Just to be sure we are a good match and this session is right for you and you fully understand my policies, please read through the following. If you still want to proceed, use the link at the bottom to book:

  1. Upon booking you will receive an invoice shortly after. Your invoice is due upon receipt and payment secures your slot and confirms your appointment. If your invoice is not paid within 48 hours after sending, your appointment will be cancelled, unless you email me directly to make some other arrangement (which I am willing to do…just ask!)
  2. If you are experiencing Financial Hardship, I am willing to set up a payment plan for any session. I only ask that you pay in full by your session date, unless we make another arrangement or unless you are in the Mentoring Program. If you need this option, please email me at sonja@sophiareturns.com to set that up.
  3. I do not provide refunds, except if you cancel your appointment at least 48 hours or more before your appointment is scheduled. If you have paid in full and cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, I will assess a $50 cancellation fee.
  4. None of the services, guidance, advice or energy work is intended to diagnose, or treat any emotional, physical, or mental health conditions, or substitute care from a medical professional. If you are under the care of a medical professional, please continue to follow their advice.
  5. If you are looking for a “quick fix” to all of your problems and are not willing to do your own inner work and take responsibility for your own soul growth and evolution, working with me is probably not your best bet. We are probably also not a good match if you are not truly ready and willing to change and release detrimental beliefs and consciousness traps, including many commonly held in the New Age, Twin Flame, and Spiritual Communities.
  6. If you are looking to “feel good” and hear what you want to hear, and not the Truth as needed for true transformation, then working with me is probably not your best bet. My method is to pierce through illusions and dismantle them. If the prospect of this is scary to you, then we may not be a good match.
  7. If you are uncomfortable with terms like “God” and “Christ”, or working with the Holy Father/Masculine aspects of the Godhead, we are probably not a good match.
  8. If you are uncomfortable with topics such as negative ET’s, implants, and entities (both human and non) and entity attachments, believe these things do not exist, or believe that focusing on these things creates them, or they are merely aspects of your own shadow, then this work is not for you because I locate these things in your field and timeline (if they are there) and remove them if they are hijacking you.
  9. I do not advocate dependency on me to the exclusion of you developing your own intuitive abilities and self sourcing to God/Source as part of your organic ascension path and empowerment. It is for this reason, that I ask that you refrain from scheduling more than 3 sessions of any type in a 6 month period, unless you are enrolled in the One on One Mentorship program, or unless you have made another arrangement with me personally.

If this sounds joyful and exciting, click here to be taken to the booking page!