Sophia Returns website will be taken down for good by April 1 and redirect to an entirely new website to make way for new beginnings! Please subscribe for more information as it all comes together!

Sovereign. Empowered. Free.

Re-write your story of pain, trauma, and powerlessness and activate your True Royalty Codes to anchor onto your True Organic Timeline and Mission!

Welcome to Sophia Returns!

As we ride the waves of Planetary Ascension, and the bifurcation of timelines, it is my deepest desire to support you in the full activation of your Christ Avatar, collapse out inorganic timelines, and stand in the full embodiment of the Christos Mission with full sovereignty.

It is here that you will find the tools to accomplish everything listed above and much more!

Whether you are seeking healing from corrupted codes based on core wounds and traumas, activation of your spiritual gifts, liberation from False Light, victory over hyperdimensional manipulation, release from the False Twin Flame Interfacing or learning to navigate the Quantum Fields and expand yourself as a Lightworker, you will find this and so much more here at Sophia Returns.

We are the return of Christ.

But in order to return from anywhere, we must part ways with wherever we have been. This involves the release of programming, consciousness traps, and traumas that have kept us cycling in limitation and inability to access our True Angelic Identity.

You will find tools and keys for the return, as well as the release right here. It is my honor to bring them to you!

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