Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: Renewing the Mind

So, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is looming on the horizon, and as we all know by now, the signature energy of this 3 week time period of Mercury Retrograde is all about the “Re”, whether it is re-thinking, re-considering, re-calibrating.

And with this upcoming retrograde season, we enter into the element of Air (Gemini), and into the Mental Body to Re-New Our Minds Through Truth.

Back in my churchier days, one of my favorite scriptures in the bible was found in Romans 12:2, which stated : “Be not conformed to the pattern of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you might be able to discern the perfect will of God”

And, while I don’t want to turn this into a Sunday School lesson,  this is what the essence of this upcoming retrograde experience feels like as I tune into the fields around. 

There is a renewal and transformation coming in offering a clean sweep of the Mental body, an upgrade of beliefs, and new understanding about Truth and what it is that is allowing us to build up our Masculine Architecture as we advance toward the Solstice Portal.

And this is not just within us personally, but also within the collective, as many are beginning to see through the lies and bullshit that has been sold to us, as that facade becomes flimsier and flimsier by the day.

As waves of plasma light saturate the Earth grids from the heart of the Christos, and as grids that were formerly hijacked by the Forces that seek to offset the ascension timeline and gain control over the earths resources are reclaimed and cleaned up by Krystic Forces in the Higher Dimensional Ranges (and their ground crew in the form of gridworkers), the overall light quotient increases upon the Earth.

And what does Light do?

It enables us to see in the dark.

It enables us to see more clearly.

When we do, we know what is really there.  This what discovering truth entails…exposing what is truly there.

In this way, there is an increase coming in of exposure, both on a planetary level and personal level of deceptions, agendas, and illusions that were holding humanity and our consciousness hostage (for a lack of better term), which in turn was disempowering us away from our true roles, identity, and purpose.

This has occurred primarily by way of the Mental Body, because it is within the Mental body that we hold the networks of what it is that we believe.

And what we believe shapes our perceptions. 

Whether we realize it or not,  there has been a silent War on Perceptions that has served to disempower us, and it has been going on for a very long time.

However, the past year especially, it has truly gained momentum in the most blatant ways, for those who have eyes to see.

The incoming Plasma Waves and Grid Re-storations and Re-clamations are enabling us to wake up to the consciousness traps and entanglements that have kept us from truly coming online in our sovereignty by seeing though the BS that has been presented to us as truth as a prelude to full embodiment, as everything hidden is being disclosed.

This is huge because it opens pathways for true Inner Hieros Gamos in which our Inner Masculine, who is the holder of the Codex (or Sword of Truth), is able to protect the Innocence and Sacredness of our Inner Feminine by keeping her safe from further exploitation and manipulation that has kept us previously limited.

Within the Macrocosm, this allows for more souls to awaken and pull their energy out of the descending timelines and inorganic matrices so that there are more on the New Earth Timeline, or at the very least positioned in that direction.

Knowledge is power may sound so incredibly cliche, but it is honestly Profound Spiritual Truth. 

This is why there is such a war on information at this time, as whistleblowers, and Truthers are being suppressed and censored, and the rise of Cabal owned and funded “fact checkers” predominate the internet, serving as the “Ministry of Truth”.

He who controls the information, controls perception  and can manipulate it to suit their own purposes.

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde will serve largely to expose how this has been occurring and to what extent, within our own lives and within the collective. 

It will usher in new information and new light to expose where our beliefs and perceptions are misaligned to our True Organic Timeline, which will reach critical mass during the window of time between Solstice and Lion’s Gate in August. 

There will be a lot of exploration of themes around what is true and what is false, what am I believing that is keeping me trapped, where is the Truth asking for me to be free, who is lying to me?
It will offer us the Sword of Truth, that we might cut ourselves free from entanglements of the mind.  As this occurs, it will offer a powerful course correct, and for many, liberation from any areas of your life where you were looping around with or in confusion because the Sword of Truth cuts through the BS, as they say.

We will be gifted with an opportunity to integrate new information, which brings me to the next point about the upcoming Retrograde.

Many of us, particularly those who identify as Starseeds, will experience in Re-connection to our Star Families, and as the Diamond Sun Template and DNA activate, strong vertical alignment with our Higher Selves in ways we have not been able to previously access because of the frequency nets that have been in place (and still are, but are rapidly losing their power)

With this reconnect comes communication from the Higher Dimensions that will begin to terminate our need for outsourcing our information through psychics and other means, as our personal instruction sets will be made more available to us about what is our role to play, and what the next coordinate is on our timeline.

This is where the 5 Energy of 2021 plays out through the Major Arcana archetype of The Hierophant , where we become the intermediary between the Divine and “man”, much like the Pope figure on the Hierophant card depicts. 

We will begin to move into a level of embodiment where we speak the Truths of God/Source into the lives of others, and truly serve as ambassadors in this way, whether it is with large groups, or just the person in the cubicle next to yours at work who is on the fence about things.

It will be essential to release people pleasing fears, and fear of what others think of us to truly carry this mantle, so if you struggle with that, now might be a good time to work through that, because fear of this nature will shut this down and the Divine cannot flow through you.

In closing, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini will be upping the ante through information, knowledge, and truth. 

Communication centers are clearing, and new architecture in the form of Higher Chakra portals are coming online (if you are being plagued with headaches, stiff upper neck and shoulder stuff, or throat and sinusy stuff, this is probably you).

Great victories are being won for the New Earth Timeline that we don’t yet fully see, but will be evident to all if we are patient. 

It doesn’t mean we are in the clear and everything is all good in the Hood,  but it does mean that everything we will need to know to embody the level of consciousness and frequency required to progress in ways we couldn’t before because of distorted or withheld information that skewed or perceptions are ripe for transformation.
Unusual, but very exciting times indeed!

With all things, please take what resonates for you with this message and leave the rest!

**PS, if you would really like to work with these energies and rocket-boost the Mental Body “clean sweep”, I highly recommend checking out my activation: Mental Body Recoding as a tool to work with this retrograde season (and beyond!)