What is the Mentoring Program?

The Mentoring Program is an intensive coaching/healing program designed to assist those who are ready to move to the next level in full alignment with their mission and organic timeline, but are in need of ongoing personalized support to help navigate.

This ongoing support is provided over a 3, 6, or 12 month period depending on what you feel is best for you.

During the 60 minute biweekly session (via phone or Zoom), I utilize a combination of Quantum Field Work, Timeline repair, intuitive coaching, grounded practical advice and feedback, compassionate listening and space holding, written refection assignments, recorded activations, “homework”, and other healing protocols and exercises to support you in experiencing transformation, excavating your life purpose, connecting to your Organic Source God Connection, meeting elusive goals, and the activation of your gifts.

As a participant in the Mentoring Program you also receive free admission to paid healing webinars (as long as your Mentoring Program participation is still active), free activations, and incredible discounts for e-courses and live coaching programs, as long as they are relevant to your healing goals for the program.

Who is the Mentoring Program For?

Anyone who is passionately seeking change and transformation of both life and consciousness to truly expand into the change they want to see in the world!

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Those who are moving into mission/activating their gifts
  • Individuals healing childhood trauma and other negative looping patterns.
  • Needing a sounding board, and practical assistance in launching your own healing business (I have coached Lightworkers for many years in assisting them in launching)
  • Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse or the False Twin Flame Program
  • Those ready to truly begin prepping the field for True Hieros Gamos Union,
  • Lightworkers/empaths wanting to move in new directions, but are not sure how and feel they need long term support with anchoring their new timelines.
  • Those a little “stuck” in making changes in their lives.
  • Anyone feeling a little isolated, frustrated, and powerless given events on the world stage and need a supportive, non-judgmental space with someone on the same page to talk things through.
  • Awakening souls experience extreme money, self-worth, or mission related blocks.
  • Anyone needing to step boldly into their power!!
  • Or any combination of the above!

Please note, the Mentoring Program is not just about coaching, and me providing all of your answers for you, but creating a personal relationship of accountability, and support with me to help you navigate and move into personal empowerment, overcoming of obstacles, and anchoring sovereignty.

In this way, I work with you to help you excavate what has been there all along, and reconnect to your Limitlessness!

Because of the nature of this service, my intention to invest my time, gifts, and intentions in this way, and wanting to be sure we are a good match, you must apply for the Personal Mentoring Program.

This will happen by way of a complimentary Discovery Call, which you can apply for at the bottom of the page, at which time we will go over what your goals, intentions, blocks, and expectations are. So please be sure not to apply for the program if you truly know you are not ready to change, let go of old stories, and get to the truth of what is at the root of your challenges.

I do this to ensure that everyone I work with through the program is truly ready for quantum shifts, is serious about anchoring onto a new timeline and everything that that will require of them and that I can truly help them accomplish this!

So, to be clear, just because you apply doesn’t necessarily guarantee a place in the program, but if so, I will basically tell you either on the Discovery call or within 24 hours after.

The Mentoring Program has 3 levels of involvement and investment, depending on what you feel you need, and how complicated your situation is.


3 Months/6 Sessions: $697

6 Months/12 Sessions: $1250

12 Months/24 Sessions: $2350

Payment plans are available for all 3 options, but keep in mind I must have a deposit of at least 25% of the total investment in order to begin our session work, which should be paid within 48 hours of being accepted, unless you notify my to make another arrangement.

I also do require you be paid in full by the session before the last in your program.

Please also be aware that you should be 100% certain about your investment and comittment to the program, because I do not offer refunds except if personal illness or emergency makes it impossible to continue.

If you do not pay your deposit within 48 hours or notify me about needing more time, I will assume you are not truly interested and will cancel our first session.

If you select the payment plan option, you must be paid in full by the second to last day of your program. So for example, if you are opting for 6 Months, which is 12 sessions, you must be paid in full by Session 11.

If you need more time, I do ask that you make arrangements with me. I will not book further after your second to last session unless you are paid in full or you communicate with me about needing more time.

Please read the below first then use this link below to book your free 15 Minute Discovery Call today!

Please Read:

  • Before booking, I do ask you to be honest with yourself about being truly ready and able to make such an investment of energy toward your personal transformation. These are deep and highly accelerated codes I am sharing and bringing into each session, so if you know on any level you are still attached to your old story and it is still serving you in some way, then you may want to book at another time when you truly feel ready.
  • Along the lines of the above, I do ask that you be 100% about your commitment to the Mentoring Program if accepted, because there are no refunds issued upon finalization and payment, whether you pay in full or with a deposit, except in the event of physical illness or personal emergency makes it impossible for you to continue the program.
  • If you have a change of heart, something has come up, you do not feel ready, or otherwise cannot make the investment, I understand. However, I do ask as a courtesy to me that you at least cancel your appointment or email me to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours before your call. I often have to go through great lengths to rearrange my schedule, secure babysitting, etc for these appointments, so it is incredibly inconsiderate to just not show up. Remember, ascension is not just about “Love and Light”. It is also about embodying integrity, which includes showing up, being dependable, true to our word, and treating others the way we want to be treated, including being courteous and respectful of others time.
  • If you book a Discovery Call and are a no-show, you may not book another Discovery Call without my personal approval. If you change your mind, please just use your booking email to cancel or email me.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the concept of entity attachments, implants, tags, and negative hyperdimensional attack, then you may want to reconsider because if I discern these are in your field or hijacking your timeline, I will address this openly and clear them as well.

Looking forward to meeting!