Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: Renewing the Mind

So, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is looming on the horizon, and as we all know by now, the signature energy of this 3 week time period of Mercury Retrograde is all about the “Re”, whether it is re-thinking, re-considering, re-calibrating.

And with this upcoming retrograde season, we enter into the element of Air (Gemini), and into the Mental Body to Re-New Our Minds Through Truth.

Back in my churchier days, one of my favorite scriptures in the bible was found in Romans 12:2, which stated : “Be not conformed to the pattern of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you might be able to discern the perfect will of God”

And, while I don’t want to turn this into a Sunday School lesson,  this is what the essence of this upcoming retrograde experience feels like as I tune into the fields around. 

There is a renewal and transformation coming in offering a clean sweep of the Mental body, an upgrade of beliefs, and new understanding about Truth and what it is that is allowing us to build up our Masculine Architecture as we advance toward the Solstice Portal.

And this is not just within us personally, but also within the collective, as many are beginning to see through the lies and bullshit that has been sold to us, as that facade becomes flimsier and flimsier by the day.

As waves of plasma light saturate the Earth grids from the heart of the Christos, and as grids that were formerly hijacked by the Forces that seek to offset the ascension timeline and gain control over the earths resources are reclaimed and cleaned up by Krystic Forces in the Higher Dimensional Ranges (and their ground crew in the form of gridworkers), the overall light quotient increases upon the Earth.

And what does Light do?

It enables us to see in the dark.

It enables us to see more clearly.

When we do, we know what is really there.  This what discovering truth entails…exposing what is truly there.

In this way, there is an increase coming in of exposure, both on a planetary level and personal level of deceptions, agendas, and illusions that were holding humanity and our consciousness hostage (for a lack of better term), which in turn was disempowering us away from our true roles, identity, and purpose.

This has occurred primarily by way of the Mental Body, because it is within the Mental body that we hold the networks of what it is that we believe.

And what we believe shapes our perceptions. 

Whether we realize it or not,  there has been a silent War on Perceptions that has served to disempower us, and it has been going on for a very long time.

However, the past year especially, it has truly gained momentum in the most blatant ways, for those who have eyes to see.

The incoming Plasma Waves and Grid Re-storations and Re-clamations are enabling us to wake up to the consciousness traps and entanglements that have kept us from truly coming online in our sovereignty by seeing though the BS that has been presented to us as truth as a prelude to full embodiment, as everything hidden is being disclosed.

This is huge because it opens pathways for true Inner Hieros Gamos in which our Inner Masculine, who is the holder of the Codex (or Sword of Truth), is able to protect the Innocence and Sacredness of our Inner Feminine by keeping her safe from further exploitation and manipulation that has kept us previously limited.

Within the Macrocosm, this allows for more souls to awaken and pull their energy out of the descending timelines and inorganic matrices so that there are more on the New Earth Timeline, or at the very least positioned in that direction.

Knowledge is power may sound so incredibly cliche, but it is honestly Profound Spiritual Truth. 

This is why there is such a war on information at this time, as whistleblowers, and Truthers are being suppressed and censored, and the rise of Cabal owned and funded “fact checkers” predominate the internet, serving as the “Ministry of Truth”.

He who controls the information, controls perception  and can manipulate it to suit their own purposes.

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde will serve largely to expose how this has been occurring and to what extent, within our own lives and within the collective. 

It will usher in new information and new light to expose where our beliefs and perceptions are misaligned to our True Organic Timeline, which will reach critical mass during the window of time between Solstice and Lion’s Gate in August. 

There will be a lot of exploration of themes around what is true and what is false, what am I believing that is keeping me trapped, where is the Truth asking for me to be free, who is lying to me?
It will offer us the Sword of Truth, that we might cut ourselves free from entanglements of the mind.  As this occurs, it will offer a powerful course correct, and for many, liberation from any areas of your life where you were looping around with or in confusion because the Sword of Truth cuts through the BS, as they say.

We will be gifted with an opportunity to integrate new information, which brings me to the next point about the upcoming Retrograde.

Many of us, particularly those who identify as Starseeds, will experience in Re-connection to our Star Families, and as the Diamond Sun Template and DNA activate, strong vertical alignment with our Higher Selves in ways we have not been able to previously access because of the frequency nets that have been in place (and still are, but are rapidly losing their power)

With this reconnect comes communication from the Higher Dimensions that will begin to terminate our need for outsourcing our information through psychics and other means, as our personal instruction sets will be made more available to us about what is our role to play, and what the next coordinate is on our timeline.

This is where the 5 Energy of 2021 plays out through the Major Arcana archetype of The Hierophant , where we become the intermediary between the Divine and “man”, much like the Pope figure on the Hierophant card depicts. 

We will begin to move into a level of embodiment where we speak the Truths of God/Source into the lives of others, and truly serve as ambassadors in this way, whether it is with large groups, or just the person in the cubicle next to yours at work who is on the fence about things.

It will be essential to release people pleasing fears, and fear of what others think of us to truly carry this mantle, so if you struggle with that, now might be a good time to work through that, because fear of this nature will shut this down and the Divine cannot flow through you.

In closing, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini will be upping the ante through information, knowledge, and truth. 

Communication centers are clearing, and new architecture in the form of Higher Chakra portals are coming online (if you are being plagued with headaches, stiff upper neck and shoulder stuff, or throat and sinusy stuff, this is probably you).

Great victories are being won for the New Earth Timeline that we don’t yet fully see, but will be evident to all if we are patient. 

It doesn’t mean we are in the clear and everything is all good in the Hood,  but it does mean that everything we will need to know to embody the level of consciousness and frequency required to progress in ways we couldn’t before because of distorted or withheld information that skewed or perceptions are ripe for transformation.
Unusual, but very exciting times indeed!

With all things, please take what resonates for you with this message and leave the rest!

**PS, if you would really like to work with these energies and rocket-boost the Mental Body “clean sweep”, I highly recommend checking out my activation: Mental Body Recoding as a tool to work with this retrograde season (and beyond!)

Immunity from the REAL Virus: Weitiko

Many of you know my stand on the entire CV-19 Scam-demic that has been designed by the Power Elite to usher in a Globalist Tyranny under the cover story of a virus.

I realize this is the stand of many of you as well, as 2020 was the year for 20/20 vision which means seeing things clearly.

As a result, I do not wear a mask, neither do I put one on my daughter but there is one supermarket that is my only option when I am staying at my Mother’s that requires you wear one or they will ask you to leave, so when I go there I half-assed put one on myself, but I wear it under my nose (and much of the time under my chin as an outward show that I am not complying while I appear to be complying)

Not too long ago, I was in this particular supermarket going on about my partially masked business when I approached a woman who was coming at me from the other direction.

She saw my barely there mask and her eyes grew as wide as saucers and she began to back up from me, as if I were coming at her with a gun, yelling rather loudly, “YOU NEED TO PULL THAT MASK UP! YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE EVERYONE IN HERE SICK!”

Typically when I go into the stores maskless or half masked, I may get curious or even disgusted looks from the masked, but never have I ever been confronted with someone who was so horrified that it oozed out of her very essence.

She honestly believed that it is possible for a perfect healthy individual to endanger her and everyone around her

And interestingly enough, as soon as she opened her mouth and began yelling, I felt this sharp, splintering energy emanate from her and hook into my field. It felt like energetic barbed wire. And needless to say, it felt HORRIBLE.

I was guided to contain my field and not address her, so I just sort of gave her a nod and a smile and passed by her (boy was it a HUGE effort not to give her a piece of my mind), because intuitively I felt I was being psychically attacked and to engage with her would have made matters worse, so I just hurried by her and made a mad dash for the aisle to grab Lila’s applesauce.

But once she was out of sight, I stopped for a moment and under my breath had to clear my field from the attack, which was what I call Splitter Tech, which is a form of negative implant spray that comes from highly infected people, and take a moment to gather my senses together as Lila gazed at me curiously.

What in the hell just happened?” I asked The Divine.

The real virus,” were the words that came into my Spirit. “Mind control induced FEAR.

Or in short, Weitiko.

In Native American cultures there is a term called Weitiko.

It is, by indigenous definition, a demonic virus that infect the mind of humanity.

It tricks us into identifying with it and causes its host (which it needs to survive) to mutate by changing in ways that are so far removed from who we truly are at the core of our being.

Hyperdimensional Beings and their Bloodline Families have cast a spell on humanity that runs entirely on fear, creates division between people through the belief that Human Beings are biohazards and therefor must be avoided, group think and blind obedience, and the list goies on and on.

However, if you asked most people what evidence do they have in their personal life and experience that they are actually living in a pandemic that warrants this level of change in the very way our society functions (mutates), if they were honest, probably have little to none.

Moreover, it takes only common sense to see that a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate is hardly a reason to force people into poverty, cause suspicion and mistrust of one another, and suffocate ourselves and our children with non-stop mask wearing over something that is not any more deadly than the seasonal flu.

It is not about a virus, it is about instituting control, and breaking the Human Spirit through arbitrary rules and regulations that change on a dime, inducing poverty, removal of anything “fun”, and a transfer of wealth for Insanely Wealthy Globalists who are already crazy rich (Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon nearly tripled his wealth, while the locally owned Mom and Pop shop was forced closed, and probably eventually went out of business…see how this works?)

But Weitiko disables common sense because we are talking about a Spiritual War that is occurring in an attempt to hijack the ascension timeline to instead implement the Great Reset/New World Order, and modify Human DNA through HIGHLY dangerous vaccine and the planned end game of Transhumanism.

Negative STS beings have brought out big guns in the form of Armageddon Software, which is a malevolent AI malware program downloaded into the Earth Grids to run programs of pestilence, war, famine, and cataclysm.

For those who are not anchoring in their sovereignty and the vibrational state where these programs don’t exist, there is no spiritual immunity, and the true virus takes over and infects one’s consciousness to the point where people are freely handing over their rights and freedoms in order to “stay safe”.

People who are fearful are easiest to control, and one of the most powerful fears IS the fear of death, due to misunderstanding about what Death truly is.

However when people are disconnected from their Spirit, and understanding about the “form change” or transformation that death truly is, and have grown so attached to their form and experience, then they will give their power away to anyone who appears to have the solution…without even taking the time to question whether that solution is in their best interest, or even makes sense.

As Starseeds and Lightworkers, we are part of an intervention team that agreed to come here as part of the Ground Crew to support Earth and Humanity at this time of the Great Shift, that is underway even as we speak.

And in this role, we must build up our Spiritual Immunity through our commitment to embodying truth. 

We are at a juncture where we can no longer play safe, and allow ourselves to become distracted and side tracked so that we can rise up in our power, by awakening first to our True Angelic Identity.

We must be willing to think for ourselves and not give our power over to experts and authorities that do not have our best interests at heart and are, in fact, either knowingly or unknowingly being used in a malicious plan against humanity.

We must rise up and stand in what the bible refers to as the Full Armor of God (which are actual energetic artifacts that are infused in the Lightbody) with hearts full of compassion when we witness people running around like Chicken Little (like my friend in the Supermarket) by understanding people are simply not aware of the level to which they have been duped and mind controlled and have compassion: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

There is a pandemic, alright.

But it is an insidious malware program inserted by desperate malevolent forces that are scrambling right now, because the Christ/Sophia has returned.

Stand strong in the Light of All that you are, and What you have come here to do is all the vaccine you will ever truly need from the REAL virus.

Unlocking Consciousness Traps

You may have heard it said many times in the spiritual community that our thoughts create our reality.

This is a bit of an oversimplification, because if you notice, not everything that you think necessarily happens.

In fact I have had many occasions when I have had a particular thought that did not manifest, and many times the complete opposite happened! I am sure you have too.

I have found that it is not so much our thoughts create our reality, but it is much more accurate to say that our beliefs shape our reality because our beliefs then become the lens through which we view our entire world.

Someone who believes the world is a horrible and unsafe place will live their lives in fear and apprehension, and see that reflected back to them, unlike someone who knows they are truly Divinely Supported and guided in all things.

This is not to dismiss the importance of our thoughts in this process because thoughts are like the seedlings of our beliefs.

Thoughts are a neutral information packet that we bring to life through our agreement that they are true.

When we give our agreement away in this way, it gives birth to a belief, which over time becomes a template, which in turn (depending upon the nature of the belief) can become a consciousness trap.

A consciousness trap is simply a belief that we hold to as the truth, even though doing so is working against us (whether this is readily apparent or not), moving us out of alignment, or otherwise not truly working for us.

This is why if we are to truly anchor Spiritual Sovereignty, Empowerment and Freedom, we cannot do so unless we are willing to reassess our beliefs, keep our mind open, and allow for organic expansion into new and higher levels of truth.

As you may have heard me say many times, anything that is alive is growing, and one of the most fundamental signs of growth is change.

When we are 4 years old, we might believe that the water in our tea party set teapot is truly tea, but at 8 years old we no longer believe that because we know better. As you reflect, I am sure you will find that what you believed a decade about yourself and life and what you believe now are like night and day, as your perspective changed through life experience and inner growth.

Imagine how bizarre it would be at 44 years old holding a tea party with stuffed animals and pouring imaginary tea and believing it is real!

And in a similar way, what may have supported us, been helpful, or true at one point in our spiritual journey may keep us locked into a vibrational bandwidth that keeps us spiritually stuck and stunted, if we are not willing to explore what it is we believe and why, or open up to additional layers of truth.

This is essential, because as we accelerate into and onto the New Earth Timeline and the frequencies update themselves, many things that we may have learned even a few years ago may be obsolete, or the trajectory may have shifted and that information is no longer relevant.

Even second hand information is becoming obsolete, for as we ascend the guru/devotee relationship is collapsing as individuals are empowered into their own vertical connection to Source and Light information, instead of outsourcing their information to someone else who “has all the answers”, when in truth, no one has YOUR answers but you.

This is also the primary way in which we become stuck in consciousness traps, by delegating another outside of ourselves to do all of our spiritual “thinking” for us and we just go along with the ride because it “resonates” (more on that in a minute), and in doing do we give our Power away.

Giving our power away is the very antithesis to Sovereign, Empowered, Free living and being.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are always going to be times when we need information, teachings, and the codes of another to support us in our journey, no matter how far we feel we have come along. Expansion never ends, and it is the downloads and gifts of another that may be key to supporting us into Higher States of Understanding.

Interdependence is part of the magic of this journey, after all.

But Consciousness Traps begin to stifle our growth when we refuse to question what we believe, why we believe it, and if it is in fact is truly serving us and working for us.

Many times, it is information (which basically consist of the thoughts of another) that we have give our spoken or unspoken agreement to as being truth for us…and then we stay there because it is what we are “supposed to believe” and then we become enmeshed with its templating and all that goes along with it, many times to our emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical detriment.

A good example of a consciousness trap is the popular new age belief that emotions such as anger, and sadness lower your vibration so you should only focus on what is positive.

What this belief does is it hinders us from the fullness of the experience of being human and causes us to gaslight ourselves by invalidating our true feelings and stuff them down.

(On a side note, how much does this truly differ from the external gaslighting we received around how we truly feel and what we truly need in our toxic and dysfunctional family dynamics growing up?)

In this act of “auto-gaslighting”, we are disempowered from receiving the true healing that we need. Our feelings are our internal alarm system that something is wrong, and any time that we are being taught that there are certain ones that we need to ignore for any reason, then we do ourselves a huge disservice as we stuff those emotions down “somewhere” (where they will reappear elsewhere at some point, often in the physical body as dis-ease)

One of my beloved Ascension Mentors once said that ascension is 90% emotional healing. How can we heal something if we won’t even look at it, acknowledge it, or write it off as something low-vibrating?

And since I mentioned anger, can I just say that anger is one of the biggest signs that our boundaries and personal sovereignty has been breeched. Anger can be the catalyst for change and transmutation, hence why anger is often symbolized by fire.

The element of fire is an alchemizing agent, which breaks down complex forms into something simple, much like it will burn a log down into pure carbon.

It works in a similar way in our lives, depending on how we channel it.

Another one that you have heard me talk about in my work with Twin Flames is the belief that the Twin Flame relationship includes a dynamic called running and chasing.

The popularly held belief is that running and chasing is a normal natural process of Sacred Partnership. Or in other words, it is somehow a blessed and sacred thing, for your partner to reject you and ignore you and you continue to pursue them and pine away for them, even if they show no signs of reciprocation, because it is part of the process.

In my many years of supporting Twin Flames, I have seen many set themselves up for tormenting cycles of Narcissistic Abuse-related devalue and discard, throw away many years of their lives waiting and waiting, and become held hostage in inorganic timelines set in motion by the False Twin Flame Program Interface, and block out a partner that actually wants to be present and available in their life through this belief system.

And they unknowingly do this through this Running and Chasing Consciousness trap, without exploring this matter further, or even asking: Does it make sense that Infinitely Loving God/Source demand I suffer excruciating rejection and heartbreak just to be in a relationship as some sort of requirement or rite of passage to Union?

The truth of it is, God/Source wouldn’t “do” this.

Who actually would is an entirely different matter, but I will say that deeming rejection and desertion as Divine Sacred Love is an Inversion, and there are malevolent beings who work entirely on pumping inversions into the grids of the collective, but that is the subject matter of an entirely different article.

We will save that one for some other time.

And while we are on the topic of consciousness traps, I want to talk a little bit about the danger of the statement “take what resonates and leave the rest.” or tendency in spiritual circles to only agree to what makes us “warm and fuzzy inside.”.

The reason why this can be detrimental is that when we are stuck in a consciousness trap and we are unaware or vehemetly consciously or unconsciously clinging to a belief system, we develop a bit of confirmation bias.

This simply means when we come across information that confirms what we already believe (again, without exploring the implications of believing it), we feel good about it.

But if something challenges that belief and we don’t like it or fear it on some level, we say it doesn’t resonate.

What we often are actually doing when we say something does not resonate is shutting down because it has triggered us in some way.

I will be the first to say that some of by biggest shifts in consciousness have come by way of information that has deeply triggered me that I immediately shut down, but the more I committed to my Organic Ascension Timeline and expansion, the more additional confirmation, downloads, and understanding that came in, and I was able to change my beliefs and experience even more shifts.

Being triggered doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the information you have come across.

It could very well mean that there is a part of you that is resisting change and because the information could bring about change, that part of you immediately dismisses it as “not resonating”.

If we are truly surrendered to our Organic Ascension Timeline and Spiritual Growth, the wisest thing we can do when something doesn’t resonate is sit with the information for a while and ask ourselves if it is a knee-jerk reaction to our own cognitive dissonance and the discomfort that creates, or is this truly not for us.

If we can do that with an open heart and open mind and ask God/Source and our Higher Selves for more clarification we might find a new door opening for us.

Consciousness traps are comfort zones constructs for the mind.

They serve as reality bubbles that the Lower Mind sometimes guards ferociously to maintain its position., but what it really does is continue to enslave you and lock you down in timelines and in patterns that keep you stuck.

We unlock these traps through the Sword of Truth, which largely comes in from our Inner Masculine.

Our Inner Christos, or Masculine holds the template of Truth, and utilizes this Sword to protect us by popping these reality bubbles when they are not aligned with our Individual Blueprint, or when they have served their purpose and are now way beyond the expiration date.

The truth sets you free but sometimes pisses you off a little….(or a lot) at first.

In closing, Consciousness Traps can lock us down in ignorance , which by definition means the state of being unaware, or lacking knowledge and information.

One of the most powerful quotes I have ever heard about ignorance was made by Ameen Rahini, Lebanese-American Poet and Activist:

” Ignorance and fear are twins whose mother is slavery and whose father is oppression…”

And while the terms slavery and oppression may come off as a bit extreme, especially in the context of this blog post, what is slavery but the complete polar opposite of Freedom?

If the reality we are creating by consciousness traps keep us from experiencing the fullness of our Divinity, Personal Empowerment, and the next level of Embodiment of our Own Multidimensional Avatar Self, then we must break free.

If we are stuck in a timeline that is inorganic, we much break free.

If we are not thriving and feeling good about where we are, we much break free.

The prerequisitie to breaking free is to first determine what we are in bondage to.

What do our mental confinements consist of?

This requires humility, honesty, a willingness to grow, and expand into higher levels of spiritual mastery and enlightenment.

Anything that is growing is changing. This includes us.

This includes what we believe.

What is Your Organic Timeline? (and how do you know if your on it?)

A large part of my support as a Healer and Oracle is helping people collapse out inorganic timelines, and anchor onto their organic timeline.

But exactly what is an organic timeline?

Well, let’s begin by breaking down both terms to better grasp what it is that I mean.

A timeline, in its most simplest of definitions, is a trajectory of your life path.

It is simply a storyline of your life that you are creating by way of your frequency, choices, and decisions. It is a sequential series of events that make up the flow of your life over a period of time.

And while we would like to think our lives are static, there are actually infinite numbers of timelines that exist in the quantum field as unmanifested reality.

For example, when deciding what to have for dinner that evening, you go to look in the fridge, and you see ingredients to make salad, and you also see ingredients to make pasta. Because making pasta is too much work and you are feeling lazy, you decide to make salad, and so that is the timeline you choose, although there is an unmanifested timeline in which you are making pasta instead.

In this example, the timeline of having salad for dinner was influenced by your emotional state (feeling lazy and wanting something easy) and the choices and actions you made as a result.

This is why it is somewhat futile to solicit a psychic to read your future, because the future is quite malleable, and is dependent upon our frequency and/or emotional state, our choices and our decisions.

The information the psychic gives you about your future is a probable outcome, at best, which depends on many other factors that may (or may not) be beyond your control. Timelines are always changing, so therefore a psychic can only give you a probable future based on the current alignment, at best.

What does organic mean?

Well, if you use the example given from agriculture, such as organic produce, it indicates something that has grown without pesiticdes, chemicals, additives, antibiotics or stimulants.

Or in other words, there are no unnatural or foreign agents added to the growth process. It is grown and cultivated in its purest state.

So when I mention organic timeline, what I mean is the trajectory of your life storyline in its purest form, without anything synthetic added that is not part of your Personal Blueprint.

It is the unfolding of the “instruction set” that you came into the planet encoded with that holds the codex for what you are here to do, what you are here to learn, what you are here to accomplish, and how and why you have this blueprint to accomplish these things.

This typically becomes our point of focus once we begin to become activated, and begin awakening. It is as though these codes begin to come online and we begin to seek out how to release the toxins, in the form of our conditioning, programming and overlays, so that we can begin to conduct our lives in accordance to the Divine Plan, which is our True Divine Blueprint.

Within this template, or blueprint, is our true Mission codes, our gifts, our Union codes, our true Abundance codes, and everything we need to be, do, and have everything that we have come here to be do and have.

The problem that arises for so many of us is that we have spent years, if not lifetimes, being programmed with corrupted files about who we are, what we are, what this journey is truly all about, and what this life is truly all about.

So much so, that connecting to the interface that contains the blueprint of our Truest Timeline becomes a challenge due to the veil of forgetfulness that descends upon us when we enter the earth plane at birth.

And it is from this amnesiac state that we begin to co-create our lives, and sometimes become so entrenched in the storyline that coming out of these timelines is no easy feat!

Our timelines are many, yet there is one that is the strongest match to our Unique Energetic Signature, and once we have purified ourselves to connect to who we are at a soul level and surrender to the Divine Will, we begin to find that we are able to anchor onto that one with grace and ease.

When we accomplish this, we are then on our organic timeline.

Do we see the end of challenges, and attack, and lessons, and problems on our organic timeline?

Absolutely not.

Our organic timeline is not necessarily the one where we are breezing through life without a problem. There is a part of us in our humanity that doesn’t want to suffer or go through trials and tribulations. And that’s completely understandable.

I mean, who in their right mind wants to suffer?

However, we all must experience hardships of some sort because it is within these challenges that we learn valuable soul lessons, or are presented with the opportunity to shed more of the inorganic structures and templates that have prevented us from truly showing up in our lives in our full sovereignty and empowerment.

How many of you would never have known how to operate from full discernment, if you never went through a situation of being deceived?

Or learned boundaries from being in a relationship where your boundaries were being bulldozed?

Adversity often shows up to assist us in building up some Divine Virtue or another, much like weight and pressure must be used to build up physical muscle when weight training.

How you determine that you are on your organic timeline is by first being honest with yourself about your life and asking: Does this feel right?

There is something synthetic and off about how we feel in our lives when we are not on our organic timeline.

Our relationships don’t really feel like “us”. Where we live doesn’t feel like “us”, and there is an over all feeling that you are a round peg in a square hole in just about everything you do.

You constantly feel like there is somewhere you need to be, and where you are “ain’t it”.

Things tend to not flow when we are not on our organic timeline, but even if they do, it still doesn’t feel “right” and you are not accomplishing, doing, or being anything that you are meant to do or be.

There is this overshadowing feeling of being a supporting actor in someone else’s movie, whether you can identify who the “someone else” is or not.

How can you begin to anchor on your organic timeline?

The first step would be surrender to Divine Will.

For many of us this can be scary, because deep down we think the Divine Will is going to be less than what we are hoping to create for ourselves, and we refuse to give up the driver’s seat when in all honesty the opposite is usually true.

What we envision for ourselves and what God/Source actually has for us is typically night and day, and since we live in a free will Universe, we are free to “have it our way”, often times to our detriment.

Misalignment happens when we attempt to “micromanage” God/Source by imposing our will, which is what we want, how we think it happen, and when it should come into play.

I recall a story that a woman shared with me some time ago about how in love she was with a young man whom she believed whole heartedly to be her Twin Flame.

For a couple of years they shared an on and off relationship, where he would vanish into thin air on her, leaving her heartbroken and devastated, yet she would continue to chase him, and reel him back into the relationship, only for it to happen again.

They went on like this for a year or two, then finally they experienced a shift and moved in together and became engaged. She was ecstatic to be “in Union” and finally things seemed to be going her way.

Then all of a sudden after a few months, he told her he could do it, and this didn’t feel right to him, and he broke things off with her and moved out. And disappeared again.

She cried out to God, asking “How could you do this to me? How could you give me what I want then allow it to be snatched from under me?”

God spoke to her heart and said, “Beloved, I tried to take this man out of your life several times, and each time you willed him back in.

I share this story to highlight how we can definitely have it our way, and disregard the strong signs we are given that we are going the wrong way, becoming blinded by unmet needs that emanate from our Pain Body and what we think it is that we need.

We are free to do that.

We are also free to surrender to the Divine Will that is the GPS of our Divine Blueprint, and organic timeline and bypass a lot of needless bullshit.

The choice is always ours, but do know when things are in alignment for us, we typically do not have to struggle, push, and force to make them happen. If we are doing this, chances are we are not on our organic timeline, and are chasing after something that is not on our organic timeline either.

The second way to anchor onto our organic timeline is to become truly focused on our mission. We are not necessarily here on the planet at this time to live a posh and comfortable lifestyle full of stuff that we cannot take with us. We are here with a very detailed contribution to make. When we prioritize this contribution, or mission, we are often graced with all the other things as a by product.

Or as Yeshua once said, ” Seek first the kingdom, and everything else will be added unto you as well.”

As lightworkers, starseeds, and ascending humans, our primary job description is building the New Earth Kingdom in some way. When we make that our highest priority, abundance, soul tribe, and the like usually find us effortlessly, and organically (naturally).

If you have no idea what that mission is, being a channel for Love and Truth and other Divine Virtues right where you are now is always a good starting point.

The third way we can anchor on to our organic timeline is to diligently work on releasing our programming and other inorganic structures that are nothing more than extraneous and detrimental inserts into our Blueprint Templates, much like removing malware from a computer.

This is something you can work out on your own, or enlist the support of a trusted and ethical healer or Lightworker. For most, it usually involves a combination of both at various junctures of your journey.

This one is truly essential because many of us are operating from frequency broadcasts that are not a vibrational match to our Soul Essence, and this is running all the way back to childhood, and in some cases, for lifetimes, or is the direct or indirect result of multidimensional negative interference.

When we are printed vibrationally in this way, we create and resonate with realities that hold corresponding energies, and as a result manifest timelines with a certain tone, which is the tone of the imprint, and not our Blueprint Template.

Diligently working on clearing these out and creating a sealed container within our lightbody enables us to maintain an alignment with our Truth, and essentially this is that our Organic Timeline truly is. The story unfolding from our Truth.

Finally, we can ask God/Source directly to anchor us on our True Organic Timeline.

Remember the old adage, “Ask and you shall receive” ?

If we ask with a sincere heart and affirm daily that we are on our organic timeline, we will find changes in what we are guided to do, what collapses from our lives, and changes we are guided to make begin to also flow within our awareness, sculpting the landscape of our lives.

So what do you think? Do you feel you are on your organic timeline? Or do you feel like you are living a lie or a half truth?

If not, take heart. Timelines are malleable, and being on your inorganic one is not a sentence.

True empowerment begins by realizing that you can create change at any time, and there are always doorways off of non beneficial timelines that we can access at anytime, and experience True Transformation.

Metaphysics of Mind Fuckery: Unplugging from the Astral Realms

Recently, I received an email from a highly distressed young woman who was struggling with processing a very difficult Twin Flame situation.

Hers was a situation that I have become all too accustomed to hearing over the years of working within the dynamics of the Twin Flame journey, particularly in my work at 10 of Cups Ministries.

She believed herself to be in a Twin Flame relationship with someone who was completely unavailable and not showing up for her at all, despite her strong grounding in the belief that this was a completely Aligned Love, and he was her Beloved.

She expressed how confusing it was that whenever she felt like giving up and letting go, she would receive a sign or a synchronicity, or a message from her guides about their Union being imminent and he was awakening.

Then, when she tried to “cash in” by reaching out, she would be met with the same disappointing results of him ignoring her, or engaging for a day or two then disappearing into thin air again.

It left her feeling completely confused at her inability to reconcile what she believed, what she was being shown, and what was actually happening, so of course she was confused.

There was absolutely no coherence within the situation at all!

Perhaps this story sounds all too familiar to you as well, be it a Twin Flame situation or some other area, where you are bombarded with dreams, angel numbers, messages from the guides that seem to be pointing to a huge breakthrough around the corner.

However, “around the corner” seems to be a destination that you never quite arrive at.

And when you get to what you thought was “around the corner”, the goal posts are moved and now there is a new “around the corner” over there somewhere.

In layman’s terms, this is called epic mind fuckery.

And there comes a point where we have to ask the hard questions:

Why would our angels and guides lie to us?

Why would a God of Pure Love lead us into a mirage that dissipates into one crushing disappointment after another?

Why would our Higher Self reveal one thing, then reality delivers the complete opposite?

If this is you, or has been your experience, I think the real question should be: Is this really God/Source and True Angelic Beings ?

Because the last time I checked, mind fuckery is not a virtue of Christ, so if this is playing out in your life, it is time for close examination of who or what we have allowed to hijack our consciousness and place us in a Labyrinth where every time we turn the corner thinking “this is the way out”, we hit yet another dead end

After all, God is not the author of confusion.

We cannot find our way out of this maze of conflicting and misleading messages from our so-called guides, sychronicities that herald incredible change that never comes, or intuitive hits to do something that lead us deeper into disillusion, confusion, and disappointment without first understanding the nature of false light beings and imposter spirits in the astral realms.

One of the hugest problems I have with the New Age Community is Spiritual Gaslighting that manifests as a denial of evil through thinking that if you focus on these things, you are creating it.

Or that all evil is a reflection of your own shadow.

Or that All is Love.

So do you mean to tell me, if someone is breaking into my house with a knife, if I just don’t focus on them, they will go away, or that it is a reflection of me (I am really a murderous lunatic that wants to break into peoples houses and kill them), or that it is just all Love (as they are stabbing me to death)?


When looked at that was it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

The truth of it is, there is a war being waged to hijack the timelines and True Organic Ascension path by negative beings who are completely disconnected from God, who want to rule and control humanity. This is an intrusion that occurred on this planet hundreds and thousands of years ago. These beings are very anti-Christ, anti-life, and anti-human.

Ignoring them with the belief that doing so makes them disappear, is actually what causes them to flourish and use their greatest weapon: Deception. This is why the raising of the Inner Masculine who holds the codex of Truth is so incredibly vital.

And because these factions seek to hijack the organic ascension timeline, their primary targets are Starseeds, High Angelics, and other ascending beings, because if they can get you stuck in the Labyrinth, get you to doubt your Spiritual Path to the point where repeated disappointment causes you to forsake it, and re-traumatize you through pain and heartbreak (which they feed off of), then instead of stepping into your power, you are instead looping around in a consciousness trap that you cannot get out of.

And boom: you are out of the game, disabled from mission, stuck on false timelines, and embodiment of your multidimensional avatar self through looping in your pain body in one fell swoop.

Most of these beings inhabit the astral realms and many of us become plugged into these consciousness fields through imposter spirits posing as guides, and angels. They hijack you in the dream time with synthetic experiences (being with your Twin Flame in 5D is a HUGE one) and various attacks, and set up false synchronicities.

Yes, there are such things as false synchronicities that are set up to anchor you on inorganic grids and timelines.( I can verify this for myself when in a False Twin Flame Interface several years ago when I would constantly run into this man and see all kinds of angel numbers either before or after, when this man was not the least bit interested in me and ultimately led to one of the hugest heartbreaks and disappointments I have ever known.). Think being in the “wrong place at the wrong time” and you will get the idea.

God wants us to have clarity, faith, trust, vision.

Anything deducting from those virtues being built up in our architecture are not coming in from the True Light of God.

So if our experiences are leading us into increased despair, confusion, devastation, and disillusionment, we can know with certainty that this is not coming from God or and Krystic Forces, and that we desperately need to unplug from the astral realms and evict false light beings from our field.

As Jesus said, “You can tell the tree by the fruit”. Simply stated, you can tell what you are dealing with by what it is creating in YOU and in your life.

A large part of the ascension path involves moving into Sovereignty.

And what is Sovereignty but existing within a space of freedom from any beings or energies that infringe upon you, your Free Will, your True Expression as an Angelic Human, and Your Organic Blueprint.

And just how do we unplug from the astral realms?

If this post really resonated for you and you know you are plugged into something that is repurposing your energy to be looped around and siphoned, running a mind game down on you, and wearing you down to the point where you are finding it impossible to trust God, your path, and your own sanity then there are some steps you can take to unplug.

  1. Do Your Inner Work: And when I say do your inner work, I do not mean the commonly inverted use of mirror work where you look to see what this experience is showing you about you in a victim-shaming kind of way that is so prevalent in spiritual circles. What I mean is typically, there is some area of weakness in our consciousness that makes us more susceptible to being hijacked by astral entities that do not have our best interest at heart. An example of this is the False Light Twin Flame Interface, which often comes in through Love Deprivation Syndrome, where we believe we are unworthy of Love, or are so Love Deprived that we are literally starving for Love and Validation.
  2. Be mindful of consciousness traps. Consciousness traps are simply beliefs that we have given our consent to as being true, without really exploring whether it is actually true for us or not. I explored some of these earlier in the article as spiritual bypassing beliefs prevalent in the New Age such as “If you focus on Darkness you will create more of it”. If you are in a situation that sounds similar to what I described in this post, it may be time to take inventory of your belief systems to see if there is a breech somewhere that needs repair.
  3. Test the Spirits that come to you claiming they are this or that. You can do this through your spoken command and say something to the effect of, “In the name of Christ, I command you to leave if you are not fully in alignment with the True Living Light of God.”
  4. Commanding space before you go to bed. This is also quite powerful because we pass through the astral realms (and for many of us go no further than that) when we go to sleep and this is when much of our hijack takes place. Before you go to bed simply stating your intention that your Higher Self take you only to realms of True Christos Harmonics and that you do not consent to any being that does not have your best interest at heart to be in your space or to interact with you is a powerful way to prevent some of the interference and synthetic guidance and experience that comes in through the dream time.
  5. Ask God to Update your guides and teams. Periodically it is wise to reassess who is sitting on our “Board of Directors” to ensure they are all in alignment with the Law of One and the Christ/Sophia and to command removal of those who are not or are masquerading that they are.

I hope this article was helpful and that these tips support you in reclaiming your empowerment. If you are really struggling and need one on one support for the dymanics mentioned here, don’t hesitate to check out my Quantum Field Work and Collapsing the False Light Twin Flame Interface Sessions.