloved), attracting takers and abusers, inability to set boundaries, excusing, enabling, and minimizing toxic behavior, excessive neediness and need for validation, neglect of your own needs, and taking responsibility for others in ways that disempower them (and you!).

In Hieros Gamos, or True Twin Flame Union, this dynamic will repel the True Union Template because it is based on inversions and imbalances that disempower one or both parties, which in turn disables the Union Template from anchoring due to toxic enmeshment.

It also keeps one or both parties from the growth and lessons needed to expand, and creates a leaky container that creates energetic siphoning from individuals who are not Self Sourcing energy from God themselves. A leaky container creates a compromised Light body.

Codependency works against our organic timeline, because we cannot connect truly to our organic blueprint, if our focus is always outside of us on another as the source of our happiness and completion, neither can we truly create sovereign space if we have no boundaries.

It is the sign of a collapsed Inner Masculine, and a Juvenile Feminine locked in childhood feedback loops of Self Love and Self Worth Deprivation.

Collapsing Codependency Templates is an activation utilizing Language of Light and Quantum Healing where I go into the fields to dismantle the templates in your Light body that is holding the codependent patterns in place.  I also pull transmissions back through your timeline to where this first came in generationally.  I also bring in healing for the Inner Child, where needs were not met, and recode you for a New Relationship Codex that is based on Healthy Higher Heart Centered relating.

This liberates you to be able to connect to loving and supportive relationships, and a life that reflects Your True Gold Self!

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