Sovereign. Empowered. Free.

Re-write your story of pain, trauma, and powerlessness and activate your True Royalty Codes to anchor onto your True Organic Timeline and Mission!

What is Sophia Returns?

Sophia Returns is the resurrection and return of the Sophianic Essence, the Holy Mother Principle, taking her rightful place on the Throne beside the Holy Father/Christos/King through Hieros Gamos.

Regardless of gender, it is the birthing of the Organic New Earth, by first resetting the womb space with updated Creation Codes which enable us to anchor our True Mission and Union Template and our Divine Birthright.

It is the taking back of our true Organic timelines in all ways that those have been hijacked, intercepted, interfered with, and suspended in a state of inaccessibility through Darkness, illusion, and programming.


In order for us to truly answer this glorious Kingdom Calling, we must release her from where she has been help captive within us.

Childhood trauma, the False Twin Flame template, Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse, attachment to the Fallen Masculine archetype within and outside the Self, and Fallen Feminine architecture within the Lightbody have held Her captive and rendered her ineffective, resulting in a neverending maze of trauma, futility loops, and inorganic timelines of scarcity, co-dependence, and limitation.

It is time for her to Return.

And what is return, but resurrection? And with any resurrection, there must first be a crucifixion, or Death.

And what must die is everything we thought we were, everything we thought we knew, everything we believed about ourselves and the nature of reality that has done nothing more that keep us from truly connecting to our True Angelic Origins.

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Lightworker Mentoring

Mission-ready or already established and in need of a mentor to bring in new codes, practical advise in expanding your reach or getting started? Let me help you connect to your True Mission Codes to support you in your Christed Mission!

Quantum Field Work

Work with me to collaspe inorganic timelines, trauma fields, outdated codes, false light templating, inorganic structures, and work through Narc, Sexual Abuse and False Twin Flame recovery and so much more!.

Powerful Group Healing Events!

Join me monthly for a powerful message and group activation to inspire you,support and re-code you on all levels of your being (Begins 1/21)