The Twin Flame Journey is probably one of the most challenging situations to navigate through, full of confusion, pain, disappointment, and disillusionment.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

For a relationship that is supposed to be so Sacred, for most people what they are going through is anything BUT Sacred:

  • Hope for Union, complete with endless signs that Union is imminent  that never amounts to anything
  • Obsession over someone who doesn’t seem to know (or even care) that they are alive most of the time.
  • Putting ones life onhold waiting for the other party to leave a partner or spouse, (which never happens.)
  • Being ghosted, ignored, and devalued.
  • Having a beautiful relationship in “5D” or in the dream time, that doesn’t match what is actually happening.
  • Months or even years of Self Work but the situation stays the same or change is never consistent.
  • Spending hundreds of dollars on psychics, readings, and healings that never change anything.
  • Devastation at having been betrayed, left for the “karmic”, and made to feel invisible.

At some point, one must ask, what is so Sacred about this??

The truth of it is, there are dynamics within the Twin Flame Journey that we have come to accept as popular Twin Flame Truths, that are anything BUT true and are keeping many Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Ascending Beings locked into “manipulation-ships” and keeping them bondage to a situation that isn’t changing, but rather creating needless pain and suffering… not to mention diverting one’s energy and focus off of the Divine and outside of themselves for something that can only come from the Divine and within oneself.

Not to say Twin Flames are not a “thing”, but there is a nefarious agenda attached to aspects of popular Twin Flame teachings (and the situation in general) that have caught many in its web, side tracking them off of their True Organic Ascension Path and blocking out Real Love that truly shows up and that you don’t have to spend 100’s of dollars in psychics and healing sessions to “make happen.”

In fact, most of it is inverted love, or what I call “manipulation-ships”

And most Twin Flame teachers and gurus will not tell you about this because they themselves do not know…or have other intentions (after all, hope sells)

2021 is a Universal 5 year, with the 5 energy being one of liberation and freedom.  One of the paths to freedom is the TRUTH.

It is my hope that you will join me on Saturday May 8, 2021 at 4 PM EDT for a free call: 10 Things Your Twin Flame Teacher Won’t Tell You

This call is not for everyone.


  •  If you have done everything you know to do to make your Twin Flame situation work
  •  If you are tired of the oversimplified advice (work on yourself, love yourself more, just talk to his/her Higher Self),
  •  If you are weary with offering your Beloved love and compassion, yet still the mistreatment never ends,
  • If what you believe, or have even been told by Twin Flame psychics and healers about the situation and how the situation ends up playing out are like night and day.
  • If you KNOW you are just going around in circles, real Twin Flame or not.
  •  If you feel like you are losing your mind from the 11.11’s you see over and over whenever you think of them (even though you haven’t talked in years)
  • If you are “sick of this” and just want a “normal relationship”
  • If you are obsessively thinking about the Twin Flame all the time and you really don’t want to be
  • If you have gone through multiple “False Twin Flames” and wonder if you are on another one.
  • If you are at the point where you want to ditch confusion and have clarity.
  • If all or most of the above is true and you are ready to hear a different explanation about what is happening…this call is for you.

PS:  This content of this call contains MANY triggers, and I can guarantee you there may be a lot of resistance to even getting on the call to begin with.  Please be mindful of that and I ask only you approach the material with an open mind and heart.