Metaphysics of Mind Fuckery: Unplugging from the Astral Realms

Recently, I received an email from a highly distressed young woman who was struggling with processing a very difficult Twin Flame situation.

Hers was a situation that I have become all too accustomed to hearing over the years of working within the dynamics of the Twin Flame journey, particularly in my work at 10 of Cups Ministries.

She believed herself to be in a Twin Flame relationship with someone who was completely unavailable and not showing up for her at all, despite her strong grounding in the belief that this was a completely Aligned Love, and he was her Beloved.

She expressed how confusing it was that whenever she felt like giving up and letting go, she would receive a sign or a synchronicity, or a message from her guides about their Union being imminent and he was awakening.

Then, when she tried to “cash in” by reaching out, she would be met with the same disappointing results of him ignoring her, or engaging for a day or two then disappearing into thin air again.

It left her feeling completely confused at her inability to reconcile what she believed, what she was being shown, and what was actually happening, so of course she was confused.

There was absolutely no coherence within the situation at all!

Perhaps this story sounds all too familiar to you as well, be it a Twin Flame situation or some other area, where you are bombarded with dreams, angel numbers, messages from the guides that seem to be pointing to a huge breakthrough around the corner.

However, “around the corner” seems to be a destination that you never quite arrive at.

And when you get to what you thought was “around the corner”, the goal posts are moved and now there is a new “around the corner” over there somewhere.

In layman’s terms, this is called epic mind fuckery.

And there comes a point where we have to ask the hard questions:

Why would our angels and guides lie to us?

Why would a God of Pure Love lead us into a mirage that dissipates into one crushing disappointment after another?

Why would our Higher Self reveal one thing, then reality delivers the complete opposite?

If this is you, or has been your experience, I think the real question should be: Is this really God/Source and True Angelic Beings ?

Because the last time I checked, mind fuckery is not a virtue of Christ, so if this is playing out in your life, it is time for close examination of who or what we have allowed to hijack our consciousness and place us in a Labyrinth where every time we turn the corner thinking “this is the way out”, we hit yet another dead end

After all, God is not the author of confusion.

We cannot find our way out of this maze of conflicting and misleading messages from our so-called guides, sychronicities that herald incredible change that never comes, or intuitive hits to do something that lead us deeper into disillusion, confusion, and disappointment without first understanding the nature of false light beings and imposter spirits in the astral realms.

One of the hugest problems I have with the New Age Community is Spiritual Gaslighting that manifests as a denial of evil through thinking that if you focus on these things, you are creating it.

Or that all evil is a reflection of your own shadow.

Or that All is Love.

So do you mean to tell me, if someone is breaking into my house with a knife, if I just don’t focus on them, they will go away, or that it is a reflection of me (I am really a murderous lunatic that wants to break into peoples houses and kill them), or that it is just all Love (as they are stabbing me to death)?


When looked at that was it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

The truth of it is, there is a war being waged to hijack the timelines and True Organic Ascension path by negative beings who are completely disconnected from God, who want to rule and control humanity. This is an intrusion that occurred on this planet hundreds and thousands of years ago. These beings are very anti-Christ, anti-life, and anti-human.

Ignoring them with the belief that doing so makes them disappear, is actually what causes them to flourish and use their greatest weapon: Deception. This is why the raising of the Inner Masculine who holds the codex of Truth is so incredibly vital.

And because these factions seek to hijack the organic ascension timeline, their primary targets are Starseeds, High Angelics, and other ascending beings, because if they can get you stuck in the Labyrinth, get you to doubt your Spiritual Path to the point where repeated disappointment causes you to forsake it, and re-traumatize you through pain and heartbreak (which they feed off of), then instead of stepping into your power, you are instead looping around in a consciousness trap that you cannot get out of.

And boom: you are out of the game, disabled from mission, stuck on false timelines, and embodiment of your multidimensional avatar self through looping in your pain body in one fell swoop.

Most of these beings inhabit the astral realms and many of us become plugged into these consciousness fields through imposter spirits posing as guides, and angels. They hijack you in the dream time with synthetic experiences (being with your Twin Flame in 5D is a HUGE one) and various attacks, and set up false synchronicities.

Yes, there are such things as false synchronicities that are set up to anchor you on inorganic grids and timelines.( I can verify this for myself when in a False Twin Flame Interface several years ago when I would constantly run into this man and see all kinds of angel numbers either before or after, when this man was not the least bit interested in me and ultimately led to one of the hugest heartbreaks and disappointments I have ever known.). Think being in the “wrong place at the wrong time” and you will get the idea.

God wants us to have clarity, faith, trust, vision.

Anything deducting from those virtues being built up in our architecture are not coming in from the True Light of God.

So if our experiences are leading us into increased despair, confusion, devastation, and disillusionment, we can know with certainty that this is not coming from God or and Krystic Forces, and that we desperately need to unplug from the astral realms and evict false light beings from our field.

As Jesus said, “You can tell the tree by the fruit”. Simply stated, you can tell what you are dealing with by what it is creating in YOU and in your life.

A large part of the ascension path involves moving into Sovereignty.

And what is Sovereignty but existing within a space of freedom from any beings or energies that infringe upon you, your Free Will, your True Expression as an Angelic Human, and Your Organic Blueprint.

And just how do we unplug from the astral realms?

If this post really resonated for you and you know you are plugged into something that is repurposing your energy to be looped around and siphoned, running a mind game down on you, and wearing you down to the point where you are finding it impossible to trust God, your path, and your own sanity then there are some steps you can take to unplug.

  1. Do Your Inner Work: And when I say do your inner work, I do not mean the commonly inverted use of mirror work where you look to see what this experience is showing you about you in a victim-shaming kind of way that is so prevalent in spiritual circles. What I mean is typically, there is some area of weakness in our consciousness that makes us more susceptible to being hijacked by astral entities that do not have our best interest at heart. An example of this is the False Light Twin Flame Interface, which often comes in through Love Deprivation Syndrome, where we believe we are unworthy of Love, or are so Love Deprived that we are literally starving for Love and Validation.
  2. Be mindful of consciousness traps. Consciousness traps are simply beliefs that we have given our consent to as being true, without really exploring whether it is actually true for us or not. I explored some of these earlier in the article as spiritual bypassing beliefs prevalent in the New Age such as “If you focus on Darkness you will create more of it”. If you are in a situation that sounds similar to what I described in this post, it may be time to take inventory of your belief systems to see if there is a breech somewhere that needs repair.
  3. Test the Spirits that come to you claiming they are this or that. You can do this through your spoken command and say something to the effect of, “In the name of Christ, I command you to leave if you are not fully in alignment with the True Living Light of God.”
  4. Commanding space before you go to bed. This is also quite powerful because we pass through the astral realms (and for many of us go no further than that) when we go to sleep and this is when much of our hijack takes place. Before you go to bed simply stating your intention that your Higher Self take you only to realms of True Christos Harmonics and that you do not consent to any being that does not have your best interest at heart to be in your space or to interact with you is a powerful way to prevent some of the interference and synthetic guidance and experience that comes in through the dream time.
  5. Ask God to Update your guides and teams. Periodically it is wise to reassess who is sitting on our “Board of Directors” to ensure they are all in alignment with the Law of One and the Christ/Sophia and to command removal of those who are not or are masquerading that they are.

I hope this article was helpful and that these tips support you in reclaiming your empowerment. If you are really struggling and need one on one support for the dymanics mentioned here, don’t hesitate to check out my Quantum Field Work and Collapsing the False Light Twin Flame Interface Sessions.