Accessing Higher Codes: J-Seal Removal and Chakra 8-12 Activation


Break through the Frequency Glass Sealing to access more of your Organin Holographic Templates through the Removal of the J-Seal, and Zeta Seal inorganic Architecture from the Lightbody.

Many of us have experienced frustration at our attempts to access Higher Timelines and other Higher Bandwidths of our Consciousness and multidimensionality, but can never seem to get past a certain point.

Or we have been working on our core wounds for years, but are seeing little to no improvement in our finances or general state of being.

What if I told you, the problem is not YOU and Your Core Wounds necessarily, but the problem is humanity and the planet have been under energetic lock down through inorganic structures in both the planetary grids and our own personal Lightbody Architcture that has serves as a frequency fence.

What if I told you this frequency fence has served to stunt and subvert your spiritual growth and your true connection to your Higher Stations of Identity and the Planetary Logos?

What if I told you that you can be free from this, and with this comes increased clarity, super crisp intuition, receiving your own Downloads (bye bye psychics), gift activation, and release of confusion, and wishy-washy intuitive hits that lead you nowhere?

J-Seals/Crucifixion Implants are the major cause of this lock-down.

Everyone is born with them along the 7th Axitonal Line on the left side of the body, where they hold the Feminine Aspects of our architecture “hostage”.

And until they are removed they create a glass ceiling that blocks the organic Krystal Spiral of our Lightbody Stream, making us more susceptible to lower astral illusions and hijacking, looping patterns, and playing Pin the Tail on the Block, where we are constantly racking our brains to figure out why we can’t get a Breakthrough, and assuming the problem is us and our “stuff”.

But who placed them there, when and most importantly, why?

I delve deep into this and much more in Accessing Higher Codes,based on a 2 day webinar I did earlier in 2022. There are 2 audio calls included in this product.

On these calls I will be removing the J-Seals and Zeta Seal, Pineal Cages, and Re-Purposing the Gallbladder Meridian (where many of these are). but I will also be activating Chakra’s 8-12 to allow for more access to your multidimensionality, Kryst Codes, star families, and Higher Levels of information, among many other things

**Trigger warning: This call will contain information that is not commonly shared in New Age Circles, so if you are uncomfortable with the concept of negative beings, and the like, you might want to sit this one out. But if you’re up for some Rabbit Hole Diving, I would love to have you!