Getting Down to the Heart of the Matter

Heart Energy is Our SuperPower!

Have you ever wondered why in most SuperHero movies and cartoons, etc, the SuperHero seems to always have the symbol or insignia of their identity on their chest?

(No, there’s no punchline here, and I am sure this is just one of many weird things that I, and not too many other people ponder lol)

All kidding aside, there is a powerful truth within the Archetype of the Superhero that actually holds deep spiritual wisdom about not just the importance, but the power of the Heart Portal.

Just as Batman, or Superman, etc carry the stamp of their identities across the Heart Portal area, in a similar way, we also house our Soul Signature and stream our Soul Energy from the Heart Center/Chakra.

And so our Heart Holds the Imprint of our True Organic Identity Stream.

And in a time like that which we are living in now, connecting and “live streaming” our Love and Joy is indeed our Superpower as Way-Showers.

I mean, just look at all of the amazing things that happen within the Heart Portal:

  • We emit and receive Love of all shades here (Eros/Romantic Love, Agape/Divine and Unconditional Love, Phileo/Love Between Friends and Tribe, Stergo/Love of a parent for children)
  • It is the bridge that moves our Life Force from the Lower Personality Matrix of our Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus and into our Higher Chakra Centers and multidimensional ranges.
  • It corresponds with our Astral Body of our Personal Auric Ionosphere
  • It is where we generate and feel joy (in fact feeling joyless is a red flag that something is wrong in your Heart Portal)
  • It is the first strata layer of our Soul Matrix, or the seat of holding and broadcasting our Soul Stream
  • We house our Inner Child Architecture here.
  • It has a special relationship with our Sacral Chakra, as the Sacral houses denser emotional energies, and the Heart houses the Higher Emotional spectrum. As a side note here, as a result, if our Pain Body is overloaded, the Organic Upward spiral of our energy will not cross the Heart Bridge and we magnetize from the level of our Pain Body contents until we are able to release the trauma or emotional baggage and move into Higher Intelligence. The is the reason we are called to do so much inner work on the spiritual path, because unpacking the Pain Body contents enables us to Embody the Heart and spiral upwards.

Not only that, but the heart chakra governs both our Heart and our Lungs (among other things) and the amazing thing about Respiratory and Circulatory Physiology is it is such a powerful analogy of what actually occurs within the Heart Portal.

Both the Lungs and the Heart serve to circulate oxygen and blood to our vital organs.

In a similar way, our Heart Chakra pumps the codes from our Source God DNA throughout our bio-circuitry manifesting in Krystic frequencies such as joy, the ability to Love Self and Others, Unity Consciousness , compassion and empathy.

Is it any wonder that we are enduring a “pandemic” that affects the lungs in a world where so many are disconnected from their true Soul Essence, and living joy-less lives, disconnected from Gaia, and with mountains of emotional pain that they don’t know exactly what to do with.

And completely disconnected from the Truth of Who they are.

As above, so below as they say.

When I think about the Universal 6 Year that is 2022, and how it vibrates to the Lovers Card in the Major Arcana, I am starting to realize that this isn’t just about “Lovers” in the sense of a romantic partnership with another person.

But it is truly about being a Love-r.

One who Loves.

And this is what Embodying the Heart enables us to do…to house the vibrational resonance of who we truly are (Soul Matrix).

And as we do, we magnetize from the Heart that which reflects who we truly are and as we do this, it circulates Joy throughout our being that we broadcast out into our Lives from our Soul Stream and blesses others.

Or in other words, it circulates…just like our circulatory system.

And if one of the heart’s blood vessels is narrowed, blocked, or not functioning, what happens?

It doesn’t circulate. This is essentially what occurs in heart or lung failure.

And similarly, when there is blockage and congestion in the heart portal, our joy and Love for Self and Others cannot circulate, and stagnation settles into our lives and consciousness.

This is why maintaining, and prioritizing heart portal health is crucial this year (and every year really), because it is our Soul Identity that we “wear on our chest”.

It truly is the Seat of our “Superpower” on this Sacred Journey.

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