In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, The Empress is the archetype of creation, fertility, pregnancy.

She is the archetype of Spring Equinox and the archetype that exists within all of us, regardless of whether we are male or female, as she is the keeper of the portal into new timelines.

However, new timelines cannot anchor unless we make room for them, much like a gardener must clear out space and work the soil to plant new seeds.

Before we can hold newer and higher frequency sets, it is important for us to clear out the old (hence spring cleaning as a “thing”), whether this is old limiting beliefs, old thought constructs, old relationships, old channels for abundance.  For the more we cling to things that were a vibrational match to the person we used to be, rather than what is emerging, the more we experience energetic lockdown.

As we do this, the New comes into view for us organically and finds us with everything we need to effortlessly advance into new stories and the ability to create from the Empress energy.

The Empress Code is not just limited to the equinox portals, but is a comprehensive chakra and lightbody clearing designed to:

  • Anchor your Lightbody Matrix on the New Earth Grid System and Your Organic Timeline
  • Eliminate entrainment with frequency fields connected to old identities.
  • Clear out your Lightbody and Chakra Pillar in preparation with holding more of the organic Diamond Sun Template.
  • Activate Heiros Gamos Creation Code within to maximize your own personal Empress Codes of Creation
  • Clear the Stellar Gateway for more clarity between you and your Soul Star (where personal blueprint templates are often stored)
  • Facilitates energetic room for the new by creating space for it within the fields.

This activation is structured so that it can be used as a daily meditation or go-to Lightbody Clearing!