Inverted Masculine vs The True Divine Masculine

How Can You Tell Which is Which?

All relationships have the potential to teach us something.

There is something to be learned in every relationship.

All people serve as mirrors for our healing.

Any of this sound familiar?

We have all heard some shade of this on our spiritual journey, and I have found all to be quite true, both in my personal life, and in the lives of my clients and students.

Relationships can be our biggest teachers, and even those that seemed to take us to the depths of hell hold within them the gift of healing from the patterns that magnetized them in the first place.

Even the most painful and challenging ones.

But what if I told you that you can bypass the need to learn or grow through pain and suffering to provide feedback about where you are?

What if you could overstep the need to learn painful lessons as a growth catalyst and and the way to do that is simply though knowledge?

And providing knowledge is the entire point of this post for the Divine Feminine (Sorry Masculine, I can only speak on behalf of the Feminine, but I will sincerely seek guidance to create a similar post on the Inverted Feminine, because it is absolutely a thing as well)

Back in 2020, I did a healing call as part of 10 of Cups Ministries called the Resurrection and Return on the Divine Masculine.

This entire call was based on a download that came in around Father’s Day of that year about the Return of the Solar Masculine Christ upon the planet which was activating and awakening the Masculine in powerful ways.

And not just the Masculine in terms of a Male person. But this also includes the activation of our own Masculine Architecture that enables and expands us in our ability to create boundaries, see and walk in Truth, and act from honor and courage to defend the most vulnerable aspects of ourselves.

(You can listen to the replay of that call by clicking here, if interested.)

Fast forward three years later and this message is even more relevant than ever because the Sacred Union timelines are anchored and their doors are swinging open in ways that were not previously available due to the dismantle of many anti-hieros gammos grid systems that were creating gender splitting and reversals.

The Throne Room is open and the Kingdom Kings and Queens are being magnetized to one another to take their rightful places within the power, purpose and passion of Hieros Gamos to seed the New Earth Timeline.

At the time of writing this (mid-April 2022), there is a pause or lull in the fields as those of this with this destiny encodement for this lifetime are being given instructions for preparation, and based on what I am seeing, much of this preparation has a lot to do with the recoding and recalibration of the Heart.

I am revisiting this entire concept of the Inverted Masculine/Divine Masculine, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

One of them being as a friendly reminder to the Feminine, or better yet a review.

The purpose of the review is because many, if not most, of the Feminine has been in intensive preparation for what is showing up for the past several years as our lives have been turned upside down due to karmic entanglements, targeting or some other level of drama with a false Twin, narcissistic vampire, or just your run of the mill Inverted Masculine, mistaking him for the Beloved and as a result are showing up in 2023 with serious battle wounds.

These battle wounds, if not meticulously tended to, can cause our Beloved to pass us by because we are too closed off, too looking at the door that closed to see the one that is opening, or too guarded and mistrustful after the Twin Flame Crazy-Go-Round to see him.

Conversely, if we are not careful and have not learned from our previous mishaps, we can easily mistake the Inverted Masculine for The Divine once more, placing ourselves into emotional and vibrational setback.

We must be very cautious with what and who we choose to entertain in our soul stream at this point, because not being anchored in Truth can cause us the miss the bus.

We must learn to trust our intuitive Heart Knowing, engaging both our hearts and our logic, and not allow our loneliness to evolve into desperation where we ignore red flags because we so need things to be a certain way, and we do not understand the season of the Hermit is a time of transformation.

Every initiate must spend time alone for a season, and what we often mistake as being by ourselves is actually us being with ourselves. There is a difference, and it is typically during death and rebirth.

We must find the strength to embrace and not resist this. After all, a caterpillar doesn’t take other caterpillars into the cocoon when it goes in there.

Some changes only occur in solitude and we can fight against that solitude when we don’t understand what it is for.

So, it is crucial for the Feminine to empower herself with knowledge, not only about what the Inverted Masculine looks like, but most importantly, how he makes you feel because it is in how he makes you feel that tells you all you need to know.

You may have heard the saying that “facts don’t care about your feelings”, but I beg to differ.

Sometimes our feelings are a result of the facts and if we are confused about an individual, sometimes it our emotions provide the strongest feedback when we cannot see clearly.

The problem is for so many empaths, most of whom have come from backgrounds of dysfunction, we have learned how to ignore or mistrust our feelings, or put them aside to allow aspects of our consciousness still immersed in Love Deprivation Programming to run the show.

So oftentimes facts (Truth/Masculine) care deeply about your feelings (Love/Heart/Feminine) because they are working together to give you feedback.

Being able to face what that feedback reveals can be your saving grace as you navigate.

So What Does The Inverted Masculine Look Like? And what is the Inverted Masculine, for that matter?

I want to say before we even begin, is the point of this article is not to “bash the Masculine” or judge others, and this is not my intent.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, amazing things about them, and things that kinda suck and need improvement.

Even the Divine Masculine is not perfect, neither will Sacred Union be without its hiccups and bumps.

That said, the point for the Feminine to wake up to the intrinsic Value and Sacredness of the Sophianic Codes that she carries, and that access to her soul stream should not be given to just “anybody”.

Yeshua once said, do not cast your pearls before swine.

Neither should we just give our Sacredness away to someone who has done nothing to earn it or deserve it.

Our medicine is not cheap. Neither are we.

I have noticed there is a tendency in Spiritual circles/Twin Flame circles to be too quick to label someone their DIVINE Masculine, when the reality of it is the person in question has done nothing to earn that title, as “unconditional love” is often mistaken for having low standards of what you will put up with and allow into your Temple.

The basis of this often (though cleverly disguised)is we have created a reality based one childhood programs, our “old normal” if you will, and have become so accustomed to being taken advantage of, emotional needs not being met, devalued, treated as an afterthought, and rejected, that we cannot see that there is nothing normal or healthy about this.

This is why doing the work, including the shadow work, is of the essence because in many of these cases, we are projecting our Royalty and the Love we won’t give ourselves on the other party and hoping to receive something in return from them that they don’t even have to give.

This is why I have such an issue with popular Twin Flame doctrine, especially as running and chasing.

In what Universe does True Love walk away from you and stay away?

And in what Universe does chasing down someone who shows no to little interest in you as a prerequisite to an alleged Sacred Union make any sense?

But I digress here.

Who is the Inverted Masculine? What does he look like?

  1. He is more interested in taking than he is giving. The Inverted Masculine comes to you with his hand out. Whether it’s your sexual energy, siphoning from your soul stream, the comfort and healing light of your Empress energy, its all about what’s in it for them with very little to give. Then they disappear or get uncomfortable when you express what you want or need from the situation.
  2. Rushes you into sex very early in the relationship and/or relationship seems to revolve around having sex but not much more. More often than not, the IM doesn’t have more to give you than sex. Or fusing with your Lightbody is how he takes energy from you, with no regard for your Sacredness. For many, both men and women, sex is a way to bond with another without having to do the work to build up other types of intimacy (even a substitute for it), and it is also the primary way energy vampires cord into your Sacral and keep you from manifesting or creating anything. If sex doesn’t seem to have any level of sacredness to it for him, he pressures you into it, doesn’t seem to want much more than that, and objectifies you, that is reason for concern.
  3. He is completely In His Ego The most common sign of this is playing a lot of mind games. An example of this would be withholding communication and contact so that you will “chase him”. Or keeps you waiting forever before he answers your call or text until you are getting angry and threatening to stop talking to him (which is often followed with invalidating you, accusing you of being possessive and needy or some bullshit excuse that feels like…well, bullshit). The IM gets an Ego-hit knowing and validation from being pursued.
  4. Takes no responsibility for his shadow energy. Everything is your fault or anyone elses fault but his own. And even if there is an apology, it is never with true repentance. Repentance means to turn in a different direction. So, while you may receive a superficial “I’m sorry” to reel you back in, there is not lasting or consistent change in behavior. In fact, if anything he may vanish for a while until “you get over it” then reappear and act as if nothing happened and if you bring things up, he will either get mad, or disappear again.
  5. Is uncomfortable with emotions (Yours and his own). Any display of your emotional needs or feelings brings on gaslighting or “You’re just being a drama queen” and he withdraws. This is the hugest sign that you are dealing with Masculine energy that is completely disconnected from his own Feminine energy because if he uncomfortable with the realm of the Feelings(which is the Feminine), then he is uncomfortable and incapable of creating true intimacy with you. Ask yourself: When your relationship is troubled, do you call your friends, your psychic, your therapist to talk about it or complain to them? Or can you call him directly to talk about it? Your true answer to this is very telling.
  6. He pulls you into triangulation. Does he sleep around? Still have one foot on the Exes side of the fence? “Woke” and polyamorous? Flaunts his newest love interest on social media without any care about how much it hurts (you might even sense it is deliberate)? Attempt to invoke jealousy in you to cause a reaction or to make you chase harder? This is indicative of someone who cannot show up fully for one person so can only give many little pieces of himself to many. And it is the very antithesis of Devotion, which is the cornerstone of Sacred Partnership.
  7. He doesn’t and isn’t doing the work. And in most cases has no idea that there is even any work he needs to do, because he lacks self awareness. This in turn burdens and burns you out because you are carrying the entire emotional load for everyone.
  8. He gives to get. Everything he does for you has strings attached, an agenda that is disclosed later, or is later done to manipulate you into something you do not want to do (IE: Takes you to dinner, but expects sex)
  9. Has no congruence or coherence. He says one thing, but he does another. The IM talks a good game but there is no substance. Like he constantly is writing you a “bad check” emotionally, where it seems like he is giving you something of value, but when you go to cash it in, there’s nothing there.
  10. He seems to have disdain for the Feminine. He has no idea or grasp on any concept of the Sacredness of the Feminine, and may see them as merely objects for gratification, or to boost his ego (IE: the trophy wife, or porn addiction, or misogynist, viewing women as inferior or troublesome in some way)
  11. Never seems ready for a relationship. But even though he may parrot this constantly, he is treating you as if you are in a relationship, as if his lack of giving it a name, somehow makes it less real in his mind. This also shows lack of Devotion. Be on extra high alert if he pulls this out of his hat after having sex with you.

And how does the Inverted Masculine leave you feeling in his presence and within a relationship with him?

This is important, because often times the Inverted Masculine shows up and at first you cannot tell the difference between him and the Divine, especially in the earlier stages.

If you don’t know if you can trust him, you can most certainly trust what you feel.

And in a relationship with the Inverted Masculine energy you will feel any combination of :

  1. Like you have to “come down” energetically to interact with him. With the IM, you are in 2 entirely different frequency bands, and interacting with him feels like you need to compromise your Higer Vibrational space, and sometimes even soul truth to be with him. You feel what Yeshua referred to as being “unequally yoked”, even if on some levels there are things you genuinely love and appreciate about him.
  2. Feeling as if the entire health of the relationship is entirely dependent on you. You do all the initiating, you do everything to make it work, you initiate all of the emotional intimacy.
  3. Like when you are with him you are being “subtracted from” and not “added to”.
  4. Guarded. Like there no breathing space to truly be you and truly be seen, because it is clear that it will cause problems.
  5. Like a “Resource.” It’s like you are only there so that he can take something from you and when/if you don’t want to give it, his true colors show.
  6. Like you are his mother or therapist, rather than his Queen/Counterpart. When you are striving for emotional healing and Wholeness alongside someone who’s emotional body is still stuck in childhood traumas, patterns, and ways of relating, it results in you often having to “scold” him and tell him how to act because he doesn’t seems to understand basic fundamentals of relating. And guess what….you are like his mother because he is reliving unresolved issues with his Mother (typcially) with you. This dynamic is only sustainable for so long because you will burn out.
  7. You feel like who you really are and what you really want don’t matter. You feel unimportant, unheard, and expendable.
  8. Like sex is all you have to offer or it’s the only thing about you of any value to him.
  9. You feel something is WAY off with him, or within the situation, but you cannot put your finger on it (but you usually ignore this, or blame yourself somehow)
  10. Cognitive Dissonance. And the reason for this is because you are dealing with the discrepancy between the relationship you would like to have (or believe there is the potential to have), but what you actually have in reality is not even close. Cognitive dissonance also sets in when you project things upon the IM but as time goes by, what you projected onto him is not who he really is.
  11. You feel like your true feelings and needs are not being heard, acknowledged or taken seriously. If he will even listen to what you have to say, that is.
  12. Perpetually confused. Nothing is ever defined, you never know who or what you are to them or where you stand and if you try to find out, you are gaslit or he shuts down.

So, what About the Divine Masculine?

What does he look like and how does he make you feel?

While the Divine Masculine may not be perfect (and who is?), he is perfect for you and you can know he is perfect for you not only by how he presents himself.

Just like the Inverted Masculine, you will know him by his fruits in how you feel within the relationship with him.

The DIvine Masculine:

  1. Knows who he is and what he stands for. He is connected to his Truth and that integrity is consistent within his life. He says what he means and means what he says.
  2. He perseveres and “covers you” in your vulnerability. The Divine Masculine knows you have been wounded, and knows you have “your stuff” and creates a safe container within the relationship to be loyal and committed to you and protect the sacredness within you and your battle scars. He is not afraid of things getting messy. He has the broom and mop in his hand and heart.
  3. He has integrated his Feminine. And because he is connected to his own emotions (though they may be processed differently), he is able to have deep emotional intimacy with you and be transparent from a place of authenticity.
  4. He comes to you ready to build. Your King is coming to you to rule the Kingdom with you. So he will have a vision and a skill set, and an anointing very similar to yours. This is not someone you need to rescue, or save, or fix, or martyr yourself out to. He has his own toolkit and Source/God connection and doesn’t need yours.
  5. He has done/is doing the work. When I say this, I don’t necessarily mean he has an altar full of crystals and all the New Age stuff. What I mean by doing the work is he has a testimony, a Hero’s Journey story that he can articulate to you. This testimony is simply the life initiations, what he has learned, what he has discovered about himself and life that has changed him and transformed him in real and palpable ways. This is how you know you are dealing with someone who has depth and is growing. He is kind, giving, gentle.
  6. He is Devoted to you and it shows in what he says and (most importantly) what he does. There is no triangulation with his ex, or attempts to make you jealous to test your love, or feed his ego by making you pine for him. Everything is real, and all the cards are on the table.
  7. He is crazy about your Inner Child and your Inner Child adores him. There is a joy, playfulness, and freedom that is naturally and effortlessly activated within his space where your Inner Child feels free to truly be who she is and be loved.
  8. Everything he does is to protect, honor, cherish and nourish you. Why? Because he is encoded with Christ Energy that effortlessly complements your Sophianic Essence.
  9. He has humility. If he wrongs you, he will do what he can to make it right and you know it is sincere, because things change.
  10. He comes to give. And he brings more to the table than just his dick and manipulative mind games.
  11. He shows up for you. There is no racking your brain trying to guess where you stand. There is no ghosting and/or vanishing for weeks or months at a time only to reappear and throw you some crumbs.

And how do you feel in the space with the Divine Masculine?

  1. Seen and heard.
  2. Safe
  3. Valued
  4. Free, as your old defense mechanisms and walls come down (because they don’t work with him)
  5. Like the Beloved
  6. A little freaked out. This may be because this is so unlike the crazymaking you are so used to. Its a little foreign…but you like it. Maybe even love it.
  7. Like you are his equal.
  8. Joy and lightness as you are not carrying the energetic and emotional burden for someone else who is doing nothing but dumping it into your field.
  9. More like the Goddess you are, rather than less.
  10. Like you are becoming more of the Being you are meant to be, rather than less than.

In closing, please know that the Inverted Masculine can evolve into the Divine Masculine, and just because you have been involved with a man who exudes the IM qualities, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a lost cause.

Anyone can awaken, and choose a new and higher way of being.

That said, whether or not he does evolve and choose to heal has absolutely nothing to do with you and is something entirely beyond your control.

All you can do is be honest with yourself about how much you are willing to take and not be afraid to have standards, because standards are our Masculine creating order, structure, and boundaries about who gets into our Sacred Space and who does not.

We must be fully aligned to heart intelligence.

For not only is the Heart the doorway through which we grant the Divine Masculine entry. It is also through our Heart Knowing and feelings that we can receive the feedback to understand who it is we are truly dealing with, and how to side step inorganic timelines of entanglement with the Inverted Masculine.

It is also for this reason, for those of us who know Union is part of our purpose and calling here, why we must ensure that we openly plunge into our shadow and unhealed trauma, as these often leave the back door open for the Inverted Masculine to sneak in, and to reject the Divine Masculine when he shows up.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you something to reflect on, because there is a new dispensation on the pipeline and it has nothing to do with trying to force an indifferent wishy-washy man to be in a relationship with you and calling it a Divine Partnership.

The illusion is popping.

Get ready.