One of the most potent sessions I offer, Quantum Fieldwork provides you with the opportunity to collapse inorganic timelines and structures in your field, heal karmic and ancestral entanglements, release reversals, and break down the overlays manifesting as looping patterns, consciousness traps, and “wandering around in a labyrinth but never finding your way out”.

It also supports in building up your Lightbody and organic blueprint to anchor you on your true timeline template.

In this session, we will spend the first 30 minutes allowing you to share about your situation, and how things have been playing out, at which time I will provide nurturing intuitive coaching and compassionate neutral observing and listening, and then 30 minutes will be spent in the fields providing the clearing using an array of methods sourcing from Christos/Sophia, and the Guardian Hosts, including, but not limited to Light Language, chrystalline color codes, working with Arcturian and Lyran Psychic Surgeons, and bringing in other Christic/Sophanic harmonics as guided.

Rate: $222 for 60 minutes

If you need a payment plan, we can break payments up into 2 payments of $111, but I do ask that you are paid in full by your appointment date. If you need this option, please email me directly at before booking.

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