Getting Down to the Heart of the Matter

Heart Energy is Our SuperPower!

Have you ever wondered why in most SuperHero movies and cartoons, etc, the SuperHero seems to always have the symbol or insignia of their identity on their chest?

(No, there’s no punchline here, and I am sure this is just one of many weird things that I, and not too many other people ponder lol)

All kidding aside, there is a powerful truth within the Archetype of the Superhero that actually holds deep spiritual wisdom about not just the importance, but the power of the Heart Portal.

Just as Batman, or Superman, etc carry the stamp of their identities across the Heart Portal area, in a similar way, we also house our Soul Signature and stream our Soul Energy from the Heart Center/Chakra.

And so our Heart Holds the Imprint of our True Organic Identity Stream.

And in a time like that which we are living in now, connecting and “live streaming” our Love and Joy is indeed our Superpower as Way-Showers.

I mean, just look at all of the amazing things that happen within the Heart Portal:

  • We emit and receive Love of all shades here (Eros/Romantic Love, Agape/Divine and Unconditional Love, Phileo/Love Between Friends and Tribe, Stergo/Love of a parent for children)
  • It is the bridge that moves our Life Force from the Lower Personality Matrix of our Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus and into our Higher Chakra Centers and multidimensional ranges.
  • It corresponds with our Astral Body of our Personal Auric Ionosphere
  • It is where we generate and feel joy (in fact feeling joyless is a red flag that something is wrong in your Heart Portal)
  • It is the first strata layer of our Soul Matrix, or the seat of holding and broadcasting our Soul Stream
  • We house our Inner Child Architecture here.
  • It has a special relationship with our Sacral Chakra, as the Sacral houses denser emotional energies, and the Heart houses the Higher Emotional spectrum. As a side note here, as a result, if our Pain Body is overloaded, the Organic Upward spiral of our energy will not cross the Heart Bridge and we magnetize from the level of our Pain Body contents until we are able to release the trauma or emotional baggage and move into Higher Intelligence. The is the reason we are called to do so much inner work on the spiritual path, because unpacking the Pain Body contents enables us to Embody the Heart and spiral upwards.

Not only that, but the heart chakra governs both our Heart and our Lungs (among other things) and the amazing thing about Respiratory and Circulatory Physiology is it is such a powerful analogy of what actually occurs within the Heart Portal.

Both the Lungs and the Heart serve to circulate oxygen and blood to our vital organs.

In a similar way, our Heart Chakra pumps the codes from our Source God DNA throughout our bio-circuitry manifesting in Krystic frequencies such as joy, the ability to Love Self and Others, Unity Consciousness , compassion and empathy.

Is it any wonder that we are enduring a “pandemic” that affects the lungs in a world where so many are disconnected from their true Soul Essence, and living joy-less lives, disconnected from Gaia, and with mountains of emotional pain that they don’t know exactly what to do with.

And completely disconnected from the Truth of Who they are.

As above, so below as they say.

When I think about the Universal 6 Year that is 2022, and how it vibrates to the Lovers Card in the Major Arcana, I am starting to realize that this isn’t just about “Lovers” in the sense of a romantic partnership with another person.

But it is truly about being a Love-r.

One who Loves.

And this is what Embodying the Heart enables us to do…to house the vibrational resonance of who we truly are (Soul Matrix).

And as we do, we magnetize from the Heart that which reflects who we truly are and as we do this, it circulates Joy throughout our being that we broadcast out into our Lives from our Soul Stream and blesses others.

Or in other words, it circulates…just like our circulatory system.

And if one of the heart’s blood vessels is narrowed, blocked, or not functioning, what happens?

It doesn’t circulate. This is essentially what occurs in heart or lung failure.

And similarly, when there is blockage and congestion in the heart portal, our joy and Love for Self and Others cannot circulate, and stagnation settles into our lives and consciousness.

This is why maintaining, and prioritizing heart portal health is crucial this year (and every year really), because it is our Soul Identity that we “wear on our chest”.

It truly is the Seat of our “Superpower” on this Sacred Journey.

Ready to activate your SuperPower? Check out the Rose Heart Blooming Heart Portal Activation and its Bonus Water Charging Transmission!

Turn On Your Heart Light

Revelations on the Preparation Phase That is a Crucial Component to the Universal 6 Year

Many of my downloads and insights are inspired from passages and stories from the Bible. Because of my Christian background, and because there is so much Truth in the Bible (especially the New Testament), my Higher Self often uses those parables and verses to bring in revelations, as Truth can be found anywhere if we are open to receiving it.

Recently a parable came to mind that brought a strong message for those on the Christos Mission about the urgency of “getting our heart house in order”.

In fact, the current Venus Retrograde in Capricorn was supporting us in this process (among other things) as the Capricorn energy took on the role of the strict, no-nonsense school teacher. Venus, as our Heart Energy, in the presence of the strict no-nonsense school teacher has created this demand that we “re-check our work.”

The re-checking of our work has manifested as many tests, initiations, and re-visting of old wounds around love, money, our values, our self worth to make sure we really got the memo about the distortion, beliefs, and programs that were manifesting as limitation, disempowerment and struggle around these areas that has been quite intense since Venus Retrograde began back in late 2021.

It also required of us to explore any limitations and restrictions on our heart energy, which is a powerful gift entering into 2022 because the Universal 6 Year is all about Embodying the Heart on many levels.

So recently, what came into my heart from Spirit was a parable from Matthew 25 about the Wise and Foolish virgins. I was all too familiar with this parable from my Christian days, but Spirit used it to show me a powerful truth about 2022.

If you are not familiar, in this parable there were 10 virgins preparing for the return of the Bridegroom. The five wise ones had oil in their lamps, and the five foolish ones had no oil in theirs.

When the Bridegroom showed up, they all went out to meet the him, the five who didn’t have any oil in their lamps were disregarded and the five who did were rewarded.

In Christian religion, this parable is taught to be an allegory for the return of Christ, but I was given a very different understanding about this message in the context of the times we are in, not just in the Universal 6 energies but within the New Earth Timeline itself.

The overall theme about this parable is one of preparedness.

And what was revealed to me is that in 2022 there is a bus of enormous magnitude coming…and we are being called to not miss that bus.

And what this bus is is The Light of the Christos to take us into entirely different timelines, into Unions, into scenarios that are much more aligned with our True Soul Frequency which in turn bring Joy, with expanded mission templates that support what we are truly here to be, do, and build.

After all, the Planetary node shift into the Taurus/Scorpio Axis have opened up new possibilites around wanting and having. And how much we want change depends on the level of consciousness and actions we take to make way for those changes so that we can have them.

The Bridegroom also in many ways represents the Divine Masculine, who is the Truth of God/Source and with the Revelation of Truth, there is great freedom.

I also feel it represents the literal Divine Masculine in the form of the Sacred Unions that many have been open to magnetizing, but for so long these efforts and relationships were either being sabotaged by anti-hierogammical hyperdimensional forces that were either decimating true Unions, or creating harmful thoughtforms manifesting as the very insidious Twin Flame Program, among other things.

All of this said, there is an urgency I am feeling in the fields around the need to be in a state of preparation because the Bridegroom is on his way, however, many of us are in the camp of the wise virgin, and others in that of the foolish.

An interesting note to bring up is that the word wise or wisdom in the Ancient Greek is translated as Sophia (can’t make this stuff up) which is Gnosis or knowledge, more specifically Knowledge of the Divine, and so embodying gnosis and strengthening our God/Source connection plays a huge role in getting to this bus on time.

On the flip side of this, being foolish, as it was shown to me, is not so much as foolish as in idiotic as much as it is being unprepared, or the opposite of wisdom that comes from not having that connection with the Divine that creates an environment for gnosis to thrive.

The Foolish/Unprepared are those of us who run a great risk of “missing the bus” because our Lamp is out.

And the lamp is the Heart…or what I sometimes refer to as the Heart Light.

So many of us have had our “lamp snuffed out” through repeated cycles of discouragement, False Twin Flame disappointment, struggle, rejection, disillusionment and repeated running after what we thought was “real” only to find ourselves running into a mirage so many times, that have conditioned us in ways that we cannot connect to our power, our true identity, our birthright.

If you notice, the imagery here is one of virgins, which signifies innocence and purity, and this is us at our Zero Point State, our true essence before we were programmed with the illusions about who we are.

The wise ones with the Gnosis laid hold of this, the foolish ones without this gnosis did not

And so, with the snuffing out of the Lamp, we have bought into our smallness, our unworthiness, our programs or current station of identity as the end all be all of our experience. We have manifested personal realities based on have to’s and should’s regardless of how joyless it truly is.

We have called someone showing no interest in us whatsoever a Sacred Partner and are satisfied with occasional crumbs of affection rather than someone sincerely showing up for us.

We have outsourced all of our information and guidance, because we believe we cannot connect to it ourselves. We have magnetized realities and relationships that reinforce our perceived limitations and explained it away as “just the way it is”.

We have put the dreams and ideas that truly inspire us because they are wired into our Blueprint on the backburner to “make a living” and be controlled by our survival programming.

So many ways our Empress Template (Divine Feminine/Sophianic Essence) Template has been inverted, and, as a result, snuffed out the Lamp of Our Soul.

In this state we are not truly able to truly receive from God Source, who is within us, which in turn makes it very difficult for us to sometimes fathom that these incredible dreams and visions we have are potential timelines waiting for us to show up on them and breathe life into them!

The Lamp signifies the openness and receptivity of the heart portal to truly be love and seen and bloom within the energy of Devotion. Devotion is fertile soil for security, particularly when the source of the Devotion is truly for us and Loves without condition. This Devotion in this pristine state comes from God/Source and calls for us to embody.

If we return to the archetype of the Bridegroom, when you think about this in a 3D kind of way, a Bridegroom is someone who has committed to us completely and fully.

They are prepared with rings, which are symbols of promise, of commitment.

The energy of Devotion is there.

The Heart Lamp being open and lit denotes the receptivity to that Devotion through and open heart portal.

If we have been beat down by promises being broken, commitments to us being sometime-y (or non-existent), the heaviness of the Pain Body works as a damper, snuffing out or Heart Light.

And not only that, but it is the Heart Intelligence that enables us to navigate fully in alignment with our Organic Soul Blueprint and timelines. It is utilizing this GPS system that enables us to anchor those higher timelines both personally and collectively.

Or in other words, find our way to the bus on time.

This is why it is of the essence for us as we enter into 2022 to re-ignite our Lamps, re-check our work through all of this retrograde energy to make sure we are truly paying attention to the feedback in the mirrors of our lives about our ability to receive and give Love and let go of the past as a point of reference about what it possible for us.

In fact, the download I was given for 2022 was the year of embodying the heart, for this is what Universal 6 energy calls us to do, because getting on the bus is merely a byproduct of living within our Heart Intelligence.

And just what is Heart Intelligence?

Heart Intelligence involves being connected to and living from the Heart Portal in such a way, that we allow it to guide us like a GPS system that allows us to navigate our timelines as embody our core essence there.

If you think of your organic timeline as your True North, the Heart is the Compass.

And like any compass, if it is not correctly aligned with the True North, then the result is…well, getting lost.

Or what I refer to as the Labyrinth, which is when we live our lives in a constant state of wandering around, never really being certain about anything, circling around in the same ol’ same ol, always hoping this is the way out, only to hit another dead end.

And because all of this emanates from the heart, it is more important than ever for us to make sure there is oil in the lamp, so that we don’t walk right by the Doorways to our Highest Possible Timelines because we are looking through the eyes of our woundedness, lack programming, past hurts, and childhood traumas as all of these are stored in the lower chakra ranges and keep our organic upward spiral into Higher Timelines from truly expanding.

The Heart is the portal where we hold our Soul Matrix, and when our lives are aligned with the frequency of the soul, everything flows to and from you so naturally, effortlessly.


It is the Flow State.

I feel one of the most important things we can do for ourselves at this juncture is sincerely ask God/Source and our Christ Avatar(Higher Self) 3 questions:

Given my Organic Timeline potentials for 2022, what do I need to do to prepare?

How can I show up on time and get on my bus?”

And “How can I keep my heart light lit?”

And be very mindful about what and who shows up, what and who begins to leave, and revelations of beliefs and distractions that draw your energy away from what is truly important for you at this time.

And trust what you are being shown to do (because Trust is also a byproduct of living from the Heart)

Can you feel something huge in the air? Like something major coming?

This is the frequency of what is on the way, the Bridegroom, if you will.

Are you ready?

Don’t miss the bus.

Why 2022 is Such a Big Year for Union

Ever wonder why everyone has believed to have met their Divine Counterpart, but so few ever achieved Union? 

In fact, if anything, what they perceived to be their Beloved ended up being nothing more than merely a torturous tryst of toxicity, heartbreak, and estrangement. 

Maybe this has been YOUR story? 

What many do not realize is that up until quite recently, there has been a lot of interference and reversals running on various grid lines, particularly the Michael/Mary grid which was being riddled with Anti-Krystic and Anti-Hieros Gammos technologies that holding Union in suspended animation and working against Divine Partnerships and were instead creating loosh producing circuses of defeat, despair, rejection and heartbreak.

This has included keeping true Divine Partners at odds with one another, sending the Inverted Masculine or Feminine archetype into the life of your Beloved to play “keep away” and create triangulation, or (quite common)mental body manipulation to keep one fixated on someone obsessively and mistakenly believing that cruel, indifferent, degrading, and unloving behavior is all good and is a normal part of the Twin Flame process.

Additionally, so much attack against the Masculine designed to keep him asleep and out of his heart space and locked down in the lower chakra ranges, chasing the things of the world (money, sex, work, porn addiction, inverted feminine archetypes, power), rather than embracing fully his Inner Feminine which connects him to his vulnerability, emotions and Heart Space and the ability to have true intimacy. 

Not to mention we ascend through the heart portal, which is why there is so much manipulation, gender splitting, and sexual misery programming designed to keep the heart shut down through heart break, betrayal, rejection, and other emotional energies that seem to dominate the love stories of so many!

(This has actually been turning around for the Masculine since last year. You can hear more this shift in a webinar I did last year on the Resurrection of the Divine Masculine)

It has affected the Feminine by amputating her from her Inner Masculine, which holds the codes of Truth, and Protection. This resulted in her of incapable of setting boundaries and empowered, asserting herself, taking authentic action. It also created the absence of truth, since Masculine energy IS Truth which subjected her to rampant self deception, being unable to access or even see the Truth.

It also was a breeding ground for astral manipulation, being a doormat, and accepting all kinds of unsavory behavior (from the alleged Twin and others).

Well, the tables are about to turn… 

2022 is a Universal 6 year.  

Numerologically, 6 relates to The Lovers card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot…The Lovers IS the Union Card, and it is also one of balance. 

This balance is taking place within both the Masculine and Feminine, and it is also taking place outside the Self, as the Union templates that were not able to anchor fully previously are now healing to allow the space within the collective for TRUE Union to occur. 

And this doesn’t necessarily mean the person you believe/d to be your Twin Flame (though it can), but it simply means a partner who is your true compliment and is truly ready to build and serve with you, whatever that ultimately means to and for you. 

How exciting is that? 

If you know in your heart that Divine Union is part of your organic timeline, and you cannot help but feel that “something” is on the horizon with this (regardless of what your previous love story has been), then this is an optimal time to take advantage of the remaining weeks of 2021, the Universal year of change and freedom to receive a jumpstart on true vibrational alignment with true Union that doesn’t require chasing down someone who is indifferent, not on the same page as you, or otherwise breaking your heart. 

The Sacred Union Template Alchemy Program contains key codes to unlock you from the consciousness trap of the old Twin Flame paradigm, and primes the field for a True Divine Partner. 

And because the hierogammical fusion of Sacred Feminine and Masculine is THE hallmark energy of 2022, this program is being offered for 1/2 price, through December 31, 2021

To check out the SUTA Program just visit here

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The Collective is finally ready for these Sacred Partnerships! 

Are you?

5 Signs This is NOT Your Twin Flame

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds, if not thousands (if not tens of thousand), of websites that feature “The List”.

You know the 5,10, 20 signs and symptoms of a Twin Flame relationship?

Yes, THAT list.

We’ve all seen these at some point, and frankly they have never sat well with me. I find they all sound quite the same, as if thousands of Twin Flame Healers and Coaches have simply copied and pasted some original from somewhere at some point.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this is exactly what has happened.

I have never felt truly comfortable with these lists, neither have I ever taught them in my years of work coaching and supporting those who profess to be on the Twin Flame Journey, neither have I used them to assess my own Twin Flame status.

The one time I did adhere to “the list” was back in 2007, and I was sucked into an unrequited love nightmare of epic proportions and was locked down there for nearly 5 years.

As someone who has coached and supported hundreds of people from all over the globe with navigating a Twin Flame situation, I have always had a problem with these lists, as I find them to be quite oversimplified, ambiguous, and, to a large extent, dangerous because the overwhelming majority of the alleged signs you see in these lists are true for several relationship dynamics, including Narcissistic Abuse.

Signs such as “You feel like you are going crazy” or “you have never felt such an intense connection” can be a slippery slope for someone who is suffering from LDS (Love Deprivation Syndrome), has deep unhealed emotional trauma, or is co-dependent, and hasn’t secured Love for Self and within the Divine,

If you have ever studied the dynamics of Narc abuse or enmeshment with a sociopath, intensity and a larger than life presence or love bombing that brings on a “high” is commonplace, as these types of people have a knack for mirroring back whatever they think you need to see to hook you in.

I have had several Narcs in my life and each and every time there was this super intense “magical knowing” around their presence when I first met them.

Additionally, there is typically an intense feeling of “knowing” or familiarity that come with karmic connections as well. You feel like you know them before….because you did!

After nearly a decade of carefully unpacking the Twin Flame narrative and being open to the Truth about it, I have seen these lists, and various aspects of these lists become the lure for many a spiritual seeker looking for an explanation around an unusual connection, and the information discovered becomes the consciousness trap that ultimately ends up sucking them into a spin cycle with an individual who is not only not their Twin Flame, but are keeping them stuck in their Pain Body, looping around in emotional trauma and believing they HAVE to, because….you know, Union.

The magical Union that will (maybe) happen someday and instantly all of these magical benefits will activate once it does.

It is for this reason I wanted to tackle this subject matter from an entirely different angle by highlighting the signs you are NOT dealing with a true authentic Twin Flame.

My 3 year old Lila loves playing with paper dolls. We have a blast together playing with them. Affixing a ballerina costume, or a bathing suit on the neutral person underneath, we magically turn them into a ballerina, or a fire fighter, or a princess.

Without affixing the costume, they are neutral, but they come to life as we place what we desire upon them.

In a similar way, I have found that many are affixing “Twin Flame Clothing” onto a Karmic Sniper, or a Narcissist, or a soulmate, or just someone with whom we share strong magnetism, and as they do, this is all they see, and not the truth of the situation that is often dangling right in front of their faces (or leaving them behind in the rear view mirror with someone else in the passenger’s seat).

Many have dressed the other person up as a Sacred Love when that person has not earned such a title, as they place all of their hope on this Magical Union that never seems to happen.

Other times there is certain levels of targeting and hyperdimensional manipulation going on in the form of the False Twin Flame Interfacing System, or Reptillian Interface, but I will save that topic for some other time.

(Or you can just click here to listen to my free call on 10 Things Your Twin Flame Teacher Won’t Tell You)

I share this with the hopes and intent that knowing this will save you loads of time and energy as I have seen the obsession with another (under the guise of being a Twin Flame) completely take over ones focus and life, fueled by ambiguous signs from well meaning but nonetheless misguided Healers and Coaches who are simply parroting what they have heard or read elsewhere, rather than going straight to God/Source for downloads and clarification.

After all, when people love you, they tell you the truth, and not just what makes you feel good and comfortable.

And of course, you are free to reject everything stated here and follow whatever trajectory feels best to and for you, but I do hope at the very least you will pray for the Divine to show you the absolute truth about your particular situation, and reflect on what was shared here.

5 Signs This is NOT your Twin Flame

  1. They are not interested in serving the Divine or Humanity. The primary purpose for True Sacred Union by true Hiero-Gammical partners is service and completion of the Christos Mission Template. If the other party in this equation doesn’t seem to want this, or even know about it, or is otherwise chasing 3-D illusions and lower chakra interests(fame, money, sex, popularity, etc), this is NOT your Twin Flame.. Your True Twin Flame will be pretty much on the same page as you, and awakened to the Truth of the reality in which we live, at the very least. Anything else is, as Yeshua said, “Being unequally yoked”, and ultimately will hold YOU back vibrationally and bring you into imbalance. True Hieros Gamos Twinnings or Rod and Staff couplings (as is the True Term for Twin Flames) will always serve in gridwork, healing, bringing forth new innovative creations that benefit and uplift humanity. If your alleged Twin Flame is tied up in the rat race trying to snag the next promotion and could care less about the plight of the world or planet, this is simply not your Twin Flame. Period. Does this mean that they cannot have an awakening and shift in this direction? Absolutely they can, but that has nothing to do with you. This is between them and God/Source.
  2. They are not Devoted to you. Sure, there is all sorts of erroneous teaching out there that there is a runner and a chaser and a season where you have to be apart so you can grow and then some magical thing happens and they return. This simply is not true. If you are in an unrequited love where it is evident your feelings are not returned or a situation with someone who is wishy-washy, lukewarm, sometime-y, or shows most of the time that you are not especially important to them, this is not someone holding Krystic Codes of the Divine Masculine or Feminine, but rather someone who is showing you that you need to build stronger boundaries and heal the wounding within that has caused you to think that it makes sense that the most Powerful Love in the World looks like the other party fleeing the other way. Having an open heart to God/Source and Love and drawing someone into your life who is showing that they don’t have the same opening is a sure tell-tale sign that they are not operating from the same frequency and soul embodiment attainment.
  3. They are completely oblivious to you and/or the connection. This is a complex situation I see all the time that typically involves an acquaintance or stranger like a neighbor, therapist, or personal trainer who seems friendly and amicable, but outside of that there is no sign in them whatsoever that they see you as the Beloved. In other instances, it is a relationship that ended some time ago and you haven’t contacted or been in touch with the person for years. Often with this situation is intense Twin Flame phenomenon that seems entirely one-sided and usually involves a complex “story” around the situation that includes synchronisities, angel number galore, sex or dreams of being together “in 5D”, stalking their social media, obsessive seeking out Twin Flame psychics and tarot readers to discover what is going on, messages from your guides about the situation or telepathic communication (that they don’t seem to be having on their end), . You begin to think you are crazy and imagining it all and you start spinning out in your mental body. Often there is a dangling carrot element to the situation where your guides or intuition tell you something about an imminent change or something about them, that falls through when you follow up on it and often there is this illusionary reasoning that they are getting it too, but are afraid of the connection or intensity but nothing in reality ever reveals that they “get it” .The reason why they are not “getting it” is because there is nothing to get. Typically in this situation, there is a high level of ungroundedness, self-deception, and/or illusion coming in from the astral realms to keep you obsessed with someone completely unavailable and thinking that this is the love of your life. This is a nefarious trap and indicative of severe spiritual hijack.
  4. They are married and/or in another long term relationship and have no interest (as far as you can see) that they are leaving it to be with you. In a day and age where marriage vows are not taken especially serious, we still must remember that any vow or oath taken before the Divine and others is binding and incredibly important. That said, the Divine would never sanction us to be “the other woman” or “the other man” or break up homes and destroy families and cause others to break their vows and oaths to be in a Sacred Partnership with us. In fact, this is the very antithesis of Sacred because it is creating integrity breeches all over the place. When coaching those in this situation, I hear all sorts of explanations and assessments all the time that the wife or other party doesn’t treat them well, or they are not in love with the other party anymore, or the marriage was over quite some time ago, or its a marriage of convenience, etc as some sort of justification. But the truth of it is, the state of the other parties’ other relationship is really not your problem or even your business. If they refuse to leave it to be with you, regardless of what you believe is going on, the facts are that they are still in it, and are not willing to be exclusive with you, regardless of what your story is about how unhappy they are, and it is this fact that you must integrate and launch your decisions from. In fact, being “unavailable” at the time of meeting is the surest sign that this is not your Twin Flame because the prominent qualities that factor into true Sacred Union is Devotion to one another and the sanctity of the relationship and Commitment to the Divine Mission. Neither of these is even possible in a love triangle.
  5. The situation remains the same or worsens no matter how much inner work you do. This is another variation of Number 1. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how much inner work you do, how much you clear your childhood wounds and release on behalf of the ancestry. If the other party is not engaging in the same level of introspection, healing, and taking responsibility for ones wounds and vulnerable places there will never be any real lasting change, especially if the situation is super dysfunctional and toxic. You cannot work on yourself and as you do it heals your Twin Flame, as the popular teaching in Twin Flame circles proposes. It is simply not true. No one gets a free ride on the ascension path, and we are all required to take responsibility for our own healing and vibration. To think it goes any other way, is hallmark co-dependent thinking where YOU believe you are responsible for the emotional health and well being of others so you take on everyone’s crap as if it is your responsibility. It is not. In fact, as an ascending being who chooses to continue forward with someone who is still knee deep in their dysfunction, what typically ends up happening is that the other party, rather than establishing an organic connection to God/Source, will simply begin to siphon from you rather than Self-Source to God and you will take on full responsibility for the emotional and spiritual health of the relationship, which becomes exhausting over time, especially if many of the problems within the relationship are being caused by the unhealed trauma in the other party. The primary reason for looping around is you are healing while the other person is remaining the same. Much of the time, this is the sole reason for the frustration many feel on this path.

In closing, it is time for those of us on the Organic Ascension Timeline to let go of that which keeps us locked down in lower bandwidths, and in spin cycle futility loops in situations that cause misery, discouragement, and confusion (while all the while thinking this constitutes something Magical and Divine).

When we think we are in a miraculous Sacred Relationship, but the sacredness only seems to be happening in our minds but never the actual situation, there comes a time when we have to be quite honest with ourselves about whether or not the trajectory we have chosen truly serves us.

There comes a time when we must question what we believe and if it is working, or not. For one of the surest signs we are not on our organic timeline, is things are not working.

We don’t have to martyr ourselves out for the prize and promise of Union and God doesn’t expect us to.

We can be liberated by the truth and in doing so, make space in our life for True Sacred Union.

Or something even better.

Interested in going deeper? Check out The Sacred Union Template Alchemy Program, or book a Collapsing the Twin Flame Interface Session (which also has a quiz you can take to see if you are in a False Twin Flame Interfacing System) today! Or check out my free Resurrection and Return of the Divine Masculine call!

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: Renewing the Mind

So, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is looming on the horizon, and as we all know by now, the signature energy of this 3 week time period of Mercury Retrograde is all about the “Re”, whether it is re-thinking, re-considering, re-calibrating.

And with this upcoming retrograde season, we enter into the element of Air (Gemini), and into the Mental Body to Re-New Our Minds Through Truth.

Back in my churchier days, one of my favorite scriptures in the bible was found in Romans 12:2, which stated : “Be not conformed to the pattern of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you might be able to discern the perfect will of God”

And, while I don’t want to turn this into a Sunday School lesson,  this is what the essence of this upcoming retrograde experience feels like as I tune into the fields around. 

There is a renewal and transformation coming in offering a clean sweep of the Mental body, an upgrade of beliefs, and new understanding about Truth and what it is that is allowing us to build up our Masculine Architecture as we advance toward the Solstice Portal.

And this is not just within us personally, but also within the collective, as many are beginning to see through the lies and bullshit that has been sold to us, as that facade becomes flimsier and flimsier by the day.

As waves of plasma light saturate the Earth grids from the heart of the Christos, and as grids that were formerly hijacked by the Forces that seek to offset the ascension timeline and gain control over the earths resources are reclaimed and cleaned up by Krystic Forces in the Higher Dimensional Ranges (and their ground crew in the form of gridworkers), the overall light quotient increases upon the Earth.

And what does Light do?

It enables us to see in the dark.

It enables us to see more clearly.

When we do, we know what is really there.  This what discovering truth entails…exposing what is truly there.

In this way, there is an increase coming in of exposure, both on a planetary level and personal level of deceptions, agendas, and illusions that were holding humanity and our consciousness hostage (for a lack of better term), which in turn was disempowering us away from our true roles, identity, and purpose.

This has occurred primarily by way of the Mental Body, because it is within the Mental body that we hold the networks of what it is that we believe.

And what we believe shapes our perceptions. 

Whether we realize it or not,  there has been a silent War on Perceptions that has served to disempower us, and it has been going on for a very long time.

However, the past year especially, it has truly gained momentum in the most blatant ways, for those who have eyes to see.

The incoming Plasma Waves and Grid Re-storations and Re-clamations are enabling us to wake up to the consciousness traps and entanglements that have kept us from truly coming online in our sovereignty by seeing though the BS that has been presented to us as truth as a prelude to full embodiment, as everything hidden is being disclosed.

This is huge because it opens pathways for true Inner Hieros Gamos in which our Inner Masculine, who is the holder of the Codex (or Sword of Truth), is able to protect the Innocence and Sacredness of our Inner Feminine by keeping her safe from further exploitation and manipulation that has kept us previously limited.

Within the Macrocosm, this allows for more souls to awaken and pull their energy out of the descending timelines and inorganic matrices so that there are more on the New Earth Timeline, or at the very least positioned in that direction.

Knowledge is power may sound so incredibly cliche, but it is honestly Profound Spiritual Truth. 

This is why there is such a war on information at this time, as whistleblowers, and Truthers are being suppressed and censored, and the rise of Cabal owned and funded “fact checkers” predominate the internet, serving as the “Ministry of Truth”.

He who controls the information, controls perception  and can manipulate it to suit their own purposes.

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde will serve largely to expose how this has been occurring and to what extent, within our own lives and within the collective. 

It will usher in new information and new light to expose where our beliefs and perceptions are misaligned to our True Organic Timeline, which will reach critical mass during the window of time between Solstice and Lion’s Gate in August. 

There will be a lot of exploration of themes around what is true and what is false, what am I believing that is keeping me trapped, where is the Truth asking for me to be free, who is lying to me?
It will offer us the Sword of Truth, that we might cut ourselves free from entanglements of the mind.  As this occurs, it will offer a powerful course correct, and for many, liberation from any areas of your life where you were looping around with or in confusion because the Sword of Truth cuts through the BS, as they say.

We will be gifted with an opportunity to integrate new information, which brings me to the next point about the upcoming Retrograde.

Many of us, particularly those who identify as Starseeds, will experience in Re-connection to our Star Families, and as the Diamond Sun Template and DNA activate, strong vertical alignment with our Higher Selves in ways we have not been able to previously access because of the frequency nets that have been in place (and still are, but are rapidly losing their power)

With this reconnect comes communication from the Higher Dimensions that will begin to terminate our need for outsourcing our information through psychics and other means, as our personal instruction sets will be made more available to us about what is our role to play, and what the next coordinate is on our timeline.

This is where the 5 Energy of 2021 plays out through the Major Arcana archetype of The Hierophant , where we become the intermediary between the Divine and “man”, much like the Pope figure on the Hierophant card depicts. 

We will begin to move into a level of embodiment where we speak the Truths of God/Source into the lives of others, and truly serve as ambassadors in this way, whether it is with large groups, or just the person in the cubicle next to yours at work who is on the fence about things.

It will be essential to release people pleasing fears, and fear of what others think of us to truly carry this mantle, so if you struggle with that, now might be a good time to work through that, because fear of this nature will shut this down and the Divine cannot flow through you.

In closing, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini will be upping the ante through information, knowledge, and truth. 

Communication centers are clearing, and new architecture in the form of Higher Chakra portals are coming online (if you are being plagued with headaches, stiff upper neck and shoulder stuff, or throat and sinusy stuff, this is probably you).

Great victories are being won for the New Earth Timeline that we don’t yet fully see, but will be evident to all if we are patient. 

It doesn’t mean we are in the clear and everything is all good in the Hood,  but it does mean that everything we will need to know to embody the level of consciousness and frequency required to progress in ways we couldn’t before because of distorted or withheld information that skewed or perceptions are ripe for transformation.
Unusual, but very exciting times indeed!

With all things, please take what resonates for you with this message and leave the rest!

**PS, if you would really like to work with these energies and rocket-boost the Mental Body “clean sweep”, I highly recommend checking out my activation: Mental Body Recoding as a tool to work with this retrograde season (and beyond!)

Unlocking Consciousness Traps

You may have heard it said many times in the spiritual community that our thoughts create our reality.

This is a bit of an oversimplification, because if you notice, not everything that you think necessarily happens.

In fact I have had many occasions when I have had a particular thought that did not manifest, and many times the complete opposite happened! I am sure you have too.

I have found that it is not so much our thoughts create our reality, but it is much more accurate to say that our beliefs shape our reality because our beliefs then become the lens through which we view our entire world.

Someone who believes the world is a horrible and unsafe place will live their lives in fear and apprehension, and see that reflected back to them, unlike someone who knows they are truly Divinely Supported and guided in all things.

This is not to dismiss the importance of our thoughts in this process because thoughts are like the seedlings of our beliefs.

Thoughts are a neutral information packet that we bring to life through our agreement that they are true.

When we give our agreement away in this way, it gives birth to a belief, which over time becomes a template, which in turn (depending upon the nature of the belief) can become a consciousness trap.

A consciousness trap is simply a belief that we hold to as the truth, even though doing so is working against us (whether this is readily apparent or not), moving us out of alignment, or otherwise not truly working for us.

This is why if we are to truly anchor Spiritual Sovereignty, Empowerment and Freedom, we cannot do so unless we are willing to reassess our beliefs, keep our mind open, and allow for organic expansion into new and higher levels of truth.

As you may have heard me say many times, anything that is alive is growing, and one of the most fundamental signs of growth is change.

When we are 4 years old, we might believe that the water in our tea party set teapot is truly tea, but at 8 years old we no longer believe that because we know better.

As you reflect, I am sure you will find that what you believed a decade about yourself and life and what you believe now are like night and day, as your perspective changed through life experience and inner growth.

Imagine how bizarre it would be at 44 years old holding a tea party with stuffed animals and pouring imaginary tea and believing it is real!

And in a similar way, what may have supported us, been helpful, or true at one point in our spiritual journey may keep us locked into a vibrational bandwidth that keeps us spiritually stuck and stunted, if we are not willing to explore what it is we believe and why, or open up to additional layers of truth.

This is essential, because as we accelerate into and onto the New Earth Timeline and the frequencies update themselves, many things that we may have learned even a few years ago may be obsolete, or the trajectory may have shifted and that information is no longer relevant.

Even second hand information is becoming obsolete, for as we ascend the guru/devotee relationship is collapsing as individuals are empowered into their own vertical connection to Source and Light information, instead of outsourcing their information to someone else who “has all the answers”, when in truth, no one has YOUR answers but you.

This is also the primary way in which we become stuck in consciousness traps, by delegating another outside of ourselves to do all of our spiritual “thinking” for us and we just go along with the ride because it “resonates” (more on that in a minute), and in doing do we give our Power away.

Giving our power away is the very antithesis to Sovereign, Empowered, Free living and being.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are always going to be times when we need information, teachings, and the codes of another to support us in our journey, no matter how far we feel we have come along. Expansion never ends, and it is the downloads and gifts of another that may be key to supporting us into Higher States of Understanding.

Interdependence is part of the magic of this journey, after all.

But Consciousness Traps begin to stifle our growth when we refuse to question what we believe, why we believe it, and if it is in fact is truly serving us and working for us.

Many times, it is information (which basically consist of the thoughts of another) that we have give our spoken or unspoken agreement to as being truth for us…and then we stay there because it is what we are “supposed to believe” and then we become enmeshed with its templating and all that goes along with it, many times to our emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical detriment.

A good example of a consciousness trap is the popular new age belief that emotions such as anger, and sadness lower your vibration so you should only focus on what is positive.

What this belief does is it hinders us from the fullness of the experience of being human and causes us to gaslight ourselves by invalidating our true feelings and stuff them down.

(On a side note, how much does this truly differ from the external gaslighting we received around how we truly feel and what we truly need in our toxic and dysfunctional family dynamics growing up?)

In this act of “auto-gaslighting”, we are disempowered from receiving the true healing that we need. Our feelings are our internal alarm system that something is wrong, and any time that we are being taught that there are certain ones that we need to ignore for any reason, then we do ourselves a huge disservice as we stuff those emotions down “somewhere” (where they will reappear elsewhere at some point, often in the physical body as dis-ease)

One of my beloved Ascension Mentors once said that ascension is 90% emotional healing.

How can we heal something if we won’t even look at it, acknowledge it, or write it off as something low-vibrating?

And since I mentioned anger, can I just say that anger is one of the biggest signs that our boundaries and personal sovereignty has been breeched. Anger can be the catalyst for change and transmutation, hence why anger is often symbolized by fire.

The element of fire is an alchemizing agent, which breaks down complex forms into something simple, much like it will burn a log down into pure carbon.

It works in a similar way in our lives, depending on how we channel it.

Another one that you have heard me talk about in my work with Twin Flames is the belief that the Twin Flame relationship includes a dynamic called running and chasing.

The popularly held belief is that running and chasing is a normal natural process of Sacred Partnership. Or in other words, it is somehow a blessed and sacred thing, for your partner to reject you and ignore you and you continue to pursue them and pine away for them, even if they show no signs of reciprocation, because it is part of the process.

In my many years of supporting Twin Flames, I have seen many set themselves up for tormenting cycles of Narcissistic Abuse-related devalue and discard, throw away many years of their lives waiting and waiting, and become held hostage in inorganic timelines set in motion by the False Twin Flame Program Interface, and block out a partner that actually wants to be present and available in their life through this belief system.

And they unknowingly do this through this Running and Chasing Consciousness trap, without exploring this matter further, or even asking: Does it make sense that Infinitely Loving God/Source demand I suffer excruciating rejection and heartbreak just to be in a relationship as some sort of requirement or rite of passage to Union?

The truth of it is, God/Source wouldn’t “do” this.

Who actually would is an entirely different matter, but I will say that deeming rejection and desertion as Divine Sacred Love is an Inversion, and there are malevolent beings who work entirely on pumping inversions into the grids of the collective, but that is the subject matter of an entirely different article.

We will save that one for some other time.

And while we are on the topic of consciousness traps, I want to talk a little bit about the danger of the statement “take what resonates and leave the rest.” or tendency in spiritual circles to only agree to what makes us “warm and fuzzy inside.”.

The reason why this can be detrimental is that when we are stuck in a consciousness trap and we are unaware or vehemetly consciously or unconsciously clinging to a belief system, we develop a bit of confirmation bias.

This simply means when we come across information that confirms what we already believe (again, without exploring the implications of believing it), we feel good about it.

But if something challenges that belief and we don’t like it or fear it on some level, we say it doesn’t resonate.

What we often are actually doing when we say something does not resonate is shutting down because it has triggered us in some way.

I will be the first to say that some of by biggest shifts in consciousness have come by way of information that has deeply triggered me that I immediately shut down, but the more I committed to my Organic Ascension Timeline and expansion, the more additional confirmation, downloads, and understanding that came in, and I was able to change my beliefs and experience even more shifts.

Being triggered doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the information you have come across.

It could very well mean that there is a part of you that is resisting change and because the information could bring about change, that part of you immediately dismisses it as “not resonating”.

If we are truly surrendered to our Organic Ascension Timeline and Spiritual Growth, the wisest thing we can do when something doesn’t resonate is sit with the information for a while and ask ourselves if it is a knee-jerk reaction to our own cognitive dissonance and the discomfort that creates, or is this truly not for us.

If we can do that with an open heart and open mind and ask God/Source and our Higher Selves for more clarification we might find a new door opening for us.

Consciousness traps are comfort zones constructs for the mind.

They serve as reality bubbles that the Lower Mind sometimes guards ferociously to maintain its position., but what it really does is continue to enslave you and lock you down in timelines and in patterns that keep you stuck.

We unlock these traps through the Sword of Truth, which largely comes in from our Inner Masculine.

Our Inner Christos, or Masculine holds the template of Truth, and utilizes this Sword to protect us by popping these reality bubbles when they are not aligned with our Individual Blueprint, or when they have served their purpose and are now way beyond the expiration date.

The truth sets you free but sometimes pisses you off a little….(or a lot) at first.

In closing, Consciousness Traps can lock us down in ignorance , which by definition means the state of being unaware, or lacking knowledge and information.

One of the most powerful quotes I have ever heard about ignorance was made by Ameen Rahini, Lebanese-American Poet and Activist:

” Ignorance and fear are twins whose mother is slavery and whose father is oppression…”

And while the terms slavery and oppression may come off as a bit extreme, especially in the context of this blog post, what is slavery but the complete polar opposite of Freedom?

If the reality we are creating by consciousness traps keep us from experiencing the fullness of our Divinity, Personal Empowerment, and the next level of Embodiment of our Own Multidimensional Avatar Self, then we must break free.

If we are stuck in a timeline that is inorganic, we much break free.

If we are not thriving and feeling good about where we are, we much break free.

The prerequisitie to breaking free is to first determine what we are in bondage to.

What do our mental confinements consist of?

This requires humility, honesty, a willingness to grow, and expand into higher levels of spiritual mastery and enlightenment.

Anything that is growing is changing. This includes us.

This includes what we believe.

What is Your Organic Timeline? (and how do you know if your on it?)

A large part of my support as a Healer and Oracle is helping people collapse out inorganic timelines, and anchor onto their organic timeline.

But exactly what is an organic timeline?

Well, let’s begin by breaking down both terms to better grasp what it is that I mean.

A timeline, in its most simplest of definitions, is a trajectory of your life path.

It is simply a storyline of your life that you are creating by way of your frequency, choices, and decisions. It is a sequential series of events that make up the flow of your life over a period of time.

And while we would like to think our lives are static, there are actually infinite numbers of timelines that exist in the quantum field as unmanifested reality.

For example, when deciding what to have for dinner that evening, you go to look in the fridge, and you see ingredients to make salad, and you also see ingredients to make pasta. Because making pasta is too much work and you are feeling lazy, you decide to make salad, and so that is the timeline you choose, although there is an unmanifested timeline in which you are making pasta instead.

In this example, the timeline of having salad for dinner was influenced by your emotional state (feeling lazy and wanting something easy) and the choices and actions you made as a result.

This is why it is somewhat futile to solicit a psychic to read your future, because the future is quite malleable, and is dependent upon our frequency and/or emotional state, our choices and our decisions.

The information the psychic gives you about your future is a probable outcome, at best, which depends on many other factors that may (or may not) be beyond your control. Timelines are always changing, so therefore a psychic can only give you a probable future based on the current alignment, at best.

What does organic mean?

Well, if you use the example given from agriculture, such as organic produce, it indicates something that has grown without pesiticdes, chemicals, additives, antibiotics or stimulants.

Or in other words, there are no unnatural or foreign agents added to the growth process. It is grown and cultivated in its purest state.

So when I mention organic timeline, what I mean is the trajectory of your life storyline in its purest form, without anything synthetic added that is not part of your Personal Blueprint.

It is the unfolding of the “instruction set” that you came into the planet encoded with that holds the codex for what you are here to do, what you are here to learn, what you are here to accomplish, and how and why you have this blueprint to accomplish these things.

This typically becomes our point of focus once we begin to become activated, and begin awakening. It is as though these codes begin to come online and we begin to seek out how to release the toxins, in the form of our conditioning, programming and overlays, so that we can begin to conduct our lives in accordance to the Divine Plan, which is our True Divine Blueprint.

Within this template, or blueprint, is our true Mission codes, our gifts, our Union codes, our true Abundance codes, and everything we need to be, do, and have everything that we have come here to be do and have.

The problem that arises for so many of us is that we have spent years, if not lifetimes, being programmed with corrupted files about who we are, what we are, what this journey is truly all about, and what this life is truly all about.

So much so, that connecting to the interface that contains the blueprint of our Truest Timeline becomes a challenge due to the veil of forgetfulness that descends upon us when we enter the earth plane at birth.

And it is from this amnesiac state that we begin to co-create our lives, and sometimes become so entrenched in the storyline that coming out of these timelines is no easy feat!

Our timelines are many, yet there is one that is the strongest match to our Unique Energetic Signature, and once we have purified ourselves to connect to who we are at a soul level and surrender to the Divine Will, we begin to find that we are able to anchor onto that one with grace and ease.

When we accomplish this, we are then on our organic timeline.

Do we see the end of challenges, and attack, and lessons, and problems on our organic timeline?

Absolutely not.

Our organic timeline is not necessarily the one where we are breezing through life without a problem. There is a part of us in our humanity that doesn’t want to suffer or go through trials and tribulations. And that’s completely understandable.

I mean, who in their right mind wants to suffer?

However, we all must experience hardships of some sort because it is within these challenges that we learn valuable soul lessons, or are presented with the opportunity to shed more of the inorganic structures and templates that have prevented us from truly showing up in our lives in our full sovereignty and empowerment.

How many of you would never have known how to operate from full discernment, if you never went through a situation of being deceived?

Or learned boundaries from being in a relationship where your boundaries were being bulldozed?

Adversity often shows up to assist us in building up some Divine Virtue or another, much like weight and pressure must be used to build up physical muscle when weight training.

How you determine that you are on your organic timeline is by first being honest with yourself about your life and asking: Does this feel right?

There is something synthetic and off about how we feel in our lives when we are not on our organic timeline.

Our relationships don’t really feel like “us”. Where we live doesn’t feel like “us”, and there is an over all feeling that you are a round peg in a square hole in just about everything you do.

You constantly feel like there is somewhere you need to be, and where you are “ain’t it”.

Things tend to not flow when we are not on our organic timeline, but even if they do, it still doesn’t feel “right” and you are not accomplishing, doing, or being anything that you are meant to do or be.

There is this overshadowing feeling of being a supporting actor in someone else’s movie, whether you can identify who the “someone else” is or not.

How can you begin to anchor on your organic timeline?

The first step would be surrender to Divine Will.

For many of us this can be scary, because deep down we think the Divine Will is going to be less than what we are hoping to create for ourselves, and we refuse to give up the driver’s seat when in all honesty the opposite is usually true.

What we envision for ourselves and what God/Source actually has for us is typically night and day, and since we live in a free will Universe, we are free to “have it our way”, often times to our detriment.

Misalignment happens when we attempt to “micromanage” God/Source by imposing our will, which is what we want, how we think it happen, and when it should come into play.

I recall a story that a woman shared with me some time ago about how in love she was with a young man whom she believed whole heartedly to be her Twin Flame.

For a couple of years they shared an on and off relationship, where he would vanish into thin air on her, leaving her heartbroken and devastated, yet she would continue to chase him, and reel him back into the relationship, only for it to happen again.

They went on like this for a year or two, then finally they experienced a shift and moved in together and became engaged. She was ecstatic to be “in Union” and finally things seemed to be going her way.

Then all of a sudden after a few months, he told her he could do it, and this didn’t feel right to him, and he broke things off with her and moved out. And disappeared again.

She cried out to God, asking “How could you do this to me? How could you give me what I want then allow it to be snatched from under me?”

God spoke to her heart and said, “Beloved, I tried to take this man out of your life several times, and each time you willed him back in.

I share this story to highlight how we can definitely have it our way, and disregard the strong signs we are given that we are going the wrong way, becoming blinded by unmet needs that emanate from our Pain Body and what we think it is that we need.

We are free to do that.

We are also free to surrender to the Divine Will that is the GPS of our Divine Blueprint, and organic timeline and bypass a lot of needless bullshit.

The choice is always ours, but do know when things are in alignment for us, we typically do not have to struggle, push, and force to make them happen. If we are doing this, chances are we are not on our organic timeline, and are chasing after something that is not on our organic timeline either.

The second way to anchor onto our organic timeline is to become truly focused on our mission. We are not necessarily here on the planet at this time to live a posh and comfortable lifestyle full of stuff that we cannot take with us. We are here with a very detailed contribution to make. When we prioritize this contribution, or mission, we are often graced with all the other things as a by product.

Or as Yeshua once said, ” Seek first the kingdom, and everything else will be added unto you as well.”

As lightworkers, starseeds, and ascending humans, our primary job description is building the New Earth Kingdom in some way. When we make that our highest priority, abundance, soul tribe, and the like usually find us effortlessly, and organically (naturally).

If you have no idea what that mission is, being a channel for Love and Truth and other Divine Virtues right where you are now is always a good starting point.

The third way we can anchor on to our organic timeline is to diligently work on releasing our programming and other inorganic structures that are nothing more than extraneous and detrimental inserts into our Blueprint Templates, much like removing malware from a computer.

This is something you can work out on your own, or enlist the support of a trusted and ethical healer or Lightworker. For most, it usually involves a combination of both at various junctures of your journey.

This one is truly essential because many of us are operating from frequency broadcasts that are not a vibrational match to our Soul Essence, and this is running all the way back to childhood, and in some cases, for lifetimes, or is the direct or indirect result of multidimensional negative interference.

When we are printed vibrationally in this way, we create and resonate with realities that hold corresponding energies, and as a result manifest timelines with a certain tone, which is the tone of the imprint, and not our Blueprint Template.

Diligently working on clearing these out and creating a sealed container within our lightbody enables us to maintain an alignment with our Truth, and essentially this is that our Organic Timeline truly is. The story unfolding from our Truth.

Finally, we can ask God/Source directly to anchor us on our True Organic Timeline.

Remember the old adage, “Ask and you shall receive” ?

If we ask with a sincere heart and affirm daily that we are on our organic timeline, we will find changes in what we are guided to do, what collapses from our lives, and changes we are guided to make begin to also flow within our awareness, sculpting the landscape of our lives.

So what do you think? Do you feel you are on your organic timeline? Or do you feel like you are living a lie or a half truth?

If not, take heart. Timelines are malleable, and being on your inorganic one is not a sentence.

True empowerment begins by realizing that you can create change at any time, and there are always doorways off of non beneficial timelines that we can access at anytime, and experience True Transformation.