Currently, I am conducting sessions on a limited basis. Below is a list of what I am currently offering, along with a brief description of each service.

Please click on each link for more details. And be sure to visit often, as services will be updated and new ones will be added!

Video Intuitive Readings: I will tap into your personal akashic fields and timelines utilizing oracle cards as tools to bring direction, insight, and understanding to facilitate highest alignment and empowered choices. 30-45 minute reading is delivered in mp4 format.

Personal Alchemy Session: This 60 Minute Session is a go-to for a wide array of blocks and challenges. A blend of intuitive counsel and Lightbody and Quantum Field Work that can be purchased as a single session, or a bundle of 3.

Quantum Quickie: This 30 Minute Session is a shortened version of the Personal Alchemy Session, perfect for “tight budgets” and situations that are not especially complex.

Twin Flame Navigation Coaching Session: This session, available as a single or bundle of 3 brings intuitive guidance, grounded, practical advice, and compassionate witnessing to support you in unpacking and exploring the root of challenges going on within a situation you perceive to be Twin Flame Relationship.

The Mentoring Program: An intensive 3,6, or 12 month experience to support you in connecting to your organic timeline, Mission, Abundance, or Union Templates…or whatever you seek to create for yourself!