3 Reasons Why You May Want to Re-Think Trying to Talk to (and Receive Messages From)Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self

As a Healer and Teacher who has supported many all over the globe in navigating a Twin Flame situation for nearly a decade, one request I frequently receive from my clients is to channel messages or connect to the other party’s Higher Self for information.

It is something I never really especially felt comfortable doing, even though I know many Twin Flame Coaches and Lightworkers do this, and even advocate doing this as a means to get messages to them or extract information from them.

In this post I wanted to unpack this phenomenon, why it is so disempowering, and the sobering reality that if you need to resort to this you may not even be dealing with a Twin Flame/Divine Union in the first place.

Let’s unpack this, keeping in mind as we do, that I urge you to take what resonates and leave the rest.

It is not, neither is it ever my intent to push anything off on you or claim to be the end all be all of all truth.

That said, there are multiple problems with this approach and it is my intent, as always, to give you something to consider and (hopefully) expand you past practices we have come to consider normal in spiritual circles, that may very well be consciousness traps meant to keep you from truly getting anywhere and up-leveling to anchor true Sacred Union.

Number 1: Is the Other Party Listening? When you are conversing with the Higher Self of your Twin Flame (whether they actually are or not, being completely beside the point) in order to get a message across to them, you must understand that most people who are not actively doing their inner work, managing their fields, and actively seeking to clear the static on the line between them and their Higher Self are not going to be in any position to receive any message from their Higher Self.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of people are locked down in the personality matrix of Chakras 1-3 and Dimensions 1-3 with so much interference within and without between their conscious awareness and the instruction sets contained within the Avatar and Mentor Mind of the Higher Self.

This connection is compromised by an array of frequency fences and overlays that are designed to shut down this guidance.

So if you are trying to get some sort of message across to someone who is not wired to listen to it, or even know there is a Higher Self to tune into, plus they are not seeking to establish this connection, then this is completely ineffective and opens you up to receiving false information from the Astral Realms or beings seeking to pose as your Twin Flame’s Higher Self in order to take advantage of you.

As a general rule of thumb, if you often connect to your TF’s Higher Self, and/or work with healers that do and extravagant messages come through that never match up or align with what actually occurs for you, them, or for the relationship, chances are you are being taken for a ride in the astral realms and need to seal your container and revoke consent asap.

Number 2: The Higher Self is not a courier service. The purpose of the Higher Self is to support you in your Spiritual Growth, Evolution, and to download the Light Information pertinent to your Ascension Process. It is like the overseer or manager of your Blueprint Codes and receiving its guidance is a conscious experience that involves intention to do so on our part.

It is not a messaging service or a go-between you and another person for messages of Love and Affection, which brings me back to the potential hazards outlined in Number One.

Number 3: Having to go through such lengths to communicate with someone is a red flag that you are not in a healthy relationship, much less a Twin Flame Union. The truth of it is, if you have to go to someone’s “Higher Self” to communicate with them because they are unavailable, unwilling, or unaware of you and the relationship, then you really have to question what it is you actually have here, and if it is a real relationship and is this what you ultimately want for yourself romantically.

The Organic Hieros Gammos template is one based on DEVOTION. Not over the top spiritual experiences with someone who is walking the other way while you go through all of these metaphysical motions to interact with them.

In an actual grounded relationship, the person is present somewhere for you to be able to communicate what you feel and receive feedback from them in real time, even though they may struggle with being to communicate authentically.

We all do, and for many of us, we never had healthy role modeling for being able to engage in healthy heart centered communication.

That all said, if a relationship is “real” and a healthy one, you should be able to approach the other party and freely ask what you need to know, and if your partner is present and committed to the relationship, ideally there should be a certain level of safety provided for you to approach them and express what you are feeling.

However, if you are attempting to relay messages to someone with whom you don’t even have a relationship, or have one of any substance or covering of safety that you can even approach them to communicate, what this looks like is the relationship is entirely in your mind and doesn’t even exist.

For what its worth, this has all the feel of limerence,

Limerence is simply a fancy clinical term for the phenomenon of obsessive love with an unaware or unavailable person that is powered up by love deprivation that stems from early childhood emotional neglect.

It also perpetuates crap-fitting, a term I borrowed from Crappy Childhood Fairy, which is essentially the process of ignoring the shitiness around you, and galslight yourself into believing its amazing.

This happens as an extension of Childhood Emotional Neglect where we learned as a survival response to turn a blind eye to the reality our needs are not being met, and convince ourselves that this is not a problem at all by neglecting our own True Needs and Wants.

Or in other words, putting up with unacceptable behavior and situations because we have learned that is normal to do, when honestly it is not.

Regardless, any relationship where you cannot even talk to the real person about what you are feeling and want to the extent that you have to talk to their Higher Self, or receive messages from their Higher Self to feel some sense of reassurance is, at least in my opinion, not grounded in reality and speaks volumes about how utterly disconnected one is from being about to receive REAL love and DEVOTION from one who is actually present, available, and wanting to build with you.

Even if you hear some message about them loving you and being afraid of the relationship (one of the most common I hear) , what does it matter?

You still don’t have a relationship.

Or at the very least one that allows you to be heard and to hear because the other party is speaking authentically.

You then have to ask yourself: Do you actually want a real relationship, or reassurance that this love was requited as validation of something?

Or some payoff that someone who isn’t committed to you feels the same, even though they still have no intention on following through or attempting to try to be what you want or need them to be?

The bottom line is this.

Believe me, I know the power of prayer and asking God/Source to bring healing to those we care about and to situations that are important to us.

But this is not quite the same situation. It actually is a form of psychic intrusion on another, who is not consenting to have their field accessed in this way, whether you are actually connecting to their Higher Self or not.

However, seeking to communicate with someone’s Higher Self because you cannot actually talk to them because they are not interested in actually talking to you, and using those messages as the basis for defining a Sacred Partnership and continuing in hopes of a relationship with another who is not showing up for you is one of the unfortunate ways that we settle and crap-fit, instead of allowing God to truly meet our needs to be loved and seen and valued by an actual person who is also present and also choosing that.

And most importantly, can tell you how they truly feel and what they truly want to your face, without the need for all of the attempts to try to connect to a part of them that they may not even be connected to.

If we know we are a hieros gammos code carrier meant to experience True Union, or simply wanting a partner who vibrates with your frequency, it is important that we release the consciousness traps that repel and cannot allow room for the very thing we seek to manifest.

When we realize that we are worthy of having an actual Union, and by surrender to The Divine Plan and what is required of us to truly look at within our own Pain and Shadow Bodies to make room for that in our Light Body and Consciousness.

That is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves, but it requires we get real about the sneaky ways we Spiritually Bypass and deceive ourselves.