Do you consider yourself to by in a Twin Flame situation and:

  • The devastation, depression, heartbreak, rejection you experience within the relationship dynamics far outweighs anything lasting, joyful, or positive?
  • You are plagued with obsessive thoughts about your Twin Flame, even to the point where you don’t welcome or want these thoughts or they interfere with your normal functioning?
  • You are given advice and guidance from your guides, angels, and intuition and see all kinds of signs and sychronisities heralding Union or change, but the situation stays the same, or gets worse?
  • You have more of a relationship with them in 5D than you do in 3D reality?
  • No matter how much inner work you do, nothing changes, or if it does its very temporary?
  • Your Twin Flame emotionally abuses you, gaslights you, invalidates or doesn’t seem to care about your feelings, flaunts other love interests in front of you, or seems to want sex and not much more?
  • Your Twin Flame returns periodically, and it seems like there is hope, but then they vanish, dashing your hope and your heart to pieces (commonly called running and chasing)
  • Your Twin Flame treats you with incredible disrespect and disregard, but you believe its all a mirror of what is inside you?
  • You hear voices that you are told are your Twin Flame’s Higher Self or Guides, or you are having sex in 5D, or sexual experiences with your Twin Flame’s Higher Self?
  • Believe someone completely unavailable and disinterested or someone you barely know or have no real opportunity to get to know is your Beloved?
  • What you believe about the situation and what is actually happening are on opposite ends of the spectrum?
  • Remain in a looping pattern of heartbreak and abandonment that has taken its toll on you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and maybe even financially and physically?

If you have said yes to many of these situations, there is a strong likelihood that you are entangled in a False Light Twin Flame Interface.

The False Light Twin Flame Interface is a energy harvesting and siphoning system that has been inserted into the spiritual community by negative Intruder races. It creates a synthetic soul connection with a person who acts as a portal to break you down, and devastate you over and over so that the Negative Entities can feed off of your emotional energy.

It also serves to derail you from your True Ascension Path by redirecting all of your energy and focus on Union with someone who has been hijacked, and ultimately consume all of your life force, focus, and attention.

It also blocks the path to your true Union, which your Hieros Gamos partner who will NOT run away from you, abuse you, play head games, ignore you, gaslight you, and treat you as if you are invisible.

Additionally, it also serves to completely destroy your Ascension/Awakening by creating doubt in God, doubt in Spirituality, and to keep you locked and looping in your pain body, rather than getting free.

Unfortunately, this interface has been strongly promoted in Twin Flame circles in the form of inverted teachings that a relationship where someone clearly is not interested or cannot show up for you is something that you need to sit around and wait on or wait for (the dangling carrot), and that when they are misusing and abusing you, it is a reflection of YOU and your vibration and beliefs (the mirror effect: which is not much more than Gaslighting when used in this context).

God does not require that you suffer just to be in a relationship with someone. God does not require that you sit and wait on someone who is not even truly there with you and call that something Sacred.

It is time for this to end NOW.

In Collapsing the False Light Twin Flame Interface, we will spend 30 minutes exploring what has happened. I will provide intuitive guidance and coaching.

Then for 30 minutes I will enter the field with energy work, Language of Light, and other Christed Tools to remove corrupted codes, tags and mind control technology manifesting as obsessive thoughts, unplug your energy from false light templates and timelines, disengage all enmeshment with the person in question and release all contracts as needed, and bring in healing for all ancestral, inner child, and karmic patterns that may have created openings for this to come in. I will also build up your Hieros Gamos architecture and Blueprint that holds the template for your True Union.

For some, this service may require ongoing support, so for your convenience, I have made it possible for you to book session packages, depending on how severe your situation is. In additional sessions we may explore other healing modalities such as Quantum Timeline Repair, or Restoring Queen Codes.

One 60 Minute Session: $222

Package of 3 60 Minutes Session: $555

Package of 6 60 Minute Sessions: $1221

Payment plans are available for the package sessions only. Email me directly if you are having financial challenges and we can work something out.

Please click here to book your appointment now!

Not sure if this is even a problem for you, take the test below: Are You Dealing with the False Light Twin Flame Interface?


I am finally coming back with a feedback on the collapsing false twin flame session we had… the truth is that after the session, on some level it felt like a huge burden was lifted and for the first 2 weeks I felt so free. No more thinking about the false twin, no more dreaming of him… I was excited and eager to focus on me and my growth and evolution. I am now aware that no matter how much I wanted to save him he can only save himself if that is his path and choice.” –Andrea T