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3 Reasons Why You May Want to Re-Think Trying to Talk to (and Receive Messages From)Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self

As a Healer and Teacher who has supported many all over the globe in navigating a Twin Flame situation for nearly a decade, one request I frequently receive from my clients is to channel messages or connect to the other party’s Higher Self for information. It is something I never really especially felt comfortable doing, […]

Getting Down to the Heart of the Matter

Heart Energy is Our SuperPower! Have you ever wondered why in most SuperHero movies and cartoons, etc, the SuperHero seems to always have the symbol or insignia of their identity on their chest? (No, there’s no punchline here, and I am sure this is just one of many weird things that I, and not too […]

Turn On Your Heart Light

Revelations on the Preparation Phase That is a Crucial Component to the Universal 6 Year Many of my downloads and insights are inspired from passages and stories from the Bible. Because of my Christian background, and because there is so much Truth in the Bible (especially the New Testament), my Higher Self often uses those […]

Why 2022 is Such a Big Year for Union

Ever wonder why everyone has believed to have met their Divine Counterpart, but so few ever achieved Union?  In fact, if anything, what they perceived to be their Beloved ended up being nothing more than merely a torturous tryst of toxicity, heartbreak, and estrangement.  Maybe this has been YOUR story?  What many do not realize […]

5 Signs This is NOT Your Twin Flame

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds, if not thousands (if not tens of thousand), of websites that feature “The List”. You know the 5,10, 20 signs and symptoms of a Twin Flame relationship? Yes, THAT list. We’ve all seen these at some point, and frankly they have never sat well with me. I find […]

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: Renewing the Mind

So, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is looming on the horizon, and as we all know by now, the signature energy of this 3 week time period of Mercury Retrograde¬†is all about the “Re”, whether it is re-thinking, re-considering, re-calibrating. And with this upcoming retrograde season, we enter into the element of Air (Gemini), and into […]

Unlocking Consciousness Traps

You may have heard it said many times in the spiritual community that our thoughts create our reality. This is a bit of an oversimplification, because if you notice, not everything that you think necessarily happens. In fact I have had many occasions when I have had a particular thought that did not manifest, and […]