Immunity from the REAL Virus: Weitiko

Many of you know my stand on the entire CV-19 Scam-demic that has been designed by the Power Elite to usher in a Globalist Tyranny under the cover story of a virus.

I realize this is the stand of many of you as well, as 2020 was the year for 20/20 vision which means seeing things clearly.

As a result, I do not wear a mask, neither do I put one on my daughter but there is one supermarket that is my only option when I am staying at my Mother’s that requires you wear one or they will ask you to leave, so when I go there I half-assed put one on myself, but I wear it under my nose (and much of the time under my chin as an outward show that I am not complying while I appear to be complying)

Not too long ago, I was in this particular supermarket going on about my partially masked business when I approached a woman who was coming at me from the other direction.

She saw my barely there mask and her eyes grew as wide as saucers and she began to back up from me, as if I were coming at her with a gun, yelling rather loudly, “YOU NEED TO PULL THAT MASK UP! YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE EVERYONE IN HERE SICK!”

Typically when I go into the stores maskless or half masked, I may get curious or even disgusted looks from the masked, but never have I ever been confronted with someone who was so horrified that it oozed out of her very essence.

She honestly believed that it is possible for a perfect healthy individual to endanger her and everyone around her

And interestingly enough, as soon as she opened her mouth and began yelling, I felt this sharp, splintering energy emanate from her and hook into my field. It felt like energetic barbed wire. And needless to say, it felt HORRIBLE.

I was guided to contain my field and not address her, so I just sort of gave her a nod and a smile and passed by her (boy was it a HUGE effort not to give her a piece of my mind), because intuitively I felt I was being psychically attacked and to engage with her would have made matters worse, so I just hurried by her and made a mad dash for the aisle to grab Lila’s applesauce.

But once she was out of sight, I stopped for a moment and under my breath had to clear my field from the attack, which was what I call Splitter Tech, which is a form of negative implant spray that comes from highly infected people, and take a moment to gather my senses together as Lila gazed at me curiously.

What in the hell just happened?” I asked The Divine.

The real virus,” were the words that came into my Spirit. “Mind control induced FEAR.

Or in short, Weitiko.

In Native American cultures there is a term called Weitiko.

It is, by indigenous definition, a demonic virus that infect the mind of humanity.

It tricks us into identifying with it and causes its host (which it needs to survive) to mutate by changing in ways that are so far removed from who we truly are at the core of our being.

Hyperdimensional Beings and their Bloodline Families have cast a spell on humanity that runs entirely on fear, creates division between people through the belief that Human Beings are biohazards and therefor must be avoided, group think and blind obedience, and the list goies on and on.

However, if you asked most people what evidence do they have in their personal life and experience that they are actually living in a pandemic that warrants this level of change in the very way our society functions (mutates), if they were honest, probably have little to none.

Moreover, it takes only common sense to see that a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate is hardly a reason to force people into poverty, cause suspicion and mistrust of one another, and suffocate ourselves and our children with non-stop mask wearing over something that is not any more deadly than the seasonal flu.

It is not about a virus, it is about instituting control, and breaking the Human Spirit through arbitrary rules and regulations that change on a dime, inducing poverty, removal of anything “fun”, and a transfer of wealth for Insanely Wealthy Globalists who are already crazy rich (Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon nearly tripled his wealth, while the locally owned Mom and Pop shop was forced closed, and probably eventually went out of business…see how this works?)

But Weitiko disables common sense because we are talking about a Spiritual War that is occurring in an attempt to hijack the ascension timeline to instead implement the Great Reset/New World Order, and modify Human DNA through HIGHLY dangerous vaccine and the planned end game of Transhumanism.

Negative STS beings have brought out big guns in the form of Armageddon Software, which is a malevolent AI malware program downloaded into the Earth Grids to run programs of pestilence, war, famine, and cataclysm.

For those who are not anchoring in their sovereignty and the vibrational state where these programs don’t exist, there is no spiritual immunity, and the true virus takes over and infects one’s consciousness to the point where people are freely handing over their rights and freedoms in order to “stay safe”.

People who are fearful are easiest to control, and one of the most powerful fears IS the fear of death, due to misunderstanding about what Death truly is.

However when people are disconnected from their Spirit, and understanding about the “form change” or transformation that death truly is, and have grown so attached to their form and experience, then they will give their power away to anyone who appears to have the solution…without even taking the time to question whether that solution is in their best interest, or even makes sense.

As Starseeds and Lightworkers, we are part of an intervention team that agreed to come here as part of the Ground Crew to support Earth and Humanity at this time of the Great Shift, that is underway even as we speak.

And in this role, we must build up our Spiritual Immunity through our commitment to embodying truth. 

We are at a juncture where we can no longer play safe, and allow ourselves to become distracted and side tracked so that we can rise up in our power, by awakening first to our True Angelic Identity.

We must be willing to think for ourselves and not give our power over to experts and authorities that do not have our best interests at heart and are, in fact, either knowingly or unknowingly being used in a malicious plan against humanity.

We must rise up and stand in what the bible refers to as the Full Armor of God (which are actual energetic artifacts that are infused in the Lightbody) with hearts full of compassion when we witness people running around like Chicken Little (like my friend in the Supermarket) by understanding people are simply not aware of the level to which they have been duped and mind controlled and have compassion: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

There is a pandemic, alright.

But it is an insidious malware program inserted by desperate malevolent forces that are scrambling right now, because the Christ/Sophia has returned.

Stand strong in the Light of All that you are, and What you have come here to do is all the vaccine you will ever truly need from the REAL virus.