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Sovereign. Empowered. Free.

Re-write your story of pain, trauma, and powerlessness and activate your True Royalty Codes to anchor onto your True Organic Timeline and Mission!

Welcome to Sophia Returns!

Sophia Returns is not just my website, but it epitomizes what is occurring for all of us on the organic ascension timeline as we emerge from the ashes of the false/slave self as the Galactic Priests/Priestesses that we have come here to be during this ascension cycle.

It is a space I have created for us to discover, uncover, and map this out together!

It is my intention to facilitate that transformation where we can reclaim our the Throne through the purification that returns us to our Angelic Identities through the Christ/Sophia Logos, and activate those codes within to see real and palpable shifts in our timelines, and to allow our organic mission, abundance and Union Templates to be recalibrated accordingly.

The return of Christ is here, and it is within each and everyone of us, ingrained in our DNA.

Whether you are looking for wisdom and tools to activate hieros gammos codes and the Organic Union Template, e-courses and programs to gal-activate your multidimensionality, or healing and restoration from consciousness traps, and soul traumas, you will find a little bit of everything is covered here on my website for Starseeds and High Angelics.

As you seek, I hold space that you find!