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The Resurrection and Return of the Divine Masculine : This is a webinar I conducted on through 10 of Cups Ministries on Solstice/Fathers Day 2020 about the return of the Christos, or Holy Father Energy to the earth, and the Spiritual Community and how this is impacting the Masculine on the planet and setting the stage for Unions to come online in ways they were not previously able to. It features an activation on releasing The False Tyrannical Father, The Absent Masculine Program, and attraction to fallen masculine archetypes.

Stepping Into Sovereignty: This healing call and activation explores the necessity for Sovereignty, what it is, and what works against it. Even though this was originally a call I did around the time of the Full Moon in Leo in February 2020, the information and message is timeless and so important.

Enjoy the blog post on Consciousness Traps? Take it to the next level with the October 2020 Healing Call conducted at 10 of Cups Ministries, including an activation on Unlocking Consciousness Traps. Click here!

Vaxx Briefing and God Seal Activation: Understanding the COVID -19 Vaccine and the implications for the New Earth Timeline. Includes the GodSeal Activation to protect from weaponized frequency and bioweaponry. Conducted 7/17/21

Need SOS immediate prayer and energetic support for a crisis situation? Check out my completely free Lifeline Request Transmission Service (offered through Sophia Returns Sister website, Phoenix Heart Ministries)that brings in 72 hours of healing transmissions.