My name is Sonja and I am a Sophianic Oracle, Ascension Coach, Energetic Alchemist, and motivational and spiritual blogger (which are just a few of the hats that I wear).

It seems so cliche to say, been there, done that, but its true. I have.

I am sure within your story, there are bits and fragments of my own.

I have been through Narcisstic Abuse, the False Light Twin Flame Template and Hijack, childhood emotional abuse and neglect and physical abuse, extreme struggles with lack and scarcity, targeting and attack from dark forces, low self worth and weak boundaries, codependency…the list goes on and on.

Not only have I endured this, but my personal ascension path and awakening which began for me in 1999, has brought in a recoding and reconnect with God/Source and my mutlidimensional avatar and Guardian Families who have shown me directly and through powerful mentors that have crossed my path how to recode and break the programming and collapse the timelines of pain, suffering, lack, confusion, that were created through the childhood trauma and other templating and create sovereignty and inner and outer abundance that emanates from complete alignment with my mission.

It is these codes, transmissions, and understanding that comes from experience that enables me to create quantum shifts for my clients to support them in anchoring on their organic timeline and release them from the vibrational imprints that show up as an ongoing loop of trauma, despair, confusion, and scarcity.

I do not work with Archangels or Ascended Masters but I work in tandem with Christ/Sophia, and the Guardian Families who are emanations of the Christ to access the fields and tear down corrupted architecture and codes in the field, release trauma from the pain body, and delete and re-script timelines using various tools including Light Language, harmonics and medicine from the Quantum Field, Divine Color Frequencies, and other processes.

I have had years of experience as a healer, most notably at 10 of Cups Ministries, Sophia Returns “sister site” where I have helped hundreds of people around the globe release ancestral, karmic, and childhood looping and trauma, and find support for the Twin Flame process (which I now have new downloads and perspective about).

I have also been a featured healer and speaker on multiple podcasts and webinars the past decade.

My mission to restore Sophia to take her rightful place beside the Christ and break down architecture, templates and technology that prevent that from happening within the individual is my number one priority. I do this with compassion and empathy, as one who has been right where you probably are now.

I hope you are blessed by the offerings on the website, and if you feel guided to work with me, I am looking forward to meeting you!

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